• Sagada SB calls for dialog with NPA rebels


    SAGADA, MOUNTAIN PROVINCE: The Sangguniang Bayan (town council) of Sagada called on the New Peoples Army (NPA) for a dialogue with the community leaders here as it condemned the ambush of SPO3 Willy Degay on February 2. The Leonardo Pacsi Command of the New Peoples Army (NPA) earlier claimed responsibility for the ambush citing Degay’s ‘counter revolutionary activities’. The Council condemned the ‘whimsical’ ambush violated the ‘Sagada peace zone’, a campaign which prevents any armed force from entering of the town’s territories. Sagada is a well-known tourist destination. In 1988, Sagada was declared a demilitarized town by the community following the deaths of three innocent children during heavy fighting between the NPA and government forces.


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