• Sack Honrado; shun Senate probe on tanim-bala scam


    I don’t know which is more unpleasant and depressing to contemplate:

    1. The discovery of another scam and shameful fiasco—the tanim-bala (bullet-planting) scam—at the worst international airport in the world, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA); or

    2. The staging of another grandstanding Senate inquiry (into the scam), where our senators will take turns posturing before the TV cameras to aid their election bids in 2016.

    Forced to make a choice, I must frankly confess that I would rather live with the crude reality of another Filipino criminal invention, however crude and shabby, than endure the prospect of the Senate wasting public money on investigating the bullet-planting scam, and suffering the sight of our senators asking inane questions on live TV and posing as crime investigators. The crime being perpetrated against passengers at the NAIA is reprehensible, but it is in the order of things, comparatively petty and smalltime.

    Deceiving the public into thinking that a Senate probe is a service to the public interest is rank hypocrisy, because many of the senators are guilty of looting the public treasury for pork barrel and DAP bribes. They will cynically show moral indignation before the cameras, and secretly congratulate themselves for being clever.

    If these senators are candidates in the 2016 elections (for reelection or for higher office), they will be getting free advertising for their candidacies.

    Stopping airport corruption and mismanagement
    The burning issue that must be addressed is how to put an immediate stop to the corruption, mismanagement and inefficiency at our premier international airport, by overhauling its operations, systems and processes, and revamping its personnel from top to bottom.

    Responsibility for this latest fiasco begins with the man sitting at the top of the airport operations: Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Angel Jose Honrado. While the controversy has raged, he has kept silent and refused to take responsibility for the situation.

    While President Aquino has publicly pledged to get to the bottom of the mess, Honrado appears to be banking on his closeness to the Aquino family in order to withstand any criticism and keep his job.

    He is counting on Aquino’s pathological incapability to fire bad eggs in his administration, now matter how much they foul up.

    Honrado served as the aide-de-camp of former president Cory Aquino and is rumored to be a favorite of BS Aquino and his sisters. He is a close ally and associate of his uncle, former congressman Jose Peping Cojuangco, Jr.

    Even these biographical creds and PNoy’s fabled loyalty to friends, family and classmates may prove ineffective this time.

    NAIA’s state of disrepair and inefficiencies have become not only a source of national embarrassment; they pose a danger to the nation’s peace and security, because of the continuing threat of international terrorism, and could be a black mark on the country’s standing in the world.

    With the country’s hosting of the APEC meeting of leaders this November 17-20, dysfunction at the NAIA has plainly become unacceptable and even criminal. Anything less than an efficient and respectful handling of official guests passing through the airport will cost us dearly.

    Sack Honrado now
    There is merit to the proposal of Abakada Partylist Rep. Jonathan Dela Cruz, that Honrado and all other officials involved in the operations and security of NAIA and other international airports around the country must all submit their courtesy resignation to ensure a successful APEC Summit.

    “Even as we are rushing with our last minute preparations for APEC, we must enjoin all the heads of agencies in charge of operations and security at the international airport to submit their courtesy resignation,” he said. “We need to put in an entirely new crew in charge of inspection and security and file charges against those involved in this laglag-bala scam.”

    Dela Cruz said that the laglag-bala racket at the NAIA is a syndicated “one money, one fund” operation involving personnel from the Office of Transportation Security (OTS), MIAA and the PNP-Aviation Security Office. Honrado is definitely aware of the activities of the syndicate.

    Focus on Mamasapano debates
    With respect to the eagerness of senators to conduct a probe of the bullet-planting scam, I say their enthusiasm is misplaced. Instead of posing as investigators, they should focus the Senate’s energies now on outstanding commitments and responsibilities.

    High on my list of these is the proposed plenary debates on the Mamasapano report submitted by the committees of Senators Grace Poe-Llamanzares and Francis Escudero.

    Upon his return to the Senate, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile rightfully called for plenary debates of the report, which was surreptitiously buried by the Senate leadership.

    Grace Poe escaped responsibility for not submitting a report to the Senate plenary, and for not securing the necessary signatures of her peers on the report.

    In the proposed debates, Poe and Escudero must stand up in the chamber to defend their conduct of the Senate hearings on Mamasapano, their failure to call President BS Aquino to testify, and their failure to bring closure to the inquiry.

    Instead of devoting all their time now to campaigning for higher office in the 2016 elections, they should honor their duty to the chamber and to the nation.

    Many among us who have researched and studied the Mamasapano tragedy at length, are firmly convinced that had the Senate probers done a better job, we would not be in a quandary today in answering the appeal for justice of the families of the SAF 44, who fell in the incident. We would have answers instead of unresolved questions about what really happened in Mamasapano on that fateful 25th day of January this year.

    The bullets that were planted in the bodies of the fallen commandos have greater significance to the future of our people and our country, than the bullets planted in the luggage of airport passengers.



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    1. These callous Airport gangs of crooks must be lined up against a wall and shot with an anti-aircraft gun ala North Korean dictator’s style. But we may have dud anti-aircraft bullets, bought by DND crooks as well, so pakainin nalang ng taong bayan ng bala na galing sa stocks nila ang mga yan, mga bwisit!!

    2. I dont like to see people sacked or accused for no reason but isnt he supposed to be the airport manager. He hasnt spoken about this in public to reassure the public. He said its not my responsibility, hhhhhmmmmm now where have i heard that before in the Philippines. You are the airport manager for gods sake, what goes on there should be of utmost importance to you & the first thing you should have done was gone to the media & said i will personally investigate this matter as its of national importance. But hey maybe he doesnt think its that important, & that wouldnt surprise me at all. Sack this man right away Mr president as from his word & in action shows he is wrong for this job.

    3. No one believes that this is administration’s fault. Like in an army there are scalawags and at the airport there are those who wanted Mr. Honrado out. Same old shit. I wish the culprit will be nailed down. I will not be surprise at all that the mastermind is from some of the opposition. The problem is that we OFWs are the one suffering.

    4. >>> Simple lang ang dahilan ng pangyayari sa NAIA terminal.

      Kung wala pa man sa terminal ang PLASTIC WRAPPING MACHINE, sigurado magkakaroon o dadami ang bibili ng franchise at maglalagay nito sa terminal.

      At mandatory o uubligahin ang mga departing passenger na balutin ng plastic ang mga “check-in luggage o baggage nila. Kaya kikita ang sinuman may negosyo nito at pati ang mga opisyal ng terminal.

      Kaya ang “laglag bala” o ” tanim-bala” ay isang “modus operation ng isang sindikato na may kaugnayan sa mga pulitiko at may impluwensiya sa administrasyon ng terminal o DOTC o Palasyo.

    5. Crisostomo Ibarra on

      I’m ashamed of these acts.
      Please forgive my country men….
      for they do not know what their doing.

    6. matigas at makapal na ang mga mukha ng taga airport na ito.katwiran din nila siguro iyong presidente nilang si Pnoy walang pakialam din dahil busy siya sa pagnanakaw din ng pera ng bayan bago siya umalis sa pwesto..really shameful. Parang nakakatakot ng umuwi sa sarili mong bansa, hindi ka safe..Anong klaseng mentality itong mga nasa gobyerno natin. tulad din ng mentality nitong presidente ng pinas.

    7. Hindi pu pwede na sabihin ni Honrado na hindi siya magre resign sa pwesto dahil he is serving at the pleasure of PNoy. Dapat niyang tandaan na sa pag upo niya sa pwesto ang loyalty niya ay dapat sa taong bayan na at hindi na kay PNoy dahil galing sa buwis na binabayad ng taong bayan ang sweldong tinatanggap niya. Wala na ba siyang delikadesa sa kanyang pananatili sa pwesto gayung naging kahiya hiya ang Pinas sa buong mundo dahil sa issue ng tanim bala sa NAIA na pinamumunuan niya?

    8. Wala akong masabi sa sobrang dumi ng politika, politikos sa gobierno na mga wala nang konsensiya at sagad ang pagiging ganid. Pati mga ordinariong Pilipino na hawak ng mga nanunungkulan sa gobierno eh puros mga magnanakaw na rin! Nakakatakot nang umuwi sa Pilipinas dahil ang katolikong bansa na ito na ubod ng hipokrito eh walang takot sa Diyos. Mataimtim na nagdarasal sa simbahan, nag rorosaryo, sumasamba sa lahat ng santo pero paglabas eh maghahasik ng lagim sa kapwa nila na nagpapakahirap maghanap buhay sa ibang bansa para makaahon sa kahirapan. Anong nangyari at binaboy nila ang bansang Pilipinas? Sa loob ng maraming taon, ngayon lang sa panunungkulan ni Noynoy Aquino na nagkaroon ng sobrang kahihiyan ang Pilipinas.

    9. Let calmer heads prevail. Let us see who is the culprit before you crucify anybody. Do you want to lose your job without proof. Let the evidence be the deciding factor.

    10. Mr Makabenta,sir, you just disaponted many of airport employees for your gross accusation w/out proofs verified by any independent audit. Its because a powerful media created a “bandwagon effect” for its 24/7 including breaktime news with conjectures coming from their paid not free” media/press employees for 2 or more weeks, just created a myth into a real fact of so called “tanim-bala” case and btw, who invented that “tanim-bala” etc?

      • Almost everyone in NAIA knows the “open-secret” of “tanim-bala” scam. Yung nagsasabi na “wala silang alam”, ewan ko lang kung sinungaling o nagbubulagbulagan lang

        Sa tingin mo, “inosente” pa rin silang maituturing sa pananahimik nila? Kung may natitira pa silang kunsensya, dapat tumulong silang ituro at i-expose ang mga katiwalian ng mga kasama nila. Hindi yung nakiki-parte pa ng na-extort sa biktima.

    11. Most likely the APEC will be cancelled. Too risky for these foreign heads of government and their entourage to be going through our airports. They could end up as laglag-bala victims. Nakakahiya!!!

    12. Leodegardo Pruna on

      P-Noy management has totally replaced traditional and modern management principles with his, supported by his KKK and sisters, brand of kicking out the opposition and retaining the incompetent and favorites in his administration to run government. And, the result is the kind of government the Filipinos have today. God bless the Phlippines.

    13. The shamelessness and callousness of this person Mr. Honrado and his minions is beyond contemptible.

    14. The worlds worst

      The bullet scam takes the country to a new low – just in time for APEC!

      And to solve all the problems pnoy aquino/LP have annointed their great white hope – mar roxas, who must be a contender for the worst campaign promise ever – If elected Mar Roxas has promised more of the same!
      Which means:
      More poverty
      More scams
      More incompetence
      More corruption
      More vindictive and selective justice
      More unsolved journalist/media killings
      More KKK and elitism
      More illegal gambling
      More smuggling
      More human trafficking.
      More inequality
      More propaganda/lies

      The national condition is dire, the international reputation is disastrous, and the uninspiring Roxas wants to continue taking the country on the road to hell!

      Under pnoy aquino – the worlds worst president (rankopedia) – the philippines has also become the worlds worst, or near bottom, in numerous ways:
      – worst traffic ( waze)
      – worst airport
      – worst impunity ( worst in world – world impunity index)
      – worst dynastic control ( 75% of national/local politicians)
      – worst inequality ( Gini index)
      – worst poverty (in asia)
      – worst army ( AFP 6th worst)
      – worst internet ( akamai survey – 50 ex 55 globally, 21 ex 22 in asia)
      – worst corruption
      – worst tax regime ( in asia)

      And mar roxas promises more of the same!

      And if you manage to survive all that, then the final insult to the populace is that the Philippines is the worst place to die!
      (A 2015 Quality of Death study index has listed the Philippines as one of the worst places to die, next to Iraq and Bangladesh – as US Nobel laureate Richard Heck recently discovered, when he was refused admission to Manila hospital, and died a few days later. Another International faux pas)

      The Philippines could get a guinness world record as holder of most ‘world’s worst’ titles.

      A vote for the insipid Mar Roxas and scurrilous LP would be a sign of political insanity and social self-flagellation.
      No more of the same. The nation has had more than enough of these self-interested hypocrites and narcissistic incompetents.

      • Very good picture of a very sad and shameful reality. It will be complete if you add “Worst Automated Elections.” If we don’t arrest this particular “worstness,” all the other and most likely more worst scores will remain and continue to mount from other government areas. Voting out these “worstness” root causes will be futile for as long as it is the PCOS/OMaR which will “count” (supposedly) our votes.

      • Hence, I enjoin all patriotic Filipinos to start collating a list of all corrupt and inefficient bureaucrats to be eliminated by a group of mercenaries to be hired and paid for from a fund to be set up for the purpose. It is much cheaper to pay these mercenaries than spending public funds to remove people like Frank, Joseph or Angel. Kung may hiya ba naman yan si Angel, di naman kailangan pagbitiwin pa sya ni benigno. Dapat on his own, magbitiw na sya dahil sa ilalim ng kanyang pangangasiwa ng paliparan nangyayari ang ganyang kasuklam suklam na gawain. Sino naman maniniwala na hindi nya alam kung sino ang gumagawa nito.

      • Also, please include that we have the worst “Laws”. Our 1987 Constitution became the biggest “Jokebook” in our history.

    15. If Mr. Noynoy Aquino not listening, their`s another way. His tuta Mr. Roxas/Ms. Robredo and senate candidates do not cast your vote on them please…

    16. You sound just like your government. How dare you trivialise the trauma of someone being a victim of extortion by your civil servants and thrown to the mercy of your corrupt, mediaeval justice system? An elderly foreigner could be thrown in one of your antiquated, stinking, overcrowded jails with no recourse to legal representation. My 76 year old Mother is coming here next month for a visit, we’ve had to change her flights so she will now fly into Hong Kong where we will fly to meet her and then escort her back to Manila. A great inconvenience and expense but worth it to try and keep her safe. PAL has lost out Emirates have gained.
      This story has now appeared in the international press. Once again the Philippines shoots itself in the foot.

      • mabuhay ang IMPUNITY REPUBLIC…..mabuhay si Abnoy and iboto Si MAR ROXAS….para Tuloy Na tuloy ang BABUYAN business Ng ating bansa.

    17. Sana imbestigahan munang mabuti at matukoy kung sino ang gumagawa nito upang magkaroon naman ng hustisya sa lahat ,kawawa naman yun matitino at hindi kasali dito. basta na lamang aalisin.
      Ito ang dapat malaman,bakit kahit na alam na alam na sa buong mundo ang Nangyayaring ito,pero paulit ulit pa rin may nahuhuli?
      Hindi kaya ayaw na ni aquino sa mga kompanyang humahawak ng NIA? at ito ang magandang alibi upang alisin ang mga ito?
      Sino sinong matinong tao ang magdadala nito upang mahuli lamang?hindi kaya ang ilan ay kasabwat na upang tuluyan masira ang mga taong humahawak ng seguridad sa NIA?
      WALANG TAGA middle east at europe na ofw ang nahuhulihan,diyan sa asia lang at mga tourist pa? nakakapagtaka!! HINDI SIMPLE LANG ITO. MALALIM ANG DAHILAN. SINO ANG GUSTONG INSULTUHIN ANG KAKAYAHAN NG NIA OFFICIAL?

    18. I am sure that tourist will flock to the Philippines with the hopes that the golden bullet will be found in their bags. The Philippines is at least as beautiful as Thailand. Then why does Thailand get 30 million tourist a year and the Philippines are lucky to get 6 million? As far as the Senate goes, those people can’t tie their own shoes. Thank God for velcro, or they would be tripping over each other so their statements can be heard. Notice I did not say solutions.

    19. As an ‘outside’ observer, instead of improving the image of the Philippines. it has become “worst”, with the bullet planting at a place where the employees should show the “best foot” forward. I am not surprised If OFWs and compatriots are leery in visiting the country, especially these holidays. If they are, how much more to foreigners? Yet, there’s still that ‘borrowed’ battlecry: “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. Really?

      This is a big blow to the country and what a shame!

      On the principle of command responsibility, the top official should be sacked. If he has the animal called “delicadeza”, unlike the other heads of offices who, despite ‘anomalous’ performances, are still holding on. Or, he could be one of those “of a feather”. This is one area where the country tops; there are a lot of “kapalmuks” government officials.

    20. Hoping that these laglag bala scammers at the NAIA airport will place bullets one of the APEC visitors so there will be b hit in the news..hehehe


      Only in the Philippines and ony during this Abnoy administration that this shamefull
      HAS HAD HAPPENED. WHY? the people already lost their respect for this
      Abnoy administration. The senate too? to many probes/investigations going on but
      nothing happened. The house of representatives? just remember too what happened
      during the Corona impeachment and you will be guided accordingly. Bribery? There
      are too many crocodiles out there. This is the only administration that demonstrate
      these kawalang-hiyaan sa lipunan. Corruption, lying, vindictiveness, injustice and
      bata-bata are abound. So, Filipinos wake up. Boot out these misfits, imcompetent
      corrupt and cronies/bata of this administration because if they wins they will certainly
      protect this Abnoy and do the same thing. If you want the country to progress and
      keep the respect of the world, GO FOR A CHANGE.