• Ruffa Gutierrez finds peace again

    Ruffa Gutierrez wears Avon Fashions jewelry collection inspired by her

    Ruffa Gutierrez wears Avon Fashions jewelry collection inspired by her

    Actress Ruffa Gutierrez appears to be enjoying a peaceful and happier life these days after she turned 41 on June 24.

    First and foremost, her relationship with her mother—the ever feisty and vocal Annabelle Rama—is good once again following their public spat over the summer.

    Despite the fact that Annabelle snubbed two birthday celebrations for Ruffa, mother and daughter were able to mend things between them all thanks to brother Elvis’ wedding to long time girlfriend Alexa Uichico. Held only three days after Ruffa’s birthday, Elvis made sure his mom and sister ended the night patching things up.

    The former beauty queen’s relationship with French-Israeli businessman Jordan Mouyal is also steady and going strong. A couple now for one and a half years, the two often travel together to exotic destinations.

    In terms of her career, Ruffa is active on TV once again along with the rest of the Gutierrez family via their sensational reality show, It Takes Gutz to be a Guiterrez. The program is set to air its third season beginning July 27 on E!.

    The 10-episode season will mostly spotlight Ruffa activities, including the launch of her new line of children’s clothing inspired by her daughters Lorin, 11, and Venice, 10.

    As a celebrity mom, Ruffa also remains to be an inspiration to women, and continues to draw endorsement projects her way. In fact, fashion has just lent her name to Avon for a jewelry line. Dubbed the “Ruffa Collection,” each piece in this jewelry collection is a statement of luxury and elegance.

    Featuring a pair of earrings, a necklace and a ring, the pieces is made of a sparkling micropave with a vivid red cubic zirconia in the center.

    “I indulge in the finer things in life and never settle for less,” Ruffa said of her collection.


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