• Rustans to open 15 Shopwise stores


    The country’s first and original hypermarket, Shopwise, is currently being expanded with 15 branches set to open this year, a company official said.

    Donnie Tantoco, president of Rustans Supercenters Inc., said that this year, the company is in the process of expanding Shopwise since it has established the brand.

    “This year, we are opening 15 stores. We already opened about three. Next year we will open more,” he said, adding that should the company open 15 stores by the end of the year, it should be a record year for it.

    According to him, the company is at the stage where it is comfortable with the format or model of its brands.

    “We have a very clear model, a clear brand. And once that’s in place, the only thing left to do is expand,” Tantoco said.

    “It’s really about being clear. Shopwise is about very clear, it’s about the value, the C market,” he added.

    Asked if the company would want to increase the target by 20 stores, he only said: “I think so. Step by step. You don’t want to go so fast that the foundation is weak.”

    Rustans Supercenters has three existing brands—Shopwise, Rustans and Wellcome—and according to Tantoco, Rustans is the fastest growing among the brands.

    “We only have three brands because we want to be very focused. Three is already very tough. Every format is very different from the other,” he explained.

    Meanwhile, Tantoco said that the company doesn’t have plans yet to go public or list at the Philippine Stock Exchange.


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