Royal Enfield opens its first exclusive store in Makati

Arun Gopal (left) Royal Enfield International Business Head together with Jimmy Barinaga, president and CEO of Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles Inc.

Arun Gopal (left) Royal Enfield International Business Head together with Jimmy Barinaga, president and CEO of Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles Inc.

Royal Enfield, the fastest growing motorcycle brand in the world today opened its first exclusive store in the Philippines. Located at 7462 Bagtikan Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City, the exclusive store will be a part of its growth strategy in South East Asia. This is a part of Royal Enfield’s nodal city approach and focused international thrust of leading and expanding the global mid-sized motorcycle segment (250-750cc). The first exclusive store is owned and operated by the Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles, Inc.

“Royal Enfield is striving to provide an immersive retail experience for its customers that forms an integral part of the company’s core retail strategy, globally. Our store in Manila showcases the heritage and philosophy of Pure Motorcycling. The space has been designed not just as a point of purchase but as a meeting point for enthusiasts and for conversations around motorcycling” said Arun Gopal, International Business Head, Royal Enfield. “The store will be retailing the full range of Royal Enfield motorcycles and gear and will be great starting point for them to experience the brand” he added.

Designed as a motorcycle enthusiast’s living room, the 972 sq.ft Royal Enfield store in Manila, has been created as per Royal Enfield’s new brand retail identity that showcases its philosophy of “Pure Motorcycling” in every aspect of the Royal Enfield ownership experience. The store features an interesting visual merchandising format and innovative product displays, which include the use of bits and bobs from Royal Enfield motorcycles and photo frames that speak of the Royal Enfield’s heritage. A full blown wall display of a stripped down Continental GT showcasing the bike’s internals and frame depicts machine love where the rider derives sensorial joy through tactile interplay with his motorcycle

“At Royal Enfield, we feel that Philippines is an important emerging 2-wheeler markets in the south east Asia yet it is largely underserved in the mid-sized segment. With the commuter segment forming almost the entire 2-wheeler industry, Royal Enfield presents a huge opportunity for the customers to upgrade to more evocative motorcycles. It was here in Manila four years ago that Royal Enfield opened its first exclusive store in south-east Asia and now in a new brand retail identity, we are sure that customers will find the retail experience much more engaging and appealing” said Gopal.

In Manila, the Royal Enfield Bullet – world’s oldest motorcycle in continuous production since 1932, is available at a price of P295,000 for the Bullet 500cc and Php 151,500 for the 350cc variant. Royal Enfield’s retro street model, known for its post war, timeless styling – the Classic 500 is available for P313,000 and P196,500 for the 350cc variant. The most definitive highway cruiser, the Rumbler 500 is priced at P353,500 and the Royal Enfield Continental GT 535cc café racer is now available at a price of P353,500. All prices given are SRP.

“Royal Enfield has grown steadily from being practically an unknown player to becoming an aspirational brand after we introduced it four years ago in the Philippines. The timing is perfect for us to become a more meaningful player in this underserved mid-sized segment where we are providing customers with a differentiated motorcycling experience with our products. With Royal Enfield’s apparel and accessories, we will be able to provide motorcycling enthusiasts with a complete leisure motorcycling lifestyle in the country” said Jimmy Barinaga, president and CEO of Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles Inc.

During the 15 month period (Jan 2015 – Mar ’16) Royal Enfield sold over 600,000 motorcycles across the globe to support its global growth strategy and also announced its plan to sell 675,000 motorcycles for the 12 month period from April 2016 to March 2017. By 2018, Royal Enfield plans to manufacture and sell up to 900,000 motorcycles from two of its existing manufacturing facilities and a third upcoming facility, in Tamil Nadu, India. With a view to become the leader in the global mid-sized motorcycle industry, Royal Enfield is also building two new technology centres – one in India and one in UK, to enhance capability and execute long term product strategy. Royal Enfield recently announced its entry into Brazil along with the launch of its first subsidiary outside India in North America.


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