Russian Embassy clarifies things In ‘DU30 a genius at obfuscation’


I would like to take this opportunity to make certain things clear about the article “DU30 a genius at obfuscation”, which came out in your esteemed newspaper on October 22, 2016.

In his writing the author calls Russia a communist country, and this is a sign of outrageous ignorance. A foreign politics observer should keep one’s political geography up-to-date and be aware of quarter-century-old developments. The author himself seems to be obfuscated.

Modern Russia is no longer Soviet Union. It is a multi-party democracy. The existing Communist Party preaches a conservative ideology rather than far-leftist views, and occupies not more than 42 out of 450 parliamentary seats.

At the same time, Russia maintains and highly values its friendly and strategic partnership relations with countries, having communist parties as ruling ones, like China and Vietnam. Moreover, why should a nation be judged upon its party-system criteria? For Vietnam, for example, the ruling Communist Party is no obstacle to developing relations with the Philippines. Neither does it disrupt the ASEAN unity. Both China and Vietnam are striking examples of successful social and economic development.

We are hopeful that Manila Times observers will be more careful while preparing their articles. The Embassy of the Russian Federation is open to contacts and partnership with you and will be ready to assist in any matters concerning objective and truthful coverage of the events related to Russia.

Ilya Perenkov
Press Attaché


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  1. The column is not into violation of human rights. If that is the case, Philippines is number one violator of human rights. The writer is addressing the ideology of communism. That they are not a practicing communist. Yes they have strict restrictions in these country but it does not necessarily mean that it is bad for their country. Look at Singapore that a few years ago, there is no freedom of assembly. Look at they right now, a nation of discipline people. That is what Duterte is advocating in our nation, a nation that is disciplined Pilipinos.

  2. Communism as an ideology is dead and gone. Russia and China tried to implement the ideology for many years but it failed. Economic downfall, mass starvation was the result. Millions of Chinese died due to starvation. I really hope that columnist are aware that there was a big change. These countries do not even want to be branded as a communist state.

  3. You are one miss guided soul. I hope the good lord doesn’t strike you down with lightning for what you just said. You can put Russia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Cuba all in the same boat. They are all the same. You should check out their human rights record.

    You really need a reality check.