SAF 44 would still be alive if PNoy did not mess up – Marcos


HAD President Benigno Aquino 3rd observed standard operating procedure (SOP) in launching police operations like Oplan Exodus, the 44 police commandos slain in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, would still be alive today, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said on Thursday.

“It was very clear that because the President disregarded the procedures in the planning and execution of the operation and chain of command, the massacre happened,” Marcos noted in an interview after his consultation with local officials of Marikina City (Metro Manila).

He said although no bombshell was dropped during the reopening of the Senate inquiry into the Mamasapano bloodbath, Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile was able to show more clearly the role played by Aquino in the operation and how he handled it.

Marcos added that the main focus of reopening the Senate investigation was to find out what really happened and Enrile was able to accomplish it.

“Clearly, there was a lack of coordination brought by the decision of the President to keep the operation secret to other officials of government even to the officer-in-charge of the PNP [Philippine National Police],” he pointed out.

Cabinet and security officials present during the hearing claimed that Aquino was not aware of the real situation of the SAF troops deployed in Maguindanao to capture suspected terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan, because no clear information reached him that day.

But Marcos maintained that it was unlikely for Aquino not to get information regarding the status of the operation and the condition of the troops.

“There were text messages and exchanges of information among Cabinet and security officials as early as 5 a.m. that day, and they were even discussing it,” he said.

Marcos also noted that if the President did not know what was happening on January 25, 2015, it would only mean that he was not monitoring the operation that he put in place without the knowledge of the police and the military.

Meanwhile, Sen. Francis Escudero still sees finger-pointing among officials one year after the bloodbath.

He said the hearing on Wednesday highlighted the lack of intelligence, poor planning and coordination and failure of communications between and among government agencies.


Malacañang maintained that Aquino was vindicated in the last Senate hearing because it was established that former Special Action Force (SAF) director Getulio Napenas was solely responsible for mishandling Oplan Exodus.

“Senator Enrile’s allegations were effectively responded to and belied in [Wednesday’s] hearing. It was established that Director Napenas lacked situational awareness involving his troops in Mamasapano and the serious lack of coordination between him and the AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] led to the deaths of the SAF 44,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in a news briefing.

According to the official, even Enrile’s eight-point summary that purportedly indicated the President’s culpability fizzled out.

“He wanted to show that the President was responsible for the high number of casualties but in government’s view, it was brought about by the actuations and judgment of former SAF director Napenas in his capacity as the commander of the operations of Oplan Exodus,” Coloma explained.

The Palace official also listed the former SAF commander’s follies.

“First, he did not coordinate, second, he did not abort the operations when the conditions were clear that it should have been aborted and he failed to sufficiently factored in the safety of his troops because of his lack of situational awareness. He was not prepared to lead his men. He did not have a mindset of a commander seriously concerned with the welfare of his troops,” Coloma said.


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  1. Major General Alex Balutan …..Inn the light of the Senate reinvestigation of Mamasapano incident and the grieving relatives of SAF44: Four (4) significant battles; 1) The Fall of Camp Abubakar, Maguindanao, July 2000 2) The capture of Camp Belal, LDN, May 2000. 3) Assault in Camp Rajahmuda Complex, Pikit, North Cot, June 2003. 4) Controversial Nat’l Election in Lanao Del Sur May 2004. In all these battles, several marines/soldiers offered precious lives yet they did not complain, no cry for justice, fringe benefits nor blame anyone. We solemnly buried our dead heroes and consoled the many wounded, wiped our tears and fought again. For we know well the meaning of our sacred oath for sake of our Motherland

    • Pepeng. , that is a very sensitive statement you wrote. Tell you the truth, my heart grieves and I almost cried. Long live our soldiers whose only mission is to defend our motherland. I love this imperfect country with all it’s faults and shortcomings.

  2. I was watching the Senate re-investigation of Mamasapano. Kitang kita na lahat mula kay Pnoy, Purisima, Napenas, Roxas, Gasmin, Catapang, Guererro, Pangilinan at pati na si Army Sgt. Jaranilla ay nagpapasahan ng responsibildad sa pagkamatay ng 44 SAF sa Mamasapano.
    Nuon panahon ni US President Harry S. Truman meron nakalagay sa kanyang la mesa sa oval office na ” THE BUCK STOP HERE “. Dito sa atin mula pa nuon umpisa ng Republic of the Philippines ni Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo ay walang umaamin ng RESPOISBILIDAD. BAKIT DI LAGYAN SA LAMESA NG PRESIDENTE SA MALACANANG ” THE BUCK$ STOP UNDER MY TABLE “. Ha..Ha..Ha…TSK..TSK..

    • But didn’t Aquino already say that he accepts full responsibility?

      BBM is just trying to salvage this spectacular belly flop by Enrile. There was absolutely nothing new, even the assigning of ultimate fault with the president. Wouldn’t it be more interesting had BBM suggested a penance? Such as a public hara-kiri of Pinoy, Purisima and Napeñas in front of the SAF44 widows. (I would support that.)

  3. pakialamero na pinoy on

    It is very clear from the beginning, that Enrile just wanted to get even with PNoy before he will go back to jail or meeting his creator because of his age, whichever comes first. He wasted a lot of time and money just doing this non-sense session. It would have been a lot better if he called a session and gather information on how to alleviate the traffic congestion problems in Manila because the city government cannot handle this problem by themselves.

    On Marcos, it is very clear as well, that he just wanted to get even and he would like to do more damages to PNoy just to settle some old political grudges. In the last years’ session, Napenas admitted that he made a mistake and took responsibility of his failures. That should have been the end of it and our country should have moved on to take care more serious issues, like helping the very poor of the poor Filipinos.

    The successes and failures of military missions are the sole responsibilities of the highest ranking military commander on the ground, period. The military have their own doctrine, rules and punishment, such as court martial.The president may define the mission, but the military commander have the full responsibility to plan, coordinate and execute the mission. The bottom line is this- Command and control is in the hands of the ground commander. However, in Philippine politics, everything is possible. Twisted interpretations of statutory and regulatory guidelines can occur, to include the interpretation of the Philippine Constitution.

    • Umeepal lang si BBM walang nangyari sa mga pasabog ni Tanda panay yun parin walang bago.Magkasanga talaga si Tanda at si BBM.

  4. There are 2 items that were the errors of the Mamasapano incident. First. Poor planning and poor execution. SAF does not have the big guns howitzers and no air support helicopters on a very bad terrain. The army should have been given the work not the SAF. The army has the big guns and air support for this mission.

  5. And if our some of our General know the rules of ground operation, most of them will still be alive or just hospitalized. They were good in pointing fingers, blame game because this is what they learned from PMA or Police Academy or school they graduated from or maybe they were just the chosen few.

  6. And if our generals are not so stupid and not trained enough in the rules of ground operation, some of them are still alive or maybe just hospitalized. Is pointing fingers, and blame game is what they learned from PMA or Police Academy or only this batch of Generals were the chosen few.

  7. I am wondering what were the educational attainment of Coloma and the yellow senators that they could not comprehend what were discussed during the senate hearing. BBM and JPE were correct, everything is because of Aquino breaking the chain of command and compartmentalizing OPLAN Exodus. Whatever the yellow senators say that poor planning, poor coordination -how can they coordinate properly if this is not a usual operation because chain of command has been broken as aquino tried to keep this secret initially…. hay mga walang sentido common itong mga yellow senators, sayang lang binabayad kong tax para sa mga sweldo nyo, magsiAlis na kayo dyan sa senado…All yellow senators and those who tried to shield aquino does not deserve to be voted again by the public. yellow senators also have blood in their hands by trying to shield aquino. nakakahigh blood ginagawa nila. sa pamilya kaya nila gawin ang nangyari sa saf 44 kita ko lang kung ano maramdaman nila.

  8. Marcos jr. is epressing bullshit by blaming the president on what happened to Saf 44. I think he should know better than that because he is a senator. I think he is doing it for political epediency. Mr. Marcos is full of shit. I dont think he understand the workings of government. Filipinos should not vote to office politicians like Marcos. As it was said: would you like to vote for Hitlers or Stalin children? That is the question?

  9. Who is Gen. Naspenas to make critical decisions when he knows that Purisima and PNoy were the author and planners of the whole thing? The claims by pro-Aquino defenders defy logic.

  10. There were not only 44 victims of the Marcos Martial Law. There were thousands and the Filipino populace are quiet about it. Where was Bongbong Marcos during the martial law days. He was enjoying an extravagant lifestyle while majority of the Filipinos are hungry while his siblings, relatives and his mom are collecting thousands of shoes , jewelries, properties, paintings (which will be worst if Binay wins) at the expense of the taxpayers.

    • I think BB is totally wrong about blaming the President. If he does this then his father could be blamed for the things that were done by JPE and Ramos, Gringo, etc.
      I agree with Ed. Sana wag na siyang pumasok sa mga ganitong mga usapin. Naunkat tuloy iyong kanyang pamilya.
      By the way,if they were brought down by JPE and Ramos, how come they are now friends?