Ruby/Hagupit weakens ‘but still dangerous’


THOSE of us who pray and believe that all good things come from God will infuriate our atheist friends if we claim that Ruby/Hagupit weakened because we prayed for God’s mercy, specially on those who have not even fully recovered from Yolanda/Haiyan’s cruelty last year.

But the news is not yet absolutely good. Weakened and no-longer super typhoon Ruby/Hagupit still poses hazards to us Filipinos. That is what the good people of PAGASA warn.

Definitely, some parts of our country in the path of the typhoon will suffer more than others. Metro Manila people in areas facing the sea are warned of storm surges that Ruby/Hagupit might bring could damage coastal buildings and communities.

Meanwhile, the happy news of Ruby/Hagupit’s losing wind was ruined by terrible news from the provinces, such as that one from Buluan town in Maguindanao reporting “Doctor forced to ‘decapitate’ baby to save mom” (by Lore Mao Andong of ABS-CBN News Central Mindanao.)

It turns out that the baby was dead when the doctor decided to severe its head. The news item said Dr. Elizabeth Samama, Buluan District Hospital chief, told ABS-CBN News on Thursday that the pregnant mother had gone to the hospital for consultation on November 27. The doctor then discovered that the pregnant woman was already three weeks past her due date. The woman refused to undergo ultrasound. The OB-Gynecologist then told the woman to get her self admitted because she was endangering her own life.

“However, as the patient was being brought to the operating room, the baby’s head suddenly came out,” reporter Lore Mae Andong wrote, adding, “Umiri siya at lumabas na ang ulo ng bata at nakitang patay na yung baby, Samama said.”

The doctor and her team tried to assist the mother through a normal delivery of the dead baby, but they “discovered the baby had a condition called ‘shoulder dystocia’ “ in which baby’s shoulder could not pass through the mother’s birth canal.
Thus the decision to decapitate it was made.
This is really tragic.

But there is a daily occurrence that is even more tragic, and all the more so because only pro-life people consider it a tragedy. Every day thousands of babies in the womb are killed by means of abortifacients that mothers are given as good contraceptives.

Other grim stories from the provinces found in ABS-CBN yesterday, as news began to reach us that Ruby/Hagupit was getting benign, were those of “A man nabbed for raping grandma,” “Guard, girl friend shot dead while having sex,” and “Nanay sa Gensan, ginahasa sa harap ng mga anak.”

The story by Jay Dayupay of ABS-CBN News SOCCSKSARGEN, is painful to read and reflect on. The mother, Yolanda (not her real name), is finding it hard to sleep after her trauma at dawn last Monday. She and her three children were fast asleep when a person wielding a knife entered their house and threatened her and the children

She had just given birth and her newborn babe is only two months old. Her husband is a fisherman who was still not back home when it happened. She begged the perpetrator not to harm her children. Then he violated her as the terrified kids watched.

Yolanda has identified the rapist and the authorities are dealing with him. The Child and Women Protection Unit in General Santos say this year alone there are as many as 229 rape cases recorded in the city.

That’s something just as important to seek God’s mercy about. For Him to be more protective of the good people like Yolanda and her family from criminals.

But He would probably tell us that if we Filipinos had been more faithful to Him, we would not be visited by so many misfortunes–among which is having unjust, crooked, immoral, and hypocritical leaders.


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