Run United: Integrating a healthy lifestyle


What started out as a company advocacy to help keep their employees fit and encourage them to live a healthier lifestyle has become one of the most well organized and anticipated events in the country.

Since it began in 2010, Unilab’s Run United series continues to gain good mileage in terms of providing a venue for the fast-growing community of runners and running enthusiasts to enjoy run races that are high on quality and fun.

“We are pleased to say that we have grown in various aspects. First off, we were able to maintain our niche as a family-oriented run and yet also establish a good reputation as the race where runners get to challenge themselves and improve their performance. So it has been a win-win situation for us and our loyal participants,” Alex Panlilio, business head of Unilab Active Health (ULAH) told The Sunday Times Magazine during a recent roundtable gathering.

Over the years, the Run United series has broken and set records. The sign-up rate of participants is such that race slots are usually gone within a couple weeks after registration is opened. Last year, ULAH and RunRio have decided to fix the number of participants at 12,500 in order to maintain the high quality and order of the event.

“As much as we want to accommodate everyone, we had to set a limit to make it more comfortable and safe for our runners, says race organizer and running coach Rio dela Cruz of RunRio Inc.

Rio says its also inspiring to see familiar faces in every run with many citing Run United as the very first race they have signed up for. “It is fulfilling to see their development from short-distance runners to full marathoners,” said Dela Cruz.

“What makes ULAH different from other events is that we also try to help them properly progress and improve through our regular workshops and running clinics and to help them avoid injuries,” coach Rio added.

Run United provides the whole package: pre-race support that includes online/in-store registration, running clinics with coach Rio, nutrition and recovery talks, race day activities that include product samples, booth games and activities at the Active Health village, raffle prizes, on-stage entertainment, coaching tips, etc.; and post-race recovery services such as foot and leg massage at the recovery booth, finisher giveaways, race analysis etc.

Run United has really been a running success, especially when it is measured in putting together a respectable and challenging race with a lot of other activities thrown in. As Panlilio emphasized, “We want our participants to be able to bask in runners’ high long after the race is over, because we have made the entire experience comfortable for them. That is the Run United experience.”

Run United 3 happens on October 6, Tri United 2 2013 on July 7 and Tri United 3 2013 on October 27 in Laiya, Batangas. For more information visit


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