• Sack De Lima or give her a medal?


    TODAY’S issue has another one of those examples indicating how diverse — and sometimes at odds with each other — the opinions Manila Times columnists’ are.

    Two of the most read columnists of The Times are Rigoberto Tiglao and Erwin Tulfo.

    The titles of their columns today immediately tell readers how they stand about Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and her raid on the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

    R. Tiglao’s title is “De Lima should be fired over ‘Bilibid Hilton.’ ”

    Columnist Tiglao says: “As secretary of the justice department with the Bureau of Corrections being one of its biggest agencies, hasn’t Leila de Lima been in charge of it for nearly five years now? Shouldn’t she rather feel shame, and resign immediately, for her massive failure to manage our biggest prison that it has become a national embarrassment?

    “She should be fired immediately really for having supervised what has turned to be a travesty of our penal system.

    “Frankly, even her boss should really go because of this national embarrassment and clear failure of governance. Next time around, will they let moneyed inmates out armed with Armalites and go shooting people to escape the boredom of prison life?”

    He gives, as he always does, details to support his opinion and sway the reader into accepting his point of view.

    Broadcaster and columnist Erwin Tulfo’s column title is “De Lima does it for Bucayu, beyond the call of duty.”

    Here are Mr. Tulfo’s first five paragraphs:

    “Hat’s off to Secretary of Justice Leila de Lima for a great accomplishment in her crackdown of illegal activities inside the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa City.

    “She’s done so because no man would dare stick his balls out there and do the job. “Conversely, Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) director Franklin Jesus Bucayu should either resign or be fired from his post for his failure to do the job he swore to perform.

    “But, even if he quits, he should be thoroughly investigated by the National Bureu of Investigation (NBI) for complicity with the mafia behind the rampant illegal drugs trafficking, gunrunning and other vice activities inside the prisons.

    “Bucayu must know he is liable for the presence of illegal drugs, particularly shabu, powerful firearms, other deadly weapons, and unauthorized cash amounting to more than one million pesos found in the possession of prisoners.”

    Yesterday, Ricardo Saludo, author of the Times column Republic Service, wrote a satirical piece about the subject. He gave it the title “Hot resort and hotter surveys — Bilibid or not!” If you didn’t catch it yesterday, go to our online edition, read it and have a good and bitter laugh.

    We invite Times readers to vote on this issue, and answer the question posed in this editorial’s title: “Sack De Lima or give her a medal?”

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    1. I do not like Tiglao a bit, but in this case, I will go with his take. FIRE DE LIMA. plus BUKAYO and all the BISCOTSOS currently running that SHABU DEN AND ARMORY. . But let’s be a little benevolent. Spare PNOY, because he just has too many BAD STUFF TO BE ABLE TO KNOW HOW THINGS WERE GOING ON IN MUNTI. De Lima should at least have diagnosed the illness there a long time ago. ANG THAT BUKAYO HAS NO PLACE IN SUCH A SENSIBLE POSITION AMONG HARDENED CRIMINALS. I think he has been bought or sumzing. AKALAIN MONG SABIHIN NA PATI UNG CONCERT SA LOOB NG MUNTI AY HINDI NIYA ALAM? TRAGIS NA KATWIRAN, YAN! THIS AQUINO ADMIN SURE NEEDS A LOT OF PEOPLE WITH BRAINS. FIRE THOSE WITHOUT!

    2. Gone are the days when an appointed officer in public service use their discretion in taking care of their offices through honest performance. Most officers now are all for self-preservation and doesn’t care for their responsibilities. Dancing with the music or live and let-live. Failures in gov’t. departments is no longer their concern. In the case of NBP anomaly all responsible people should be kick out regardless a relative, compadre, best friend etc. Most personnel now no longer think of good work performance, what they are counting is how much is their income on the side or kick-back. Unlike other countries they resigned when involve in mismanagement. Wishing for a gov’t.policy like of Pres. F. Marcos that even a simple insubordination with administrative charges automatically dismissed in service. Directors with two complainants be investigated & recommended for dismissal if could not rebutt allegations. Now, it is up to the boss, stay and be wealthy.

    3. De Lima must be sacked, period. No ifs and buts. I have met and known her since her CHR days. Such an inconsequential leadership. Until today, I cannot fathom the reason why she was given the DOJ portfolio. The shoes are too big for her. Such a wasteful appointment.

    4. (PALPAK) De Lima should be fired because this thing happened under her nose, it only means that she’s not completely competent since the beginning of her duty as DOJ sec. This is what we get for having an OJT government totally BS.

    5. The guards, the supervisors, the Director, the Justice Secretary, and the President should all be fired. Four years and nothing was noticed? All are guilty of accepting bribes, abetting crimes, or incompetence. They must all be fired.

      • francis melorin on

        Officials of the BUCOR should not just sacked or relieved from their respective posts but they should be dismissef from the service with porfeiture of retrmnt benefits is more appropriate.

    6. If we are in Japan or South Korea where moral standards for public officials are observed like God’s commandment then there’s no logic in making an opinion survey like this but hey!! we’re in the Philippines and it’s more fun here and it might be that many will praise de Laila of what she did hehehe…ewwwwwwww…it’s really funny here in RP!!

    7. Vicente Penetrante on

      Yan ang matuwid na daan! The President, himself, had said that those in charge of the in-mates in prison must take care of them.

    8. i agree with tiglao that de limas should be fired. but of course this will never happen coz she is well placed in aquino’s lap dance groupies. me thinks that she made the zarsuela to bolster her image for the coming senatorial elections. she is good in praise releases and drama just like pulido-tan and morales. in the news today, she spared her friend’s cottage, who according to news reports (heard also comment of joe taruc and deo macalma this morning) from the nbi raid

    9. Well said Sir. In my opinion, no need sack Sect. De Lima nor give medal, but she should joined the drug Lord in jail instead , and of course with Bucayu as well.