Russian MPs ban US media from parliament


MOSCOW: Russian lawmakers on Wednesday voted to ban US media labeled as “foreign agents” from accessing the lower house of parliament in response to the US Congress stripping state channel RT of its credentials. The move came a day after Moscow named nine US media outlets including Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty “foreign agents” after RT was forced to accept the same status in the US. “In the defense of democratic values, deputies of the State Duma reserve the right to take symmetrical measures in connection with the decision to strip a number of Russian journalists of their accreditation to the US congress,” Russian news agencies cited the decision as saying. The decision was backed by 413 deputies, with just one voting against it. On Tuesday Russia’s upper house of parliament also barred access to US media named “foreign agents.” The ban is the latest development in the row over accusations Moscow interfered in US presidential elections last year. Russia has vehemently denied the claims.



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