Sack Roxas, Purisima, VACC urges Aquino


AMID Malacañang’s admission that it is difficult to curb crime, the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) called on President Benigno Aquino 3rd to sack Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd and Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima for their failure to address “the worsening crime rate in the country.”

Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. cited on Wednesday the acute lack of policemen as a reason behind the seeming rise of criminality in the country. He said the “systemic” problem of crime also leads to the low solution rate for criminal cases.

But Coloma insisted that the government is working to address these shortcomings and that the PNP is determined to step up its campaign against crime prevention.

These assurances, however, failed to comfort the VACC, which noted the three-fold increase in crimes such as murder, robbery with homicide, illegal drug trafficking and rape over the past four years.

In a letter addressed to the President dated June 17, Dante Jimenez, founding chairman of VACC, noted that that murders and robberies that are reported in the media every day indicate that the peace and order in the country is deteriorating fast.

Jimenez said most killings are carried out by gunmen on motorcycles and many such incidents remained unsolved.

“The escape of convicted felons in heinous crime cases from jails and [the grant]of special treatment to rich and influential prisoners have also become rampant,” he pointed out.

Jimenez said the President should sack Roxas and Purisima so that they can be replaced by competent individuals. As secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government, Roxas has control of the PNP.

His group is also suggesting the removal from the service of all crooked police officials who have been recidivists and those involved in various irregularities in the PNP. It also sought a review of cases of police officers involved in criminal activities but who were ordered reinstated by the National Police Commission.

Coloma said as part of the campaign to deter crime, more uniformed policemen were deployed in the communities.

“In 1986, when the population was only 50 million, the strength of the [police force]was more or less 125,000. So that’s a coverage ratio of one police officer per 400 citizens,” the official explained.

Coloma bewailed the fact that the PNP now has only a force of 148,000 when the population has surged dramatically to 97 million.

“Therefore, the coverage ratio has increased to one police officer for
every 675. Even if they recruit 18,500 additional police officers, the ratio would be reduced to one for every 579,” he said.

At the same time, Coloma added that he finds it “unacceptable” that the solution rate of crimes improved only from 13 percent to 37 percent, which means that only one in three cases is resolved.

“As far as we are concerned, that is not acceptable because this means that only one out of three crimes are being solved… If citizens are aware that [a]crime will remain unsolved anyway, then this would really embolden criminals in committing their misdeeds,” he said.

“So we have to intensify our crime prevention and law enforcement efforts despite what the figures may be showing now,” Coloma added.
He said crime solution must be “100 percent.”

“There should be no unsolved crime. So we are saying that we would like to be able to improve despite figures that say there are already improvements because unsolved crimes are not acceptable in our standards,” Coloma added.

Despite these shortcomings, he said law enforcement fares well under the system at present, which, however, has “systemic problems.”

“The law enforcement aspect is only one of the elements of that system. What we face here is a systemic problem, which is the need to reform the entire criminal justice system, which we will have to do step-by-step,” Coloma pointed out.

He confirmed that the Palace received a letter from the VACC that proposed the setting up of a state-of-the-art prison facility and the requirement for motorcycle riders to wear vests with visible markings of the vehicle’s license plate.

“We welcome suggestions from citizens on how to improve law enforcement and crime prevention. VACC’s letter was received yesterday afternoon at the Office of the President and has been referred to the Office of the Executive Secretary. With regard to the reported claim by VACC that the crime rate has increased during the Aquino administration, we also take note of research data published by [another newspaper]showing that crime incidence had been dropping since 2010,” Coloma said.

To curb the rising crime wave, he noted that the PNP has directed the setting up of checkpoints in critical areas and ordered tighter gun control measures.

Despite the controversies hounding the PNP, Purisima said he has no plans of bowing out from the police service.

In an interview aired over ABS-CBN on Tuesday night, the PNP chief said he will continue working as the country’s top policeman until he reaches the mandatory retirement age of 56 in November next year.

Under Purisima’s leadership, the PNP has been under fire because of a number of “high-profile” incidents that has put the police chief’s leadership under a cloud.

Among the intrigues and controversies were the Atimonan Massacre, his order to stop support to the Officers’ Ladies Club, the plunder charges filed against him at the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the allegedly anomalous deal that the PNP entered into with a courier service and the series of killings nationwide, which has alarmed the President.

Purisima called a command conference on Monday to discuss ways to enhance security measures.

With Anthony Vargas


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  1. harold castro on

    Ok mam and sir who is the right person for all this matter? Share po ninyo kng cno po ang super hero n kya nyang e solve ang problema ng bansa ntin..o bka isa po s inyo? Malapit n po election ito n po ang chance ninyo pra makatulong..God bless us!

  2. majid mohame on

    Pardon my ignorance but why must Coloma or someone in Malacanang be
    making all sorts of statements to explain away the perceived weaknesses in
    in the departments. In this case let Secretary Roxas and the PNP chief provide
    a more credible explanation than a presidential spinner could. The administration is
    overcentralised as if little trust is placed in Cabinet members to carry out their
    jobs. Even a communist country like China allows it’s ministers and provincial
    governors to speak to the media on policies and their implementation.

  3. If the gov’t. can’t provide sufficient job for the people, criminality will continue to rise even if the ration is 1 is to 100.

  4. dear sec coloma,
    i know you are being paid to explain the action of pnoy admin, but please make it not so hard for you. just tell the people the truth, that there’s nobody there. people will believe you…peksman!

  5. Mar Roxas should have been sacked a long time ago !! The DILG should be audited too. Most of the local gov’t units nationwide do NOT like Mar Roxas and Roxas is just trying to BRIBE the local Mayors by giving them Php1 million or more cash rewards for the “Good Housekeeping” Awards given by DILG . Mar Roxas is just using the billions of pesos under DILG for his political campaign and plans. He was not successful at all in handling the Yolanda typhoon and now he also failed in handling the rate of criminality in the Philippines. Mar Roxas is NOT effective at all as a leader – he is also as vindictive as PNoy !! SACK Mar Roxas NOW !!!

  6. — one police officer for every 675.

    you do not need to watch all of these what you have to do is only watchful for the persons with criminal or suspicious activities.

  7. it’s been 4 years this administration then sasabihin ni coloma
    “So we have to intensify our crime prevention and law enforcement efforts despite what the figures may be showing now,” Coloma added.
    He said crime solution must be “100 percent.”

    ano ka may extension ang presidenteng kumag forever!

  8. The crime solution efficiency that one third of the crimes committed is being solved as announced by the PNP leadership will not sit well with the public. As mandated by the Constitution, the law enforcement body of the Republic is duty bound to protect the populace by insuring that crimes committed by the criminals are being acted with dispatch and should achieve major positive results.


  10. Toti de Guzman on

    Mr Pres you initial program in curbing corrupt and inefficient government was impressive and noteworthy. But it was just empty rhetoric. Corruption is widespread, crime is rampant, food prices continue to rise. The people you appointed to implement your program are the cause. Your refusal to remove them reflects your weakness and failure as a leader.

  11. Purisima as head of PNP bears full responsibilities of spike or increase in crimes. Manpower shortage is not a valid reason for inability to solve or prevent crimes. Purisima and his senior officials should not be just armchair officials shouting commands to subordinates. They must be seen around their areas of responsibilities by their subordinates, the community and the residents. The police must have their presence felt by criminals either by conducting raids on criminals dens or patrolling depressed areas. Police must not rely on Barangay Tanods or Captain to police each Barangay but must do foot patrolling themselves! One rarely,if ever see a foot patrol pounding a beat nowadays! The old fashion way of crime prevention is foot and car patrol! PNP must also cleanse itself of bad apples in their ranks — the criminals in police uniform! PNP must have a training course on modern technique in crime investigation and solution! Crime statics must be accurate and truthful and not just beneficial to police officials but a tool to pinpoint most needed police actions.
    Police database on criminal operandi, criminal groups, place of operations must be complete and readily available. Mr. Purisima show you are qualified to head PNP by substantially reducing crimes and solving all the current crimes. Otherwise you should resign Ang give the command to more focused and qualified successor!

  12. I claim the original idea about the wearing of vest with the plate number visibly shown at the back of the vest on all passengers of a motorcycle. I brought the idea on Facebook way back about three years ago.

  13. Roxas do not have the MILITARY Background to be in charge of the PNP. If I were in charge, i will do the following: Coordinate the PNP, the NBI, and the Armed Forces in saturating the crime infested areas with uniformed guards, secret police surveillance, undercover sting operations,street and curve cameras, and public participation with monetary rewards for crime stoppers,mobile patrol and movable and surprise checkpoints or encircling certain areas so nobody could escape. All citizens are required to have a picture ID from .18 years and above ..Let us get tips from Russia’s KGB, USA’s FBI.and CIA, Britain’s M15, and Israel’ Mossad..

  14. Last 1986 the police ratio is 400 per citizen and now the ratio of 675 per citizen. This data is being used as justification of unable to control the inreasing crime rates. I don’t think police ratio would be a valid justification for increasing crimes – at this time, we already have CCTV, modern police radio communication, personal cellphones, more citizen awareness, watchdogs like th VACC, etc which they don’t have in 1986.

  15. Gunggong talag itong mga taga Malacanang ano, sabi nila lumiliit na ang crime rate sa Pinas? Aba, nananaginip talaga itong mga ito. Sana 2016 na, para mapalitan na ang mga ito – kunsumisyon na, sinungaling kasi kaya walang ma-solve na anomang problema ng bansa. Ayaw magtapat kaya wala tayong pag-unlad. Tanging sa mata na lang nila sila ang may ginagawa at magaling. Suuuuussss naman oo!

  16. Sack Mar Roxas and Alan Purisima? Are you guys in the VACC joking? Never in your wildest dreams will King of Pork PNoy terminate the services of Mar and Alan. If he will do so, he will lose 2 of his best playmates. He, he.

  17. People with VACC must be sniffing shabu just like most people in the Philippines. Theyre asking PNoy to get rid of Roxas and Purisima – 2 of the most politically-connected families with very close ties to PNoy’s liberal party. Perhaps VACC would have better luck if they asked PNoy sacked Abaya & Petilla who are also among the most inept and stupid member of his cabinet (but then again what did we really expect from grads of Ateneo)!

    • Is Ateneo that producing bookish graduates with no life experience, well sheltered and not street smart. ?
      We need leaders who have the balls to tackle all these gargantuan problems in the Philippines. Leaders who can walk among Kings and Queens but whose feet is in the ground feeling what the masses need .

    • Tony, you and I know that Ateneo as an educational institution is very well overrated. Students who graduate from that institution belong to the upper portion of society and the institution can afford to buy anything and everything they need for the University. Their facilities are obviously superior than the others but I do not believe that their graduates are the smartest among all other graduates. I know of so many Ateneo graduates who are complete failures in their careers. Biggest and most prominent example: Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III.