Russian, Swede mauled by locals in Boracay



A Russian and a Swede were beaten up with beer bottles by two men early Friday at a beach resort in Boracay in Aklan, police reported Saturday.

The report identified the Swede as Stefan Raphe Linder, 26, and Russian as Maria Riazanova, 26.

The two were at the Boracay Regency Resort Juice Bar when Joseph Gregorio, 21 and Bernard Cabanus, 23, approached them and hit them on the head with beer bottles.

The two foreigners were treated at the Ciriaco Tirol Hospital for minor head injuries.

Cabanus and Gregorio were later arrested and detained. ANTHONY VARGAS



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  1. I wonder whats wrong with the security in Boracay? if they can protect the tourist why bother to come and visit that place Boracay? or what’s the matter of the resort? don’t they have their own security or local law enforcement? this is embarrassing to me!! as a Filipino American I was planning to come and visit that place but for now I think not!!! clean that place up protect your tourist get rid of the unwanted idiot around there shape up beef up security to served and protect…. maybe Boracay can convince me to come and visit then…..