Is Ruffa Gutierrez turning into Annabelle Rama?


Thirty years after debuting onscreen when she was just 13-years-old, Ruffa Gutierrez is eager as ever to thrive in show business.

As such, 1993’s Miss World Second Princess could hardly contain her excitement during her contract signing to join the stable of artists at ALV Talent Circuit. Headed by Arnold Vegafria, ALV will co-manage her career, alongside her “mommy-ger” as she has often called Annabelle Rama. Gutierrez is confident that with the move, she will enjoy a busier career.

“I’m so excited! This collaboration has found its perfect timing and I can say that since closing the deal, Arnold and I are now phone pals—we’ve been talking unceasingly over the phone. But I am not complaining, it’s great to have open communication with the people handling your career,” the 43-year-old noted.

Besides her current stint as “Ruffa-ry” in “Eat Bulaga’s” current segment Jackpot En Poy, Gutierrez and Vegafria are looking into more endorsements, acting projects and possibly hosting stints.

“I really miss hosting talk shows where I get to banter with co-hosts and express my opinions. I hope mauso ulit sila,” Gutierrez shared admitting that with the advent of social media, talk shows have become a passé. She formerly hosted ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” and TV5’s “Paparazzi,” both showbiz talk shows.

The 43-year-old admits to being extra careful with her daughters Lorin and Venice (inset) who are now in their teenage years PHOTOS FROM IG.COM/ILOVERUFFAG

With plans for her comeback in place, Gutierrez further shared that her new management will also handle the impending careers of her two daughters.

“My kids are also starting to get inquiries and offer. Lorin is now 14 while Venice just turned 13. Sabi ko sa kanila pwede tayong tumanggap [ng projects]as long as hindi natin pababayaan ang pag-aaral nyo,” the actress noted.

Gutierrez is firm, however, that finishing school is still the top priority of her children with former husband Yilmaz Bektas. After all, she has always been practical and realistic.

“Should showbiz prove not to be their destiny, I want them to have something to fall back on,” the single mom maintained.

Impressively, without any other exposure besides the family’s reality show “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez” on E! Channel, the Bektas sisters have built a strong following each on social media platform Instagram.

Lorin, who started Instagram in December 2016, has already gathered 62,000 followers with each of her 13 posts raking in thousands of double taps. Venice, on the other hand, who has just been allowed her own Instagram account since turning 13, already has 9,200 followers after just four days on line.

But the mom of two was more proud in knowing that Lorin and Venice have yet to realize and act on their celebrity status—they choose to miss showbiz and lifestyle events in favor of school activities.

“I like their attitude now towards this whole thing, they are not too excited about all this,” the gorgeous mom added.

Gutierrez said she is extra careful with her girls what with the way the youth lead their lives nowadays. “Iba na ang buhay nila ngayon. But for me, aside from focusing on their studies gusto kong mas maging matatag sila bilang babae, for them to learn to say no to certain things.

“Having said that, entering into romantic relationships, I know it’s gonna happen pero wag sana muna silang magkaka-boyfriend. They’re such babies pa!” Gutierrez remarked, admitting that she is starting to sound like Rama who is known for being tough on her during her teen years.

Finally, Gutirrez revealed what her greatest fear is at this point on her life: for either of her daughters to get serious with a boy prematurely.

“I wouldn’t want them living in with anyone [without getting married]. I know it’s 2017 but when it comes to these things, I’m still traditional! And boys, in the future if you want to get their yeses, get my approval first, bring me flowers and chocolates, I’m old-fashioned like that,” Gutierrez ended laughing.


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