Russian firm eyes call center market


Imagine the Russians invading a territory that is dominated by the Americans. No, this time it’s not Ukraine but the Philippines.

“In Russia it is the same situation. The American software firms dominate the market. But in the last two or three years, we get shares of the market from Avaya and Cisco. Actually, our share is still growing. It will be difficult but we have an advantage—we are more cost effective, which may help us to have a share in the local market” Noda Philippines Country Manager Slova Varlamov confidently answered when asked how the company will infiltrate the Philippine BPO scene.

Leading Russian software solutions provider for contact centers Noda Interaction Platforms recently announced that it established a partnership with Total Information Management Inc. (TIM), one of the Philippines leading systems integrator.The merging of the two companies gives an opportunity to represent a high quality product for the automation of contact centers (outsourcing and in-house) in the Asia Pacific region.

“TIM Corporation has been in the business of diversifying and continuously innovating itself through various unique IT solutions in the past 25 years. We always try to look ahead and try to see what the market would need in the next five years or more. We try to prepare and even invest our time and resources to enable us to adequately cater to the current and future requirements of our customers,” said TIM president Salvador Aque. “And this is exactly one of our objectives in partnering with Noda Interaction Platforms. I believe that Noda is one of our key strategic partners that shall lay down a good ground for us in covering and offering new ways to provide an end to end solution with our customers.”

Varlamov also added, “High rates of growth for Noda Contact Center solution are possible thanks to active collaboration with local partners in the Asia Pacific region. The company invests a lot of time and effort in creating a strong line of technical support for its partners and customers in the Asia Pacific region. Noda has its own regional office in Manila, Philippines, staff of local engineers, who provide immediate services to Noda’s partners.”

At the beginning of 2014, Noda Interaction Platforms completed training sessions for Total Information Management’s technical and sales specialists. TIM’s staff came through with flying colors, as their technicians took just 20 minutes to install a new inbound project in NCC. TIM’s staff highlighted the convenience and flexibility of NCC’s interface, noting that everything can be done and adjusted using just two clicks. Noda Contact Center solution offers all functions which is necessary for the efficient work of call centers.

For more than 13 years, Noda Interaction Platforms has specialized in the development of a series of software for call centers automation. Noda Contact Center is the company’s own all-in-one (C++, Java) IP solution. Today more than 300 contact centers exploit Noda’s solution. Among company’s customers are MTS, AVIVA, EFES, Amadeus, Karcher, and Zepter International. Noda received the “Best Product of 2012 for Сall Сenters in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” award at CCWF 2012, “The Best Implementation of Soft Into Call Center 2014” at Contact Center World Forum 2014.

TIM is part of the Zenutna Group of Companies and is a 100-percent Filipino-owned Technology Solutions Company based in Makati City. With a strong pool of talent, robust financial resources and 25 years of experience, TIM is currently one of the most enduring I.T. companies in the Philippines and a trusted technology partner to some of the country’s largest institutions.


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