• Roxas vows scholarships for valedictorians


    Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd vowed to provide at least P400,000 worth of college scholarships to each of at least 5,000 high school valedictorians if he is elected president.

    At a recent campaign stop in Pampanga attended by around 4,000 scholars of the provincial capitol, Roxas stressed that his administration will implement such a strategy because poverty should not get in the way of an intelligent student’s pursuit of a college education.

    Roxas wants this done by earmarking P400,000 for each of 5,000 high school valedictorians, or P100,000 cash assistance every year in a four-year college course, for a total cost to the government of P2 billion.

    “The government can afford P2 billion so that our valedictorians can enter the best universities, including private institutions. We all know that there is more than paying for the tuition. With a P100,000 cash assistance from the government every year, poverty won’t be an issue. In addition, they won’t have to worry if they live far from Manila [with the additional government assistance],” the LP presidential bet pointed out.

    In addition, Roxas endorsed the K-to-12 program, which was ruled legal by the Supreme Court on March 16.

    The K-to-12 program adds two years in high school (Grade 11 and Grade 12) and allows students to choose from five contextualized subject tracks: academic, technical-vocational, livelihood, arts/design and sports. The strategy aims to make senior high school graduates employable, considering that many households cannot afford to send their children for a college education, which is getting more and more expensive each year.

    “This will make you competitive with the graduates from our neighboring countries who have been educated with 12 years of basic education. We have been short of two years for so long,” Roxas said.


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    1. Games of Squared on

      Kaya pala ayaw ng mga supporters ni DuterTAE kay Roxas. Dahil alam nilang not in a hundred years na may makikinabang sa angkan nila sa scholarship na ito.