‘Sabagay Life’ takes millennial friendship to hilarious levels


A web series that takes inspiration from US sitcoms like the hugely popular Friends and How I Met Your Mother has attracted a solid following among millennial fans, scoring another hit for D5Studio.

Joyce Pring

Sabagay Life, which premiered in December 2016, focuses on the lives of six 20-something individuals who find themselves at a crossroads. Jinno (played by Brian Sy), Jackie (Joyce Pring), Bryan (Dino Pastrano), Timi (Gabby Padilla), Gail (Pocholo Barretto) and Din (Kat Aragao) are at the tail end of their college years and in the process of figuring out what the real world has in store for them.

“When you’re in your 20s, somehow you’re lost. You’re looking for your passion and everyone goes through that phase,” director Joel Ferrer said in explaining the premise of Sabagay Life.

Even as each of these millennials have their own individual thing going with them, they still spend a lot of time with each other and allow their diverse personalities to clash with the often hilarious circumstances that they find themselves in.

Ferrer, who directed the acclaimed indie film Baka Siguro Yata and D5Studio’s hit show Forever Sucks brings his trademark screwball humor to Sabagay Life.

Avid fans of the online show are already looking forward to a second season.


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