Were SAF soldiers massacred after surrendering?


Photos of the Maguindanao massacre provided to newspapers and a video posted on Youtube right after the incident point to the tragic, gruesome possibility that many of the 64 troopers of the elite Special Action Forces (SAF) may have been killed and shot point blank after surrendering.

The images also show the bodies of the SAF troops—not a single one with a weapon beside him—stripped of all their battle gear.

The SAF troops are known to be the best equipped among the entire police-military forces, with provisions from the United States as its contribution to the Philippines’ anti-terrorism campaign. SAF forces’ weapons included the most sophisticated assault rifles, hand guns, special light Kevlar helmets and armor vests, and even night vision goggles.

Yet photos of the dead SAF troops right after the incident showed them completely unarmed, or without such battle gear, as if they were civilians. They were even stripped of their camouflage suits and US-made boots. The bodies were scattered in the cornfield, and obviously weren’t in foxholes or behind makeshift shields, which they would have been if they had died fighting.

A video posted on youtube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=t85YIBqQHgI) was made apparently by somebody speaking the native dialect who nonchalantly walked over the SAF corpses, stopping momentarily to focus on some of the bodies. The video showed several SAF troopers were shot in their faces. One had his skull blown off, and then stuffed with leaves.

My immediate, admittedly emotional reaction after seeing the photos and the videos: The Moro Islamic Liberation Front, despite all the peace talks and their pronouncements that non-Muslims are their brothers, seem to see government troops as utter enemies to be wiped out.

Inset, right, SAF trooper in battle-gear; foreground photo, SAF troopers killed in Maguindanao stripped even of their jackets and boots; inset, middle, SAF trooper with head blown off; inset extreme left, shot in the face.

Inset, right, SAF trooper in battle-gear; foreground photo, SAF troopers killed in Maguindanao stripped even of their jackets and boots; inset, middle, SAF trooper with head blown off; inset extreme left, shot in the face.

To conclude that what occurred, indeed, was a ruthless massacre may be wrong, but authorities should secure the videos and even the alleged battlefield to find out what really happened.

What gives credence, though, that a massacre occurred is the fact that several newspapers reported that while the battle started early morning and ended only late in the day, the SAF troopers had run out of ammunition by noon.

A military man familiar with SAF explained that this scenario was most likely as the SAF commandos are trained for quick “insertion” into operations and quick withdrawal. “It is not an infantry equipped for positional battle, with the necessary ammunition.”

The MILF itself (see their website www.luwaran.com) reported that the firefight lasted from the wee hours of the morning to late afternoon, with additional MILF troops from its nearby camps reinforcing the original platoon that encountered the SAF. This raises very important questions:

Couldn’t they just have asked the encircled SAF troops to surrender, which I’m sure they would have if they had run out of ammunition.

Since they were in control of the situation by early morning, why didn’t the MILF inform the government of the situation and arrange for a ceasefire?

Why didn’t a Philippine Army battalion nearby try to save the SAF troopers?

Despite the peace talks, are the MILF forces so steeped in their ideology that they are trained to fight and massacre government troops without even pausing to consult their superiors?

Or did the MILF leadership actually want to teach the government a big lesson: That Maguindanao is theirs now, and even a police operation to capture known foreign terrorists must be cleared with them.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas was quick to declare that SAF incident a “mis-encounter.”

That is a word that isn’t even in the dictionary, and therefore, technically meaningless. It sends a clear message, though, that the MILF isn’t to blame. His move yesterday to sack the SAF’s commanding general is a clear message that he is blaming that special force, not the MILF.

Perhaps, the MILF isn’t to blame if, in the darkness of the wee hours of the morning, a firefight broke out when the two groups encountered each other. But it was utter ruthlessness for the MILF to have encircled the SAF troops in broad daylight, and most probably killed them after they surrendered.

The gall of the MILF leadership to blame the SAF team, claiming it didn’t “coordinate” its entry into the area with the insurgent group. What they meant was that the SAF didn’t ask for permission from it. Soon, they will require all of our troops to have ingress and egress passes, and for civilians to have visas to the Bangsamoro.

I don’t think it has dawned on most Filipinos and on this arrogant President, that the massacre of the 64 SAF troopers is the worst ever mass killing of government forces in a single incident.

The Mendiola Massacre had 14 casualties, the Ampatuan-Maguindanao had 58 civilians killed. The MILF massacred 64 Philippine commandos.

France recently declared a national day of mourning and marched on the streets to protest the killing of 12 Frenchmen by terrorists. Here, the President so far seems to want to have the episode forgotten as quickly as possible. His right-hand man, Roxas, is even blaming, in effect, not the terrorists but the victims. There isn’t an outrage over this horror, this attack on our Republic and our very humanity.

What kind of a country have we become?

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  1. Marlon S. Limjoco on

    It is high time that our very own SAF (who are sacrificing their comfort and ready to give their lives for the good of the country) BE PROVIDED with readily available functional/reliable AIR ASSETS UNDER THEIR DIRECT SUPERVISION AND CONTROL on standby in the conduct of operations with a very good air to ground tactical communication for a quick extraction/deployment/employment , medical evacuation , reinforcement , fire power and other related purposes in the performance of their mandated functions.(Lesson learn at the expense of 44 SAF life and anguish of their families and love-ones…YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED).

  2. Demand the MILF to hand over “Marwan”, the JI terrorist that they obviously protect, and pursue all the Sbu Sayaf and “lost command” instead of codling them or face TOTAL WAR. The police did not inform the MILF because they knew the MILF was hiding him.

  3. edgardo quiogue on

    This is not a “MISENCOUNTER” THIS IS “MASSACRE” Kung sincere ang pamunuan ng MILF sa Peace process…isuko lahat ng kasama sa massacre at panagutin. Kung di makukuha ang “JUSTICE” wala ring “PEACE”.

  4. Quote”It is indeed very painful for the national leadership to receive an unexpected news about the demise of at least 44 PNP SAF commandos in an alleged misencounter under the hands of alleged BIFF and MILF separate forces while they were serving a warrant of arrest for 2 notorious JI terrorists who were cornered on MILF safe enclave at Mamasapano, Maguindanao. It is equally hard and sad for PNoy and the AFP and PNP hierarchies tomorrow to eulogize the fallen bodies of the brave SAF commandos as they arrive in Villamor air base from Mindanao. The whole nation joins the families of our fallen and now heroes for their bravery in fighting the evil of terrorism and sadly allegedly cuddled by the MILF who are trying to forge a lasting peace in Mindanao with the govt. The names of those who died in the pursuit of peace in Muslim Mindanao before and up to now should be etched on the continuing honor Roll of Heroes, their bravery should not be forgotten and the families should be financially assisted by the govt. in order that their families can survive and their children be provided with free scholarships. The families will have to be assured by the govt. that their fallen loved ones will be remembered and with the dedications on the Day of Mourning on Friday, 30 January, that they have not died in vain. The condolence and appreciation of the whole nation is in order for their bravery in the face of imminent deaths as they sacrificed their lives for all of us.”Unquote.

  5. The Government made peace pact with MNLF, soon after a renegade group formed the MILF, again the government made peace with MILF, here again comes after the BFF. While the Muslims of Mindanao sue for peace, they let some of their brothers continue the struggle in guise of a new group. When will this end?We will never have peace in Mindanao as long as the people there, continue to support their lawless brothers.

  6. jayson riveral on

    Despite this tragic incident, PNOY still wants to push through the BBL for lasting peace in mindanao. How sure is PNOY that BBL will result to lasting peace when the people they talk to the MILF can not be trusted…may they be MNLF, MILF, BIFF, ASG they are all the same….pa palit palit lng yan sila ng pangalan kasi pag may ayaw or disagreements or worse envy…magbubuo ng panibagong grupo.

    Hindi masasagot ng BBL ang problema sa mindanao….what mindanao needs ( may it be a muslim or christian dominated area) is TRUE help from our central govt. takeout corrupt officials in the position who ALL wanted is to enrich themselves at the expense of the ordinary people.

    Bring the HELP directly to those who need progress in the farflunk areas in mindanao, livelihood, education, and stop corruption!

    If PNOY and the rest of those want BBL passed, let this be a challenge to them…HOLD YOUR OFFICE in maguindanao, jolo or basilan, if you truly believe in your quest for lasting peace in mindanao. build an extension office of MALAcanang in Maguindanao and let PNOY hold his cabinet meetings there….if this happens without a doubt, i too will support your BBL.

    What right do you have to decide our faith in mindanao when your not from mindanao or at least lived in mindanao for quite a time?….go around and ask people even our muslim brothers ( the peaceful ones) they too are not in favor of BBL…they too are now considering to leave mindanao and buy properties in visayas or luzon because they too lost their trust to the officials running their govt. BBL is GOOD…but the implementors and the people that our govt is talking too are corrupted with greed, chaos, power.

    we witnessed what was the result of our peace pact with MNLF….now we are dealing with the MILF while this is ongoing we have the BIFF…what more is out there bringing chaos to the lives of ordinary mindanaoans?


  7. Sisihin si Ferrer at Deles. Dahil sa kanila, na brainwash sina Catapang, Gazmin, Army colonels and generals. Tumatawag na,humihingi ng saklolo ang isang-grupo ng gobyerno-Pilipinas forces, sabi ni Ferrer at Deles… kung hindi pumayag ang MILF, huwag tutulungan ang kanilang ka-kapuwa. Si Ferrer at Deles, may kasalanan sa ubud-laking pagkakamali na ito.
    The youtube video indicates massacre. Gobyerno-Pilipinas troops and command structure should know — MILF does not take prisoners. When gobyerno-troops surrender their weapons, they are massacred.

  8. I bet kung Isis ang gumawa nito, wala nang imbestigasyon, all out retaliation na, and immediately i-cocondemn ni Aquino ang karumaldumal na krimen na ito. Wala nang tanong tanong kung coordinated o not coordinated, banatan na kaagad. Kaso takot na takot ang gobyerno sa MILF. :(

    • Gene ..baket laging involve ang Malaysia sa phillipine affair. Nag umpisa ito noong ikanta ng ating national hero (Ninoy) ang karumaldumal na balak ni Marcos na kunin ang Sabah sa malaysia, baka national hero din ng Malaysia si nonoy

  9. Mr. President, ano ba kayo? Maraming ibig sabihin ang BS na maanghang sa BS Aquino. Gising na kayo? Ang bagal nyo na kinondem ang ginawa ng mga barbarong MILF at BIFF. Iisa lang pwersang ito..Nasa position kayo na takutin itong MILF, ang nangyari ang MILF ang tumatakot sa gobyerno. Ang hina ang kuno Commander-in-Chief ng Pilipinas.Minasaker na ang mga tauhan niya wala pa rin siyang masabi na kung ilang araw ng nakakalipas. Ang bagal!

  10. Mr. Tiglao, please continue to report these evil schemes of aquino and cohorts! kayo na lang po naasahan kasi ang tv at bigger broadsheets ay makasarili din! the people at some point will somehow come together and exorcize this curse that is on our beloved pinas! this nation is adrift and the captain is nowhere to be seen…. bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo!!!!

  11. For his stupidity and incompetence, the massacre is one big reason for simyon to RESIGN. Surely, our brothers in the military are now contemplating to yank him out of his post forcibly. For a bigger farce, can the three stooges please find an insight to link the massacre again to Jojo as a result of “corruption”. Maybe, they can say that if the building in Makati was not overpriced, P246,750.50 of the P1.2B overprice could have gone to buy drones that could have warned those SAF of the “ambush”.

    • MC kaya Binbanatan si binay dahil s a slogan na gagamitin niya sa 2016
      Ganito Kami sa Makati. Sina Trillsnes ay wala..di naman puwede na ang slogan ay ” Nag kodeta ako kaya ako naging Senador” For sure pag nanalo si Binay ay para na ring nanalo ang mag Aquino, kaya yong naninira ke Dark Baden ay hindi mga yellow troll yon, mga troll ni Trillanes

  12. There were so many lapses on the part of the SAF when they carried out and served such mission. It was like putting a trigger on their mouth. Was it simply because of the huge reward that they even forgot to call for a re-enforcement? Certainly, they were all captured then killed one by one and not because there was a clash. Most of them have cellphones. If there was a fight, they could have called up for help. But was there any assistance? There was none. They were helpless. And they were killed haplessly. One day, we might wake up being terrorized by this group. Visayas, Luzon. I hope our leaders should stand firm in upholding the lives of our soldiers and protect our sovereignty. Mindanao is always a part of this country called Pinas.

  13. Why was the SAF Commander sacked ?

    Should it not have been the military/army commander who refused to assist
    the police commandos? And the commander who failed to help the police SAF
    claiming ceasefire should be sacked for cowardice !

    • Diosdado H. Baul.. I don’t agree..Sa mga police patola ay ok yan pero sa AFP, Insubordination ay court martial. Pag sinabi ng commander in chief na stand by, ano ang gagwen mo ,gusto mo ng court martial, sabagay di rin ako naniniwala kung me court martial, si trillanes nag kodeta,imbes na firing squad,pinakulong lang ni Gloria,pinardon ng isa pang traydor at ngayon ay senador na. Si pareng Gringo nga pala. Pasalamat sila ke Cory dahil tinaggal niya yong provision firing squad against military coup

  14. Nasaan na kayong naglagay nitong administrasyon na ito sa gobyerno? Hwag kayong manahimik dahil buong bansa ang naghihirap sa epekto ng ginawa ninyo. Kung hindi ninyo kayang baligtarin yung ginawa ninyo, at least naman, mag sorry naman kayo.

  15. PNP-Special Action Force (40-60nos.) being pinned down to death without mercy in Maguindanao by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) is not misencounter.

    MISENCOUNTER – is accidentally or unknowingly come into conflict with (an enemy, army, etc) in battle with few injuries & casualties.

    Why explain it merely as a MISENCOUNTER? the more appropriate (exact) term or best way to describe the images/video with mutilation is:

    MASSACRE – indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people.

    SLAUGHTER – the killing of a large number of people in a cruel or violent way.

    CARNAGE – killing of large number of people.

    BLOODBATH – an event in which many people are killed violently.

    Government is not taking Peace & Security seriously. They seems to side with MILF and tends to TRIVIALIZE the issue or diminish the gravity (great importance, seriousness) and significance to all our lives. And dismisses them as being too small to fret about?

    If you trivialize the safety & security concerns of the Philippines, our people might not realize how dangerous and susceptible to attacks or violence our nation has become. Hence, full attention towards finding the solution to the conflicts will not be properly resolve until situation get worse or war amongst us breakout.

    Why our soldiers didn’t help cops in Maguidanao?

    Because their hands were tied by the government’s ceasefire agreement. No retaliation? No Justice?a

  16. this is the time na masisisi ko si gloria, kasi erap trashed the milf camp and when gloria went to power binalik sa milf. and pnoy? gusto pa extend ang teritoryo ng milf.

    • Pag naubos na ang katas ng DAP ni penoy sa kanila ay mabubura na rin yong yellow die sa damit nila. Wag natin silang sisihin,kumakapit lang sila sa talim para mabuhay.. Parang yong ka probinsya ko na dahil sa hirap humanap ng trabaho,,nag inglesia dahil may pangakong trabaho doon.
      Kung gusto mong maraming asawa,mag muslim ka..ganyan lang buhay weather weather lang yan sabi ni kuya atienza

  17. Rod Ybardolaza on

    It is a real possibility that our SAF were indeed massacred. The reason that they failed to coordinate with the MILF was a lame excuse. PNP is still a Republic of the Philippines law enforcement authority and I can’t understand why they have to coordinate and seek permission in Maguindanao supposedly still a part of our country. Unless of course if our government has become so weak and has lost control over some parts of our country. And why does the MILF restrict access to their areas in Mindanao. Muslims are free to roam anywhere in Quiapo, Taguig, Dasmarinas, QC and anywhere in the Philippines so why are our peace panel allowing this one sided arrangement?

  18. The lie that the so called peace process is is dead in the water.Every patriotic Filipino should have known this by heart from the start.No part of Philippine territory should be given away or the blood of our heroes from way back when would have been shed in vain.No,much more to a band of barbarians.
    The backers of the so called peace process are either unpatriotic or looking after their personal glory.Well I say that personal shame would be their lot.Infamy not glory they are unconsciously pursuing.That woud be their posterity.The blood that would be shed in the future due to this peace process would haunt their legacy.
    Sure they would callously forget about these after their term is over but history would not.
    Those who had studied the history of Mindanao should accept the long legacy of violence there.The perpetrators of violence there had regarded bloodletting as a part of their culture.It is in vain to find a so called peace solution there.
    Now putting the above argument many peace loving Filipinos would surely regard my opinion as warlike or worst call it warloving attitude.No I would say that if we as a people want to have a free country,an undivided Philippines,we should be prepared to guard or defend it even for eternity.
    On paper they can get a peaceful agreement but in reality it would just be a worthless scrap.Defend the territorial integrity of the Philippines or see national disintegration gradually eat away the Motherland.
    Who would want to put in wealth and resources under the authority of the violent elements there who had only possess a limited degree of civilized culture.It might turn out as a Southeast Asian version of the Islamic state now ravaging areas in the Middle East or such other like groups as in Nigeria.
    God bless the Philippines.

  19. There will never be peace in Mindanao because MILF does not want peace. It wants POWER. Congress should realize this. The incident is another testament to the inefficiency of the current government. Now is the time for all Filipinos to unite before everything becomes too late.

  20. Wala na paguusapan. The fact that they have been hiding foreign terrorist hindi sila karat dapat ka engage sa peacetalk. Tapusin na Kaya naman eh. Erap almost did it….

  21. We have been brought to the edge of destruction by incompetent leaders. The days of corruption and lawlessness must come to an end. I am all for the military to take over and bring law and order back to this country, the north and the south. We need to bring safety back to the citizens. Let them govern for the next 5 years and bring us back from this path of self destruction. Start by bringing the killers to justice and then jail the corrupt politicians. After that hold free elections, with a open manual count.

  22. Let’s ask if it was true that the SAF commandos were only to serve warrants of arrest against two terrorists what court and judge issued the warrants. As far as I know only a judge in a court where an indictment has been duly filed can issue a warrant of arrest. Another interesting matter is pnoy’s sudden trip to Zamboanga allegedly to commiserate with the bombing victims. Without meaning to demean the victims I can’t help wonder who these victims are to merit a personal visit from the president who wouldn’t go to a wake of a celebrated rape victim he didn’t personally know. This merely reveals what the Ilocano congressman once said “palusot” again and pnoy was just salivating in his moronic mind for pogi points had the terrorists been captured or killed not mentioning the $6m reward that purisima and Ochoa will be sharing. Is there anything that this adminstration can still do right? Let’s get rid of them now waiting for resignations is just courting frustration because we can all turn yellow in our faces and these dolts will continue to sit tight staring at the sky with mouths agape. This is so DISGUSTING I can only pray for the poor victims and their relations.

  23. I dont understand how this happened….I could assume that during the encounter…there would be a moment that the SAF Group would identify themselves as police forces…which therefore put a moment of cease firing in the encounter and an exchange of representative to do some talking…so why the fire-fight that lasted several hours!!!!

    I just look forward to a thorough investigation and some responsible muslim answer for it. Nobody reported who the leader who headed the muslim group that were involved…

  24. masasabi ko lang kahit bata pa ako nung panahon ni Marcos mas maayos ang gobyerno, moderno and mga gamit ng militar at kapulisan, mas maraming programa para sa mahihirap, mas konti ang krimen, okay napa-alis nga nating ang sinasabi nyong corrupt at diktador na si Marcos, eh ano naman ang mga ipinalit nyo? mas masasahol pa sa pinalitan nyo, kung di sana tayo nagpapadala sa mga pang-uuto ng media na hawak din naman o bayaran din ng mga buwayang pulitiko sana mas maganda katayuan ng Pilipinas ngayun. ang hirap kasi madaling makasilaw ang pera. sana naman sa susunod wag nyo paupuin sa gobyerno yung mga alam nyo nman na walang magagawang mabuti ke anak pa yan o kamag-anak ng kung sinong herodes….esep esep po sana ng kahit konti lang

  25. From now on, let’s cease from referring to these people as “OUR MUSLIM BROTHERS.” In fact, they’re not.

  26. chthonic monster on

    yung mga pinagmamalaking mga bago daw na biling mga modernong armas, attack helicopters, gunships, jet fighter planes, at kung ano ano pang mga propaganda. eh nasaan na yung mga yun pang porma lang ba yun? at pang press release o kaya pang show biz? dito na sa conflict na ito ma-testing nga eh bakit wala naman kahit anino ang nakikita nito? napalm bomb o kaya cluster bomb ang dapat sa mag hinayupak na mga demonyong moklo na mga ‘to! then we can shout masalaama MotherF*****s!

  27. The 1st comment here is a very serious one, from purisima’s involvement to blessing by malacanang of the whole operation. The Senate should investigate, headed by a non administration senator.

    • Conspiracy theory
      Congress is powerful than president (no tong! impeached ka)
      1. Nasa mindanao si Penoy ,Mar,Abad ,ocho(baket kaya)
      2. May bounty raid pero pumalpak
      3. Hindi ito inaasahan resulta ng secret operation
      4. Nagalit ang presidente. Ang Order “stand by” nandoon si MAR
      5. Galit si El presidente dahil palpak ang SAF (nabuking ang reward)
      6. Dahil galit,di nagpakita sa ceremony doon sa 44 at doon na lang umistambay sa car dealer
      7. Payo ng MEDIA pakitang tao ,makiramay ka bobo
      8. Nakikiramdam ang mga buwaya sa congress sa money maker este manok. nila kung pakikinabangan pa o ilalaglag
      Note: Ang congress ay mag aagaw di ng credit, pag na impeached si manok Beho kanino ang credit ,

  28. P___A ni BS Aquino & Roxas, mag resign kayo. They do not have the right and honor to be the commander-in-chief of this Republic.
    “Ka-hindik-Hindik” itong massacre na ito.
    P___A ninyo talaga BSAquino, Roxas & the whole F___G Liberal party.
    Wala kayong mga B___G.

  29. Stop this BBL.Order an all out war against these BIFF and MILF. These people have no God. To those who order this mission they should answerable to the families of the slain SAF members and to the Filipino people. To the army commander who did not rescue our SAF, he should be dealt with firing squad. The Armed Forces of the Philippines should rise now against these terrorists.

  30. Carl Cid Inting on

    This is the only country where a 5% minority dictates to the 95% majority, and where terrorists are rewarded with their own territory, powers to impose taxes and their own militia which will only get bigger and better-equipped as military aid from the Middle East and Malaysia flows in.

  31. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Good question- what kind of a country have we become? The answer, a country of people willingly govern by an incompetent and questionable leadership steeped on vengeance, hatred and arrogance. Even a small municipality in the province of the leadership has law been disregarded and disorder made to operate in running the local government. Still, we hope for TRUTH and JUSTICE to prevail. God bless the Philippines.

  32. This is a new serious revelation that the SAF operations that led its ambush and massacre of 64 police operatives were hatched by Pres. Aquino, suspended Alan Purisima and Exec. sec. Ochoa. The operations against the terrorists Marwan and Usman inside the protected territory of the MILF is so sensitive, tricky and dangerous that needs the support and assistance of the military elite and commando forces. Yet Pnoy who has no military tactical knowledge, trusted Purisima to handle such a delicate operation without military support. For approving this defective and insufficiently capable police operatives, was huge blunder that costs the lives of 64 policemen! Pnoy and Purisima have lots of blood in their hands on the. Ambush-killings of these police forces. Why did Pnoy authorized Purisima to handle the operations when this guy was suspended from the service because of corruption charges. Why did Pnoy purposely failed to seek the support of the military commando unit when he knows the police lacks the military training to handle a sensitive operations. At least Pnoy could have assigned a commando unit in support of a police duty of serving warrant of arrest to terrorists protected by belligerent Muslim fanatic forces like the BIFF in the known territory of armed MILF forces. Pnoy really showed his idiotic and mentally imbalance judgment. Purisima must be cited for contempt for performing a public function as PNP Chief during the time of his suspension, which cost enormous lives of the PNP members. Pnoy put the lives of the police forces in harms way which in fact cost 64 lives. Pnoy also left Mar Roxas off the loop thinking that he will be out of getting credit should Marwan and Usman are captured, and Mar Roxas as DILG Chief will getthe crowning achievement. Now Roxas is blabbing “misencounter” though out of line, it being an ambush of his men so he was indeed unaware of the secret PNoy- debacle. For the loss of 64 lives! nation is mourning while Pnoy is hiding!…

    • If this is true, this is a very serious blunder and persons responsible should be punished.

    • Mar Roxas must Prove his Strong and Decive leadership
      On this Massacre and Confront the MILF with Firm Stance
      Regardless of Bangsangmoro I’mplication or Armed Confrontation!
      The firefight was NOT a “misencounter” as Mar ROXAS declared but an “ambush” of the Police Commando whose operation was licked to BIFF. It must be verified if MILNF forces were involved in the encounter. Is BIFF the military arm of MILF? The report said the SAF had a firefight with BIFF and MILF, which means MILF supported BIFF in the firefight with SAF. MILF claimed SAF did not coordinate its covert operations against Marwan and the head of BZiFF, who both have outstanding arrest warrants which SAF will serve. MILF as a party to the peace process should have interceded with the BIFF to surrender Marwan and Usman, if MILF is in good faith and sincere to be a partner in the peace process in establishing a Bangsangmoro Autonomous government in Mindanao. If it is shown that MILF forces indeed participated instead in the shooting ambush of the SAF (police commando), then I would not trust MILF to be a peace partner and I would discard the signef peace agreement. The AFP (military) must bring to justice all BIFF and MILF forces involved in the ambush of 64 policemen. It is a shallow reason to say that SAF did not coordinate with the MILF coz they should have intervened by helping the SAF to serve the arrest warrants or negotiated with them if they were covering up, as they evidently did, for Usman and Marwan. MILF must lay down all their arms and negotiate peace without their so-called armed freedom fighters. The military must launch a punishing military operations to eradicate the armed BIFF and MILF. Mar Roxas must be firmed and decisive in seeking justice for those killed in the ambush. If necessary Roxas should get the military assistance of the AFP in the operations to put to jail the MILF and BIFF ambushers. The impact on the peace process must be taken against the favor or side of the…

  33. Jerrysal C. Mangaoang on

    You said it all Mr Tiglao. I can only cry in anger just like the little girl crying in pain during the mass at UST. Ibalik na lang natin si Erap!!!

  34. Under this traitor PCOS-made President BS Aquino we have become a failed state, more failed than his appreciation of the defectively governed but good-enough ARMM.

  35. Gago yung SAF leader dahil hindi siya nagrequest ng Army units para samahan sila. Also, mas gago din yung Army commander dahil ayaw mag rescue dahil lang sa ceasefire agreement kahit alam na niya na minamassacre na ang mga SAF commandos. Worst, ang Palace boys mahal pa rin nila ang MILF at gusto ipasa ng kongreso agad ang BBL.

    • they are not gago(SAF) MR.MADDFLO, you don’t have any first hand knowledge of the concept of the operation.it was a top secret even the AFP and PNP top brass have no information. Are you wondering why that they dont know nothing of the operation because that operation was planned by the US attaché on counter terrorism and they tapped the SAF to execute the plan unfortunately kahit saang gubat me ahas talaga im referring to the MILF. A liitle information mr maddflo don’t need to divulge the entire operation on social media..

  36. what a waste of votes for this cowardly president and what a naive way just to say that he brought peace to mindanao by allowing this travesty of lives and resources. this president is the worst this nation ever had. no vision only a product of media drama. and to think that this comes less than a week after the pope left …. the nation must search its own soul there is something wrong.

  37. PI PI Kawawa talaga ang ang ating mga police kung may cease fire bakit nila pinatay tama ka tiglao di ito misencounteer this is masacre. Alam naman nila na government troops ito dahil maghapon sillang nagbarilan. kalukohan yang peace agreement na iyan.

  38. I am with you sir! Abnoy and Roxas are ruthless wala silang paki alam man ang nangyayari. Balikan natin ang nangyari sa Tacloban! Ano ang sabi ni Abnoy, buhay ka pa naman, di ba? Roxas immediately declared; ” it’s mis-incounter”..dapat sila ang tadtarin ng bala at todasin! Mga kababayan, gising!!! Nasaan yong mga dating sumisigaw ng TAMA NA SOBRA NA!

  39. Indeed, if there are still delicadeza left in their hollow skulls, Roxas and Gazmin should immediately resign under the principle of command responsibility. They were simply frozen for the crucial 10 hours of firefight and did not know what to do to save our SAF operatives from the jaw of death. Roxas seems to be on the side of MILF as PNoy is on the side of Malaysia, instead of the PNP and the Philippines, respectively.

  40. What is clear is that ever since the yellows came into power with the ordinary housewife and spouse of the suspected Plaza Miranda bombing now national hero Ninoy Aquino, this regime has always sided with the enemies of the military. Isn’t it about time our soldiers got rid of these quislings before worse things happen?

  41. Peter Gonzales on

    All Filipinos should be outrage my the massacre of 64 SAF commandos. It is not only an attack on our police forces but on the very institution of our government which represents every Filipinos. At the outset this peace process started on the wrong side with the appointment of an ignorant and gullible panel on the part of the government headed by Ferrer. This peace agreement is a scrap of paper and never would have reached congress for deliberation. There is a truth among Ilongos in North Cotabato during the Marcos years that “a good muslim is a dead muslim”.

  42. Protect our Soldiers not the MILF.
    Why, afraid of them?

    BS Aquino where are you?
    Mar Roxas where are you?

    Wake up the two of you before the Military
    yanked you out of your Post.

    Wake-up PMA’ers.
    Boot them out – the two stupids.

  43. I totally agree with this. Because of this brutality it is just right to suspend any discussion regarding BBL. And if the MILF sincerely wants a lasting peace in Mindanao they must surrender all respossible to this barbaric act. Another big lie is when MILF deny any knowledge that an international terrorist is hinding in their turf. We are not asking for another war, but until when we will tolerate this double-edge attitude being shown by the MILF?

    Hearing the statement of Roxas and from Malacanang, I ‘am worried that this tragedy will become a part 2 of the scout rangers massacre committed by the MILF.

    True peace can be achieved only thru mutual respect, sincerity and honesty. Without these 3 elements this peace deal is just another circus show. Let us hope that the current administration will not once again turns
    its back and waste the sacrifices of those who are protecting the country.

    A friend of mine (a former MNLF) told me that dealing with the MILF is big mistake. Not only that is it disregarding the PH-MNLF agreement but the leadership of MILF cannot be trusted. He even told the MI is supporting BI in every enounter.

  44. PEace talk is Over…don’t deal with the terrorist.. if nobody from the MILF side will get punish and no justice served on the victims then it’s better to have a coup de etat if PNOY favoring this terrorist MILF and BIFF.

  45. Nothing can be expected from this government- NADA, ZIP, ZERO…….. Mga inutil kasi, puro pa pogi lang inaatupag (AT PANGUNGURAKOT!!!). Taos-pusong pakikiramay ko sa mga naulilang pamilya ng mga biktimang pulis…….

  46. The MILF are nothing but barbarians! The likes of the Gengiskhan hordes. And now does anyone believe that the BBL will bring peace to The south? How naive is this imbecile president and his cohorts. Abort this insane idea!!!!

  47. Please explore about the Taqiyya Doctrine and it will elucidate the underlying mindset of the MILF in exploiting the peace process to their advantage.

  48. Kasalanan ng yellow cult lahat ito,kung hindi nila inalis si Erap baka lahat ngmga terrorista ito ay nasa abroad!
    Hindi at kailan man magkakaroon ng peace dahil ang mga ito ay ito pagpatay ang ikinabubuhay at pininiwalaan na ang pagpatay aypara sa dios!

  49. May God bless the souls of the 49 dead policemen! Such gruesome pictures…

    I will be the first to say that, quite possibly, their death may have prevented the future Islamization of the Philippines…

    So soon after the Papal visit, I can see this as a divine sign, that we should stop and reconsider the Bangsamoro folly of Pnoy….

    (The real) God is (really) great…! RIP, my prayers for your families and loved-ones..

  50. No comment po except…… What kind of a country have we become? Nakakasakit ng damdamin at nakakalungkot dahil kahit anong kaparaanang ginagawa natin, kahit anong effort natin para mabigyan ng katarungan ang dapat mabigyan at managot ang dapat managot….. walang nakikitang resulta at walang makitang reaction ang gobyerno na dapat ito ang nagtatanggol sa ating mga mamamayan ng bansang Pilipinas.

  51. Roldan Guerrero on

    IT IS NOTHING BUT A COLD BLOOD MASACRE! Things like these happens because of this administration`s unequalled incompetence!

  52. The Filipino people needs to find justice why our police forces were all killed by MILF and BIFF forces.

    Our Muslim brothers honor their dead by burying them at once. They did not honor their Christian brothers who were shot in the face point blank, stripped of shoes, jackets and battle gears and their bodies mutilated.

    President Aquino needs to declare a National Day of Mourning and the Filipino people needs to protests the way our police forces were killed and the dis-arming of the MILF and BIFF.