• Sabrina says, ‘Don’t be afraid of the induction cooker’

    Chef Sabrina Artadi of ‘Sabrina’s Kitchen’ guarantees that cooking is a breeze with an induction heat cooker

    Chef Sabrina Artadi of ‘Sabrina’s Kitchen’ guarantees that cooking is a breeze with an induction heat cooker

    “The best thing about it is I don’t sweat while I cook!” quipped the beautiful chef Sabrina Artadi, host of the proudly Filipino-made production, Sabrina’s Kitchen, on the Asian Food Channel.

    The one-time beauty queen-turned-domestic goddess was talking about her new favorite kitchen appliance, the induction heat (IH) cooker, which is first and foremost a highly effective energy saver.

    “Yes, that’s the biggest advantage of using an IH cooker,” she laughingly admitted. “But since I’m kikay, the fact that it keeps the heat inside the pan rather than releasing it all over the place like a gas range or electric stove is also good for me.”

    Artadi was chatting and cooking away over her seemingly heat-less stove at a small media cookout to share her healthy cooking styles, and impart a valuable tip that using an IH cooker can help a homemaker save a good amount of money.

    “I learned this valuable piece of information from Meralco’s ‘Bright Ideas’ campaign, which is a customer information drive geared towards educating consumers on electricity cost and energy efficiency so they can make informed decisions on managing their consumptions,” she further shared.

    And as she sprinkled an assortment of herbs on her Moroccan-spiced Chicken with Couscous, so did she pepper her audience with information on the amount of savings that can be made with an IH cooker.

    “Did you know that based on lab tests, assuming you use whatever kind of cooker you have at a total of one hour per day, you would spend P1,100 a month for LPG, P800 for an electric stove, and just P463 for an induction cooker?” Artadi enthused. “That’s over 50-percent in savings!”

    How then does an IH cooker achieve such savings? An induction heat cooker operates under electromagnetic induction, a process wherein 82 percent of the heat is directly transferred to the cooking vessel.

    “That means it cooks fast,” added Artadi. “In general, you save about 10 to 15 minutes cooking time on everything with an IH cooker, including a very time-consuming paella.”

    Aware that some homemakers are hesitant to use an IH cooker precisely because they have difficulty controlling how fast their food cooks, the very convincing chef concurred, “Yes, there is a learning curve of about a month to get it right. But don’t be afraid to try and use it because the benefits of an IH cooker far outweigh the small adjustments you have to make.”

    True enough, the vivacious chef made whipping up an entire dinner of Stuffed Vegetables with Organic Red Rice, Seafood Coconut Soup, the Moroccan-spiced Chicken, and Mangoes and Cream with Cookie Crumble for dessert (yes, cooked atop the genius of a kitchen appliance as well) seem so easy. With her beautiful caftan flowing with her every move—staying cool even as the sauces bubbled away—her cooking demo looked more like a choreographed dance with a truly delicious ending.


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