• Rule of law hallmark of Poe’s presidency


    SAYING that peace cannot be achieved through violent means, Sen. Grace Poe reiterated her call for a just society that respects due process and the rule of law.

    Speaking at a campaign sortie in Surigao del Norte, Poe–a frontrunner in the presidential race in the May 2016 elections–said the government has to be tough in addressing crime and illegal drugs, but it also has to be just and responsible.

    “Hindi lang po patayan ang solusyon palagi. Hindi tayo magtitiis nang matagal.

    Ang kailangan lang ay organisado. Ang kailangan lang ay makatarungan, sapagkat kung nagkamali tayo sa ating desisyon at may naapektuhang isang inosente, hindi na po matatapos ang gulo [Killing is not always the answer. All that is needed is for us to get organized, to have justice because if one wrongful act will affect the life of an innocent, then there will be no end to chaos],” she said.

    “Ang kailangan po natin ay katarungan at hindi karahasan sapagkat hindi po puwedeng maggagantihan tayong lahat dahil sa pambibintang [What we need is justice, not violence.

    It’s not right that we get back at each other just because of allegations],” Poe pointed out.

    According to the senator, it takes both incorruptible leadership and people participation to make communities safe and drug-free.

    “If there are any members of our police who will abuse their powers, I will make sure that they do not remain in their post for another day,” Poe said.

    The senator added that she will declare illegal drugs as a national security threat if she wins.

    She said she plans to tap the President’s intelligence fund to intensify crime-busting efforts by giving incentives to informants and rewarding crime-free barangay (villages).

    “I will make sure that if your barangay remains drug-free and crime-free, meron po kayong reward sa gitna ng taon at sa dulo ng taon. At sa mga kababayan naman natin na magsusumbong kung sino ang mga nagtutulak ng droga, sa intelligence fund din, hindi ako magdadalawang-isip na magbigay ng ilang milyon para lamang makulong lahat ng ‘yan [You will have a reward at the middle and end of the year. And those who will give information on drug peddlers, I will not hesitate to give several millions],” the senator added.

    Under her “Gobyernong may Puso,” Poe said, she will give priority to addressing poverty, which she believes is the root of crime.

    If people have decent jobs and food on the table, crime rates will subsequently go down, she added.

    In her first trip to Mindanao this week, Poe reiterated her commitment to allocate one-third or P1 trillion from the national budget to the region, where 13 out of the 20 poorest provinces can be found.


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    1. Jessie Makabayan on

      Graft, corruption and criminality are the country’s biggest problem. Binay is an experienced magnanakaw, Duterte is probably a criminal so that leave us with either Poe or Rojas. Si Poe ay inaanak at may utang na loob sa ninong niyang ang dalawang anak ay may mga kaso. Big possibility na ililigtas sila no Poe para bayad utang. ROXAS IS A SAFER BET.

    2. This lady should have her mind engaged before talking!! She has violated the constitution and has dragged the SC to the gutter! She has opened the floodgates of violations of the constitution. Rule of Law? Is she sane?

    3. ernie del rosario on

      RULE of LAW spawned from a mantra, CoC and campaign platform and statements platformed on LIES and empty propaganda ? Oh come on!. That LIES to LAW transformation needs more than words and white get-ups. It is not even remotely feasible based on who, where and what you are today ! It will need more than a miracle. So why shd the people even listen to you ?

    4. matino na pinoy on

      Grace Poe’s theories on drug free communities are stupid and does not make sense. This can only come from a person without knowledge and experience dealing with all types of criminalities that presently exist and flourishing in the country. You must show respect to Chinese drug smugglers / couriers entering the country ? Must give in to the demands of kidnappers? Must let the convicted criminals, serving life sentences to continue cooking shabu behind prison walls? Must give Presidential pardon to Binay if he gets convicted of plunder? What about Jinggoy, Ramon Jr. and Grandpa Johnny? Gobyernong May Puso, kasabwat din ba kayo sa mga kriminalidad na nagyayari ngayon sa bansa? Well, classified listings from PDEA, turned-in to PNoy, listed Escudero as connected to drug lords, usually have the biggest share of drugs sold on the streets.

      These Drug smugglers, Drug whole sellers, retailers, can no longer rehabilitated in prisons, and because of these drugs, many lives were lost and families ruined. Politicians and government officials who have plundered Billions of Pesos from poor Filipino people are still in business. These are real live problems and Grace Poe should tell the voters what kind of strategy she will employ, if she gets elected.

    5. poe ks running for president of the philippines even though she knew that under the constitution one of the qualifications is that the candidate should be a NATURAL BORN FILIPINO CITIZEN WHOSE CITIZENSHIP DID NOT UNDERGO A PROCESS. POE is not a natural born filipino citizen but a NATURAL FILIPINO CITIZEN because her citizenship underwent a processed. also, poe denounced her being a filipino citizenship when she pledged allegiance to the constitution of the united states of america to become an american citizen. she applied for a dual citizenship and became again a filipino citizen – so, her present citizenship underwent a processed. poe knew that she lacks the 10 year residency which is one of the qualifications to become president of the philippines.


    6. Tama naman ang punto ni Sen Poe dito masyado na din unfair minsan kailangan na talaga ng katarungan! Alam namin kapag ikaw ang naging Presidente ng bansa lahat ng yan ay maayos! Go Sen Grace Poe!

    7. Grace Poe is a weak candidate. Does not have any idea at all what it is to be a leader.

      Simply a disgraceful opportunist.