S. Korea opens door to 4,600 Filipino workers


THE Philippines got 4,600 slots or 13.98 percent out of the 32,890 positions opened by South Korea for new foreign workers in the manufacturing industry sector under its Employment Permit System (EPS).

But Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said this year’s quota is slightly higher than what the country got in the past two years.

Last year, the quota for the Philippines was at 12.71 percent. In 2013, out of the 42,600 quota, the country got 4,400 slots.

“This 2015 quota shows sustained demand for OFWs in the last three years in the Korean manufacturing sector. We expect that this will become the trend that will harmonize with our efforts in continually advancing the credence of the Filipino workforce as globally competitive and respects both the Philippines and the host country’s labor rules and regulations,” Baldoz said.

South Korea’s Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) set no ceiling for new workers for all industries, except in the manufacturing sector where it set a 42,400 limit.

Of the number, 32,890 slots were for new entrants, while 9,510 are allocated to returning foreign workers.

According to Baldoz, the country’s good standing in the EPS can be attributed to the Philippine government’s efforts in curbing the incidence of undocumented OFWs.


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