Russia, US clash on Ukraine humanitarian crisis


UNITED NATIONS, United States: Russia called for urgent measures to ease the humanitarian crisis in east Ukraine on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) but was bluntly told by the United States that it bore responsibility for the suffering.


Russia’s appeal at the United Nations Security Council came amid a sharp increase in the number of refugees fleeing fighting in east Ukraine with 58,000 people driven from their homes over the past month alone.

“When addressing the humanitarian situation, we cannot lose sight of one underlying fact: Russia can stop all of this,” US Deputy Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo told the Council.

“The surest way to end the violence is for Russia to stop the flow of fighters, weapons and money from Russia into eastern Ukraine,” she said.

Russia had called for the special meeting of the Council to hear top UN aid official John Ging who reported that the humanitarian situation was worsening in east Ukraine and that “immediate action” was needed.

Accusing Kiev of ignoring the plight of civilians, Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin described the situation in east Ukraine as “disastrous,” and called for a humanitarian mission to be carried out by UN agencies.

“Russia calls on the international community to take emergency measures to improve the humanitarian situation in the east of Ukraine,” said Churkin.

Responding to the appeal, the US deputy ambassador said UN agencies were already on the ground and working to help civilians who have been left without clean water, electricity and medical aid.

Russia and the United States have repeatedly clashed over the conflict in east Ukraine, with Washington accusing Moscow of backing the rebels who have taken arms against Kiev.

The US deputy envoy accused Russia of doubling the number of battalions on the border with Ukraine and stoking tensions with plans for military exercises.

“We again demand that Russia halt these destabilizing actions,” said DiCarlo.

Ukrainian forces announced on Monday they were closing in around the key city of Donetsk, after already scoring significant gains over the last month.

But the rebels have pledged to fight on in the cities under their control, and government forces continue to come under heavy bombardment from separatist positions.

At least 1,367 people have been killed and more than 4,000 wounded in the fighting in east Ukraine since mid-April, according to UN officials.



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  1. “When addressing the humanitarian situation, we cannot lose sight of one underlying fact: Russia can stop all of this,” – US Deputy Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo told the Council.

    Russia cannot stop what the US started. It was the US that backed the overthrow of a duly elected President (i.e., Yanukovich) and installed the present neo-Nazi regime in Kiev. The rights of the people of Ukraine (including Russian speaking ones) were trampled upon by the US. The people in Eastern Ukrainde decided to rise up in arms against these violations of their rights. It is not Russia but the US who can stop this violence. But the US is looking for a confrontation with Russia. Why??? Because Russia has joined the BRICS entity which is a challenged to Western Imperialist dominance of the world financial system. Russia is also indirectly trying to undermine the Petrodollar system on which the US financial system relies heavily but a system which gives a very unfair advantage to the USA.