Russia’s nuclear threats ‘deeply troubling’ – NATO chief


WASHINGTON: Russia’s provocative rhetoric and its dramatic expansion of flights by nuclear bombers are deeply troubling and dangerous, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday (Thursday in Manila). Russia’s plans to deploy nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad—near Poland’s border—and its threat to move nuclear forces in Crimea would “fundamentally change the balance of security in Europe,” Stoltenberg warned, in speech during a visit to Washington. In blunt language, the NATO chief delivered a scathing critique of Russia’s behavior over the past year—including Moscow’s armed intervention in Ukraine—and vowed the transatlantic alliance would redouble its commitment to “collective defense.”



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  1. This is what happens when US take the leadership role from behind.
    This Obama is a joke, similar to clowns Putin,Iran and Chinese.
    Worse they are now more armed than before.
    To the next US President take the mantle of leadership and give these guys a lesson
    they will not forget.I mean not the citizen of these nation, but their leader.

  2. Just do it and show to Putin that the freedom loving people could not be shaken by his tactics. He only understand the word “FORCE’., give it to him to wake him up.