Saguisag: Solitary confinement not allowed


Any human rights advocate would be saddened to hear that Janet Napoles is undergoing solitary confinement, which is banned by Sec. 12(2) of Art. III of the Constitution: “[S]olitary,  incommunicado, or other similar forms of detention are prohibited.” Is the situation of Gigi Reyes the same?

A pre-Edsa ‘86 Supreme Court d​ecision on June 21, 1984 ordered government  “to keep petitioner [Joma Sison] in a detention area . . . where he may have the opportunity to associate with persons under detention.”

Janet, reports say “is being held in a 20-square meter cell in Bicutan but the two [the other is Gigi Reyes]have yet to speak to each other” because of a concrete wall separating their cells, per Janet’s lawyer. They deserve better.

As Justice Abad Santos said in the 1984 JoMa Resolution, “Jose Ma. Sison, guilty or not, is a human being and human beings are social creatures. . . . {H]e should be able to talk to others, if he wants to, every day of the week so as to stimulate his mind and keep it from being atrophied.

Anything less is not only cruel but unusual punishment.”
One has a right to associate – or not to.​

Rene A.V. Saguisag


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  1. Humans, like any living creatures have feelings and have inherent right to rapport with others. To deny them of that is not only inhuman,unconstitutional but also ungodly. Mr Saguisag is 100 percent correct.

  2. Carlo L. Adan on

    True, Mr. Saguisag. Manila Times, you should write and publilsh an editorial about this. Are the Aquino people in all agencies of the Executive branch now so committed to violate our laws–moral and statutory?