• Safetica rolls out data leak solutions


    A leading software firm has launched its solutions aimed at preventing leakages of vital information and data in companies.

    Safetica Technologies rolled out its Safetica 5, which is the only Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and monitoring solution that protects companies from the risks of a data breach caused by human factors.

    Human factor—accidental or malicious actions by people inside an organization—is the primary cause of data leaks.

    While threats from external threats such as hackers and malware get the media’s attention, Ponemon Research calculated that threats from insiders topped external risks by a 4:1 ratio, with 80 percent of all threats to data security coming from inside a company and only 20 percent from external sources.

    “Safetica focuses on the 80 percent—the insider security threats that traditional firewalls and antivirus solutions ignore,” said Pavel Kratky, chief technology officer of Safetica Technologies.

    He said that Safetica was “built with the human factor in mind and this directly influences how it goes about protecting and monitoring the use of company data.”

    Safetica protects data via its endpoint client installed on workstation computers, securing data on individual computers and the company network.

    From this position, Safetica covers all channels through which data can escape such as emails, printers and memory sticks.

    Safetica’s unique DLP sandbox technology protects data use by all applications, guarding against leaks without requiring system administers to add specific services or protocols for coverage and substantially simplifying the installation process.

    Safetica’s ability to monitor and control activities at the endpoint computer level enables companies to detect and avert security threats at an early stage.

    “By looking at user activities such as unusual data access and collection, Safetica can help identify high-risk cases. In addition, discovering unsecure data handling processes or restricting unproductive Internet use pays benefits in the long run,” Kratky added.

    Safetica is stepping into the Philippines together with Valueline Systems and Solutions Corp., a leading technology solutions provider for companies ranging from large enterprises down to small businesses.

    “We see substantial potential here in the Philippines with local businesses focused on the growing internal market and with companies in the international arena where data protection is a condition of doing business,” Kratky said.

    Asked why Safetica chose Valueline, Kratky said that the company has an extensive track record of providing comprehensive services.

    “We look forward to working with them as we provide clients with the best possible data protection,” he added.


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