Safiro20150512WITH the current generation of cars in mind, Saffiro engineers designed the SF5000 for optimum comfort, high-speed stability and safety as the essential features of one of America’s most trusted and sought after tire brand. The unique tread design ensures excellent traction on both dry and wet road. The tire’s tread pattern or dry tread zone helps enhance handling and grip on dry pavement, making it the perfect tires for motorsports.

The SF5000 includes a technological platform that gives a special footprint (contact patch), making this model a reliable tire that is secure on wet surfaces when braking, quiet on the road and resistant to all types of road stress. The benefits are more grip and total stability, with less tire fatigue and thus longer mileage. This model reduces fuel consumption and atmospheric pollution.

The SF5000 was the tire of choice of Russ Swift, the world’s best precision and stunt driver who amazed the crowds at the recently concluded Manila International Auto Show.

Saffiro is the only brand in the country today which has a 40,000-mile (64,000-kilometer) Limited Warranty for H-Rated Size vehicles.


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