• SAF, Palace clash looms


    Police official bares gag order on Mamasapano carnage

    SIMMERING hostilities over the unsettled controversy brought by the massacre of dozens of elite police officers in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, early this year came to light as a high-ranking official disclosed recently that officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) were ordered not to talk about the incident.

    What revived the dormant resentment of PNP officials was the recent statement of President Benigno Aquino 3rd that he is studying an “alternative version” of the tragedy that claimed the lives of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos.

    The top police official told The Manila Times that many SAF officers felt offended by the President’s disclosure, noting that the supposed new leads are actually “misleads.”

    The source said the SAF officers have been given orders not to respond to questions regarding the “alternative truth.”

    “You can ask around. That is, if SAF officers will reply to you because they have been directed not to make any comments. They were told not to talk. The PNP has extensively investigated the incident through the Board of Inquiry. How will General [Director Benjamin] Magalog react to this?” the police official said.

    Magalong was the head of the board that investigated the circumstances surrounding the deaths of 44 SAF commandos who were deployed to get terrorists Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, and Basit Usman.

    Marwan died during the dawn raid while Usman was killed in May.

    Aquino, in a forum last week, said various government agencies are trying to establish what happened in Mamasapano on January 25, 2015.

    “There is an alternative version of events that happened there, which is undergoing very intense scrutiny. We are looking for witnesses that will prove or disprove certain observations,” the President added.

    But Magalong, when reached by this paper, refused to comment on the supposed new twist.

    He, however, stood pat on the report of the Board of Inquiry.

    “I stand by my report. The [surviving]SAF officers risked their lives as their colleagues sacrificed their own just to get Marwan. They have saved the lives of many people who would have been victimized by him,” Magalong said.

    The board’s report indicated that Aquino bypassed the chain of command when he allowed his friend, former PNP chief Alan Purisima, to implement Oplan (Operation Plan): Exodus.

    Purisima was under preventive suspension when the mission to get Marwan was carried out.

    The Board of Inquiry was activated on February 2, 2015, days after the deadly January 25 carnage where separatist rebels from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and other armed groups mowed down the SAF troops who were providing cover for a company of policemen who raided Marwan’s hut.

    The report contained more than 300 signed affidavits of SAF members, military officials, witnesses and other civilians who provided information on the firefight.

    When asked if he thinks the “alternative truth” revealed by the President has bearing, Magalong, who was chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) when the probe was launched,curtly replied: “I’m sorry. I cannot speak on something I have no authority to talk about.”

    He was summoned to Malacanang days after he released the board’s report. Magalong said the President was clearly upset by the results of the probe. Last month, the police officer was replaced at the CIDG by Bicol police commander and Chief Supt. Victor Deona.

    According to The Manila Times source, he will come out “in the right time” to reveal everything he knows about the bungled operation.

    “Clearly, this alternative truth is aimed at discrediting the SAF. And this can only be done by someone who feels guilty about it. There are efforts to exonerate top officials,” he said.

    When asked if the “guilty” officials include President Aquino, the source replied, “Of course.”

    In Malacanang, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said the President has ordered a probe of the new angle, which according to reports indicated that Marwan was actually killed by his aides who turned government spies.

    “President Aquino himself said there is a need to get to the truth of the matter, the complete truth,” Coloma added.

    “He himself ordered a continuous probe [of]this matter. It’s better if we will just wait for results of this investigation,” he said.


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    1. This alternative truth by Benigno Simoun Cojuangco Aquino III is just another proof that he(Pnoy) plainly believes everything from MLIF leaders’ mouth. Nothing surprising anymore about that. The surprising thing I cannot swallow is the fact that our AFP & PNP Generals still remain serving this traitor president. Probably these Generals have forgotten what they learned from P.M.A. It’s also possible that its the power of millions or billions that is prevailing.

    2. I am hoping that any further rallies won’t happen. Motorists were already fed up with monstrous traffic jams

      Besides, anyone who might join a rally with SAF might get bullied just like the INC

      Just wait until this government is done.

    3. May palagay ako na kaya taHIMIK lahat ng kanyang mga generals , malamang nasuhulan na rin nya ito ng malaking halaga ng pera ng bayan. Hindi na marunong mahiya gagawa ng ibang version ng mamasapano massacre..Mr. Pnoy hindi mo ba alam na magdududa na ang mga mamayan ang mga kapulisan na kung gagawa ng iyong version sa mamasapano massacre. tigas talaga ng apog mo abnoy.. Conclusion ,
      Defnitely, you Mr. Pnoy is the sole responsible for the death of 44 SAF officers as YOU ARE THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE PHILIPPINES period.. nothing to discuss.
      Sinira mo na lahat pati ang Philippine constitution binaboy mo. Palibhasa asal mo masahol pa sa baboy…BUGOK..

    4. why did the US covered it live? how about the black hawk chopper that picked up the dead bodies? why the concern?

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        If my memory does not fail me, I do agree with you on the live coverage by American satelite as reported in the dailies… When the rebels started firing at the SAF, as shown by the live coverage, an American barked at a present Police Official “What at you waiting for?!!!, etc”… to which the Police Official retorted back “I’m the Commander here. I don’t receive orders from you.” It’s very clear there was a stand-down order. Who gave the “order”?! Not the American…

    5. This administration headed by their stupid president has a death wish. Maybe yhey want to be remembered like the mussolinis. And malapit nang mapuno ang bayan. Malapit na.

    6. I thought our men in the armed forces and the police of our country have sworned to uphold and protect our constitution and our people. Bakit sila nagbubulag bulagan at nakatikom lang ang bibig sa mga nangyari sa SAF 44. Nasaan na ngayon ang loyalty nila? Sa taong bayan ba o sa lider natin na nagpapanggap na walang kasalanan?Bakit hindi ipagtanggol ang karapatan ng mga namatay na SAF 44 sa paglilinkod sa atin bayan? Bakit hanggang ngayon ay wala pang hustisya nakakamit ang SAF 44? Ganito na ba ang klaseng liderato ng armed forces at police meron tayo? Anong klaseng liderato meron tayo ngayon? Ito ay tanda na dapat na nating palitan itong walang budhing administrasyon at huwag na nating hayaan na makapanungkulan pa uli. Gumising na tayo at manindigan sa eleksiyon 2016. Magkaisa tayo at siguraduhin na yung boto natin ngayon 2016 eleksiyon ay makakasama sa magiging resulta ng eleksiyon at hindi tayo mapi PCOS.

      • Bayan Ko, ang ibig mo bag sabihin a meron tayong Libo-Libong mga PNP at AFP Officers and Men na mga DUWAG at Isang Commander-in-Chief at CEO na SON-OF- BITCH?
        Sino ba ang dapat natin iboto sa 2016? Si Jojemar Binay Ba? Si Grace Peo Llamansarez Ba? o Si Mar Roxas ?

        PCOS machines and magdedesisyon

      • It is good that there is a presidential election and we can vote for a new president. Pres. Aquino relied too much onhis friends that are corrupt. Now he will believe on another scenario. Let us vote for a president that is not a weakling nor a person that steals goverment funds. That is the reason why pilipinos like duterte even tho he is a known dictator.

    7. I know the scenario that Penoy wants to cone out. Penoy will have “witnesses” who say the the aide of Marwan killed him. Then this kuno kuno Marwan aide will say he is an MILF member. Also all the witnesses will be MILF members. Kaya exonerate nya si Roxas and Purisima. Tapos pasa ang kanyang BBL. At hero pa sila. Isip bata talaga.

    8. When Pnoy is no longer in power the real truth on this tragic incident will finally come out and it will definitely Pnoy’s fault. His inaction upon learning that operation failed that early morning on January 25, 2015 while his plane is still airborne to Zamboanga City. It is impossible for Pnoy not to known the early morning since it was most trusted buddy General Purisma a who has direct access to him and could have notify him of failure. It was the tantrum of Pnoy that led to the massacre of SAF troopers because he was probably blaming except himself so no one in the plane took the initiative to make the order to save the soldiers. What can expect from they are bunch of yellow army which are symbol of cowardness.

    9. Unpublished part of the alternative truth: “The killer-aides of Marwan lent a finger to SAF for DNA examination, hid themselves, later burned the hut of Marwan, and are ready now to get the reward for his death.”

    10. The truth all along is that President B.S Aquino abandonded and betrayed the SAF Commandos result in the death of 44 commandos.Why he did that so as to save the BBL and appease the terrorist MILF,and who advice him that it is the government peace panel who are all in bed with the terrorist MILF.President B.S Aquino and the whole government peace panel should all be charge of treason.Remember that the terrorist MILF is still the enemy of the state then and now.

    11. “Alternative truth” by Malacanang will not defeat the simple truth of “stand-down” order that caused the death of SAF44.

    12. Another instance of BS Aquino’s dishonesty, untruthfulness and tyrannical penchant to use his power to twist and bend the truth to make himself look great and erase any proof of his culpabillity in his crimes and wrongdoings.

      The sadder thing is that the PNP TOP officers HAVE NO BALLS and will just allow this criminal who has become the high best boss of the nation to continue destroying the PNP, our other institutions and the Republic of the Philippines itself!!!!

      • Hi Cres. AbNoy IS NOT MY BOSS. Boy Stand Down is just a guy who knows nothing even the ordinary boys are better than him. The hell with this alternative truth. Punyeta silang lahat. Si Coloma, Lacierda, Valte eh mga humanized “VOICE RECORDERS” lng na pagnaiplay mo eh gagana. Libre lng nmn mga voice recorder apps sa google play store eh. Alernative truth, hindot ka AbNoy.

    13. AqPnoy’s intended “alternative version” of the Mamasapano massacre of the 44 SAF Forces will definitely overrule the PNP Magalong Version so as to bring about a twisted/doctored/fabricated story that will absolve Pnoy or will portray him as free from any responsibility or blame for the Operation itself which led to the massacre of the 44 SAF PNP Elite Forces. This is to rewrite the history of the massacre which pinpointed Pnoy as the principal commander of the operations that failed and resulted to the death of the 44 heroes. Pnoy issue the “GAG Order” to PNP to silence and change the PNP officials version (Gen. Magalong) of the report which ultimately point to Pnoy as the responsible high official in the Operations. Thus, the “alternative version” plus the “gag order” equals the “twisted/untrue/false” of Pnoy’s own report untangling the Ommander-in-Chief of blame and instead will insist he was waylaid or misled by his men, like Purisima and Napena. It is sad to note that even DILG Mar Roxas, the Defense Dept, led by Gazmin and AFP Chief Catapang did not even say a word to defend the 44 SAF or provided support and assistance in the operations. Instead, they kept quiet to Pnoy order to “stand down” and hold artillery support during the critical operations.
      Pnoy is a big liar for not telling the truth of his personal tragic participation in the operation. In fact, he was so insensitive to the death of the 44 SAF heroes that he intentionally failed to attend the reception of the 44 SAF copses that arrived in Manila Airforce airport and instead went to attend to the opening of the Mitsibishi plant in Laguna. In his SONA, Pnoy did not even give a line of recognition to the 44SAf heroes of the country who gave and sacrificed their lives and comfort of their families for the sake of the country. Pnoy,, the incompetent, impotent and insensitive President loudly recognized in his SONA the loyalty of his hair stylist caring for his bald head! What a nerd!

      • He will do anything just to hide the truth and get out of this mess. The moment he steps down from his office he will be charged for voluminous cases of corruption and treason.

    14. People are always talking about revealing something at the right time…when is the right time then. Investigations were done but you have not shared your so called information….bvl&sh!t.

    15. laguatanlawzen.com on

      Who are you going to believe, the BIG LIES of Aquino or the real and true investigative report of CIDG Chief Magalong? In this present government nobody is HONEST and TRUTHFUL. Everybody is lying from Pres. Aquino down to the lowest echelon of gov ernment. Sanamagan!!!!!

    16. now, bsaquino has DUG HIS OWN GRAVE .. AS F THIS TIME, MORE WORMS COMING OUT from bs Aquino’s can … bs Aquino now running amok , confused and running around firing his gun INDISCRIMINATELY .. bsaquino , GUILTY AS (now) CHARGED

    17. Florentino Ruiz on

      Its a fact Marwan died, if we found out who really killed Marwan, would that change the scenario of the SAF forces battle encounter?

      Because of the SAF 44, the specimen taken from Marwan was delivered, otherwise no confirmation whether Marwan died or not.

      The bottom line, it was a mismanagement of the situation by the commander in chief.

    18. Roldan Guerrero on

      Aquino is totally responsible for the SAF 44 Massacre. If not of his obsession to get a Nobel Price their lives should have been saved. He assigned Purisima to take command of the operation despite the latter serving suspension from corruption cases. He also ordered the soldiers assigned to render back-up and rescue the distressed SAF men. This STUPID and OGAG President deserves to face the firing squad and shot in the head for 44 times!

    19. Underneath the ugliness of his soul, Benigno Aquino III is also an unremarkable human being. There is not one soul in the entire Phil. archipelago except his sisters (not even his uncles and aunts, and other relatives) who can say a positive note about him without detailing all the ugly things about him – his corruption, his hubris, his insurmountable ego and vanity, his inefficiency and his very uselessness even as a fake president. Everything shows in the way he looks – physically. Not unlike the portrait of Dorian Gray. he is also an unremarkable human being. There is not one soul in the entire Phil. archipelago except his sisters (not even his uncles and aunts, and other relatives) who can say a positive note about him without detailing all the ugly thiongs about him – his corruption, his hubris, his insurmountable ego and vanity, his inefficiency and his very uselessness even as a fake president. Everything shows in the way he looks – physically. Not unlike the portrait of Dorian Gray.

    20. I am sorry if a filipino dies specially in the hands of same filipinos. But I dont understand that the army, police officers or any filipino dont understand what is on the Philippine national hymn, ‘ ANG MAMATAY NANG DAHIL SAYO. ;

    21. Dugong traitor talaga itong si Aquino!
      mailigtas lang ang sarili,kahit babuyin ang kanyang kapulisan, ok lang,maging ang mga General ay tamimi at hinahayaan dustain ang kanilang mga tauhan!
      Sa panahon lang nangyayari ang ganito!
      Hindi mo masisisi na Sa isang araw may maaasassinate na mataas na official!

    22. PNoy is just so dumb and carries with him on his body and empty head. He should have asked himself why Marwan’s aids killed him during a firefight with the SAF troops. If they really want to assassinate him, why wait for the Masasapano encounter to happen. This is very basic question PNoy must ask himself first before he make very stupid statements. Just show what kind of brain PNoy have.