• SAF 44 turning in their graves over Ombudsman and Poe


    It will be six months to the day tomorrow when the nation was shocked by the massacre of 44 of its most elite PNP unit, the Special Action Forces.

    They must be turning in their graves over two recent developments.

    The more recent one is Ombudsman Conchita Carpio -Morales’s exoneration the other day of President Aquino for any complicity in the massacre. Her investigators claimed that that “whatever participation the President in the incident does not amount prima facie ["based on a first impression”] to a criminal offense, neither was his participation analogous to any of the impeachable offenses.”

    But by Aquino’s own account, it was he who oversaw the operation, and worse, appointed as his operations man his bosom friend former police chief Alan Purisima, who at that time had no authority to do so as he had been suspended over a graft investigation, and was totally out of the chain of command.

    How can the Ombudsman say there is no “first impression” that Aquino was involved in the operation?

    Poor Purisima: The Ombudsman is now charging him for “usurpation of official functions.” But wasn’t it Aquino who allowed him to “usurp”? Could he have “usurped” if Aquino didn’t ask him to? Could he even have entered Malacañang where the meetings were held in which he usurped the functions?

    So what happened? Top photo, in March when Llamanzares put Mamasapano Massacre blame on Aquino. Lower left, the horrific killings. Right, dinner with Aquino for his endorsement.

    So what happened? Top photo, in March when Llamanzares put Mamasapano Massacre blame on Aquino. Lower left, the horrific killings. Right, dinner with Aquino for his endorsement.

    Did the Ombudsman subpoena Purisima’s cellphone, which contained the smoking gun of Aquino’s complicity?  This is because Purisima’s transcript of his conversations with Aquino on that day had a five-hour inexplicable gap in the afternoon, which obviously indicates he didn’t want to disclose other orders from and conversations with the President.

    Now we know why Aquino, as soon as he assumed office in June 2010, removed Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, bullying her with the threat of impeachment. Poor Gutierrez didn’t have the money to hire lawyers in an impeachment trial.

    But the souls of the SAF 44 may be groaning louder over Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares.

    Massacre created a star

    It was in the hearings on the Mamasapano Massacre of the Senate Committee on Public Order which she headed (jointly with the committee on Peace, Unification and Reconciliation), that the “star was born,” as it were. She broke out of her balikbayan, top movie-censor persona to portray herself as not only an intelligent and articulate senator but also a principled one with the courage to proclaim that Aquino had to bear responsibility for the massacre.

    We were all pleasantly surprised by her independence and boldness. The banner headline of The Philippine Daily Inquirer, which has recently been rooting for her as the next president, was in extra-large fonts, “The buck stops with the President”, with a one-fourth paged photo of her in a dramatic pose as if she were the personification of the Goddess of Justice.

    It was clever of her of course that she monopolized the press conference when she released the report, even if it was a joint report of the Peace and Order committee she headed, the Committee on Peace, Unification, and Reconciliation headed by Senator Teofisto Guingona III, and the Finance/Subcommittee A, headed by Senator Francis Escudero.

    It was not her being “Panday’s” daughter (although that helped) but her stellar performance in the Senate’s televised hearings investigating the Mamasapano Massacre that catapulted her into the political firmament of potential presidents. (Which raises the question, what issue could help her maintain such a high political altitude?)

    And why shouldn’t she?


    After the Llamanzares’ show, it’s still “pending’. Senate website’s description of the Mamasapano investigation.

    The present Senate is the worst of all senates after Marcos’ fall, consisting mostly of Aquino lackeys, narcissists lusting for the presidency or vice-presidency at all costs, and cowards bludgeoned to silence by the threat that they would be made to join Enrile, Jinggoy, and Bong in jail if they didn’t cooperate — even if only silently — with this Yellow Regime.

    But what did she do after she portrayed herself as the Goddess of Justice that would avenge the fallen SAF 44 with her explosive draft Mamasapano report, dramatically reading lengthy excerpts of it in well-planned press conference?


    Such reports by Senate committees are supposed to be “reported out” or presented to the entire Senate, so senators who weren’t members of the committees that investigate the issue could critique it or contribute to it.

    Llamanzares didn’t.

    So technically, the much-ballyhooed Mamasapano Report isn’t at all a Senate report, and its status is merely: “Pending Second Reading, Ordinary Business.” That means it still has to be taken up, debated, amended, if necessary, then approved by the entire Senate in plenary. Since it is just a report of the Senate’s many committees, and not a report of the Senate itself, historians in the future may not even find Poe’s much-ballyhooed report in its archives.

    An incredulous press pressured her to explain why she didn’t report it out to the Senate. She replied lamely, as if she didn’t know that it was standard procedure to do so, and that it cannot just be treated upon her whim: “The report is about facts and findings. The Ombudsman acknowledged receipt of our recommendations. I will no longer present in plenary. The BBL plenary discussion can tackle any remaining questions on Mamasapano.”

    Compelling reason

    There is of course one compelling reason why she wouldn’t have the Senate in plenary (as a whole) discussing it. Aquino’s complicity in the massacre would be further exposed in public, and the other senators who were not members of the investigating committees may demand further hearings.

    It may even get out of control and create such public outrage for Aquino to step down, especially if it is proven, as this newspaper alleged, the he ordered the army to stand down and not rescue the trapped SAF, for the sake of the peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

    The senators for instance could have subpoenaed mobile-phone company’s records that would show how many times Aquino called Purisima on that tragic day, which would prove without the shadow of a doubt that the President supervised the debacle.

    What kind of country have we become?

    Forty-four of our finest troops were massacred, even stripped of their pants to humiliate them, and there are strong indications that the President refused to save them. Yet the Senate stops in finding out what really happened, what Aquino did or did not do?

    And the senator partly responsible for not pursuing the investigation is running for President?

    It is indeed strange that after being in the limelight in March pinpointing blame on Aquino, she hasn’t said a word about the massacre since then.

    Why didn’t she pursue an issue that catapulted her to stardom as a much-admired senator, enough for opinion-poll respondents to think that somebody who had renounced her country could be President?

    The answer has stared us in the face in the past weeks, as Aquino dropped hints he might not anoint his sidekick Mar Roxas as the Liberal Party’s presidential candidate and especially with the President having a six-hour dinner with Llamanzares, her Svengali Senator Escudero, and Roxas discussing scenarios for the 2016 elections.

    It wasn’t just Llamanzares’ high ratings in presidential voter-preference polls that made Aquino agonize on who to choose as his anointed.

    Aquino would be stupid not to have realized that what Llamanzares did in the case of the Mamasapano massacre was a clear message: “I can go against you, or I can save your skin, especially when you step down from power. Why choose Mar?”

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    1. Concern Citizen on

      Kakalungkot. Sobrang may power ang presidente. Siya ang pumipili ng Ombudsman, chief sa police, DOJ, etc etc. Siyempre pipiliin nya yung mga tuta nya or matuta nya. Dapat di president ang may power na mag appoint (pumili), ibahin dapat din ang sistema na yan at ang Ombudsman dapat may power na i question ang presidente, vp, senators etc. sobra din dami ng mga politician dapat minimise din yan, such a waste of money. I hope ma charge ang presidente straight away once his yellow kili kili power is gone, take him in the prison of Tacloban or Masasampano at siya’y multuhin don sa kakulangan nyang pag responde, he is too busy thinking about his own welfare, looks and making his clan look good and prosperous with land, money & power. Like mother like son. You cannot fool everyone!!! Enjoy your last few months of being president.

    2. mario san antonio on

      grabe to si disGRACE traPOE… kaya pala panay pakipag dinner kay Pnoy ay para siya bigyan ng support and endorsement… kasi hawak sa leeg niya si Pnoy dahil sa mamasapano report.

      grabe tlaga si disGRACE traPOE…ang ipinagmamalaki lang niya (maliban sa pangalan ng tatay niya) iyong HONESTY daw niya. i buking naman na wala siya nun. sinungaling siya.

    3. Grace Poe for president. The best event for 2016 election. Grace Poe is PH savior …..Grace ….grace ….grace ….. Poe the girl to remember.

    4. Basta ang sa akin, tapos na ang carrier ng mga dilawan, ibaling na natin ang boto natin sa mga bagong pumapasok at handang mag lingkod na politiko sa ating bayan.

    5. “NO!” to Grace Poe… “NO!” to Bise Binay. Bilyones??? “NO!!” to graft plunder. “NO!” to Escudero. “NO!” to Duterte. Motorcycle-rider bano?? May kaso ba ito for bilyones-naglagay sa bangko? Si Noynoy ata, dapat talaga kasuhan pag tapos ng kaniyang term.

    6. Her father would be greatly disappointed .. He spoke the truth from the heart… She speaks with political color in her mouth …. She would be well advised to choose her friends and put her feet on the ground otherwise she might just float away .. Full of air … Signifying nothing but s passing fancy

    7. Maxwell Jan Alvarez on

      If she withholds the Mamasapano report, does this make her an accomplice after the fact?

    8. Pag si traPOE naging pangulo,
      DisGRACEsya na naman sa mga Filipino. Back to a Student Council
      government. Puro salita, porma o
      Showbiz paeffect. Sana madala na
      tayo sa karanasan natin sa Tuwad
      na Daan ng Baliw at bengador na abnoy.

    9. Even tho the good reporters of the Manila Times have exposed many of the corruption schemes, plunder, graft, lies and wrongdoings of the President and his administration it appears nothing can or will be done to get rid of them.

      Filing cases against them or exposing them will have no effect at all since the President controls the supposed independent offices of the Dept of Justice and the Ombudsman.

      Would like to say most or everyone should know whats been going on the past 5 years of plundering, infrastructure that is disappearing (how’s that train system working ) ? but sadly it appears that the people of the Philippines are the most gullible or just plain dim witted that they don’t see.

      President Aquino’s final Sona is coming in a few days so make sure to watch him declare how great a job he and his minions has done to fix poverty, hunger, jobs, etc.
      Maybe it’s time to admit that there is nothing anyone can do to stop them from stealing the next election and continuing to enrich themselves another 6 years.

      Forget expecting some agency or office like the Senate, House, Dept of Justice or the Ombudsman to stop this corruption machine, it’s apparent that will never happen, these agencies are controlled by the President’s appointees and they are completely subservient.
      In other words he owns them and there ain’t nothing short of a million man march gonna get them out.

    10. It is a very obvious move on Morales. It was for this reason why BS Aquino put her there. As for Grace Poe, she too has an Opportunistic Agenda . There is no sincerity and follow thru in her words. She sounds like BS Aquino. Another Cory in the making and with Escudero as her Confidant and Adviser! BIg Mistake!

      We should not forget the 44 Brave Soldiers in the Mamassapano who were massacred and died for our country! This Soldiers,Humble and Heroic as they stand for what they Believe. They are reminders of what is Missing in our Country.
      Our Rights and Nationalistic Integrity ! A government For the People and By the People !

    11. apolonio reyes on

      If there is no other choice for president next 2016 election other than VP JEJOMAR BINAY whom many Filipinos, like me, believe he is a real MGANANAKAW, Sen. Grace Poe-Llmanzares whom, many like me, believed she is a FILIPINO BY CONVENIENT and won #1 because of the short name of her father Poe which was very easy to write specially among BAKYA BOBOTANTE and SDILG MAR ROXAS whom I LIKE AND VOTED VP 201O, as I believed, he is a complete TUTA of PNOY SINGING ALWAYS HIS ” DAAN PATUWAD “, I WILL NOT VOTE ANYONE THIS 2016 EVEN IF SVENGALI SEN. ” QUEZO DE BOLA ” ESCUDERO WILL RUN FOR PRESIDENT.

      • The two most notorious propaganda pollsters. Pulse Asia is known as “False Asia” to many Filipinos, while SWS is owned and operated by Grace Poe’s adoptive uncle, Mahar Mangaha.

        Big surprise Grace is winning the survey polls since her uncle owns one of them.

    12. Mario O. Simbajon on

      I hope Filipinos would be wiser and intelligent to vote the right president for our country not because of popularity or she, he belongs to a well known actors and actresses, LET’s VOTE WISELY.

    13. opinion reader on

      hehe, kakapanood ko lang kagabi, parang gusto ko lang i connect at i relate dun sa eksena sa movie na “Men of Honor” ang sabi nga “did you ordered the CODE RED” at “you can’t handle the TRUTH”. Doon sa movie malinaw na ang nag utos eh may kinalagyan, iba talaga ang sa Pilipinas, ika nga “onli in da Pilipins”. yun lang po. salamat

    14. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Thanks for a good commentary. Grace is a disgrace after all. An opportunist at that. How could we, Filipinos, stay fool to whims and caprices of the yellow P-Noy. Let us not stay blinded by a false “tuwid na daan”. There has been no such thing. The only one at the table is more corruption with its intensity rising. God bless the Philippines.

    15. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      Grabe maka-sipsip si ConCHEATa MORAL-less kay Haring Abnormal.
      Ang CIA ang nagluklok kay Haring Abnormal sa pamamagitan ng Hokus-PCOS. Syempre, ang susunod nilang ilalagay ay isang Americana — sino pa, e di si Grace Poe!
      Nasira ka na American Girl Grace Poe dahil hindi ka lang sumisipsip. Hinihimod mo pa ang tae ng Haring Abnormal.

    16. This early Grace Poe Llamanzares becomes a “trapo”. She bargains national interest with her personal desire just to be anointed for her presidential ambition by Pnoy with the Mamasapano case. Aside from being a liar with non-declaration of her citizenship status. Plain and simple, perjury. But the problem nobody is filing a case against her for her removal in the senate. Filipinos are just blah, blah.

    17. magandang isatagalog ang substance nito para sa ating mga simpleng tao… kahit sa 2 paragraphs lang… lalo na para sa mga bilib na bilip kay grace poe at fernando poe.

      • joseSeanpedro on

        tama… Kailangan isailin sa wikang dapat maintindihan ng mga bobotantes na mahilig sa personailidad tulad ng mga panatiko ni FPJ

      • Fernando Poe. May monumento iyan sa Roxas Boulevard malapit sa Monumento ni Rizal. Baka pag presidente na si Grace baka ipalagay na niya sa Luneta mismo.

    18. The true political color of Grace is like the ” unyango” .it can change color adapting to the environment to conceal its identity.
      True to her blood,”dugong artista”, she keep herself controversial to have that box-office popularity.

    19. Johnny Ramos on

      The 2 week moment of fame was deminished when she met Pnoy at the Palace to discuss politics. The Mamasapano report of Grace Poe was sacrifice in the name of presidential ambition. It had gone to the head of Grace because of her media drumbeaters that include several unknown facebook and Twitter accounts users crowning her as the best senator we ever had. I wonder if Grace Poe ever have delivered her privelege speech in senate plenary? Did she ever have debated any senator in the plenary on any major issue? How can Grace Poe say the only she can be trusted in giving campaign promises because she fulfill it? Maybe Grace Poe have forgotten that she broke her oath of alligiance to our beloved country when she acquired American citizenship. Kung ang isang sumpa ay kayang kalimutan ni Grace ang pangako pa kaya ang kanya tutuparin? Kaya pa ba kayang bigkasin ni Grace Poe ang Panatang Makabayan ng hindi kumukurap?

    20. The government has become a gang of thieves, conspirators and cowards whose only aim is perpetuating themselves in power. What option is left for the people when laws are used against them and the corrupt government machinery abused them with impunity? Is this democracy? By the people, of the people, for the people? 120 years ago, it was the revolution against Spain. Perhaps it is time for another one.

    21. Really, if folks do not know yet, Grace P. Llamanzares is already a compleat politician. In just 3 years in the Senate, she has already learned the ropes in being a lackey of someone who happens to be PNoy. Saying that PNoy is one of her political idols says a million things. Grace is not what the public thinks she is. She is manipulative other than being an opportunist. She exposed herself as if she was a dynamic Senator but in the end, turned out like a fake hand grenade for failing to formalize her Mamasapano massacre Senate report. REally showcase that Grace also does not have any balls.

    22. Felimon A. Soria on

      Watch out about Sen. Llamanzares. As I have said before in my previous comment I do believe she is cunning and can not be trusted. President Aquino should know by now. Sec. Roxas is still best man to lead the country. He is dignified, decent and well educated.

      • Justaskingseriously on

        Roxas is one of the three stooges in Tacloban City, Leyte. In his attempt to wrestle the control of Tacloban City from the Mayor, he withheld disaster assistance. “You are a Romuladez and the President is an Aquino.” Partisanship and politics even in the midst of a humanitarian emergency is foremost in the mind of this stooge. Gazmin was the other stooge who is supposed to be in charge of the immediate response to disasters like Yolanda. Anderson Cooper of CNN on location in Tacloban lamented the complete absence of civil defense in the disaster. And the third stooge (in the order of appearance)? A local businessman tried to get help to fend off looting. The stooge told him, “Buhay ka pa naman, di ba?” And so no help was extended. Let the dead bury their dead, as far as these stooges are concerned. It was Roxas who first took the reins of the Department of Transportation: How is the situation with the MRT and LRT now? Roxas is too much of a stooge to be “dignified, decent, and educated.” Why didn’t he resign during the Mamasapano(t) debacle when he was completely bypassed in favor of the suspended Purisima? Roxas has no dignity, no decency, no education that can match his actions and inactions.

        On inauguration day, the Presidency is about implementation of a vision, unifying the nation to follow his lead, and sustaining inspiration to attain the upliftment of the nation. I am afraid Roxas will always be a Mama’s boy who is myopic. It all stops at myopic. Beyond myopic there nothing more to see and say.

      • Roxas should NEVER lead the country, look at DOTC where he led before, WE never had a good public transport system, MRT, LRT turned out dilapidated until now…our country would become dilapidated, too!!!

    23. I Remember... on

      Well… well… well… Disgrace is a piece of s h i t anyway.

      She is well seated with Pnoy, right?

      2 useless being using their family names to make cash….

      Keep writing… and writing… and writing!