Who said this? ’Hoy! putanginang duling…’



NOVALICHES Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani, Jr. has gone on record in the media as offering a hefty P5 million reward to President Rodrigo Duterte if he can prove his accusation that the prelate has got a wife. In fact, since the Digong has charged Bishop Bacani with having not one but two wives actually, the prize becomes doubled. Indeed, over Radio Veritas, the bishop, one of the more noted pillars of the Catholic Church, declared he will deliver to Duterte that double whammy if the President proves his words true.

It’s an exercise in futility. I mean the bishop’s dare. No priest—that is, Catholic— takes a wife and then announces it to the world. Therefore, no man, even a despot that the Digong is, with all the power of sleuthing at his command, can prove a priest’s indiscretion with his faith.

The Digong’s accusation is a propaganda piece. That’s all there is to it, though there certainly is the element of sensationalizing a publicity skirmish meant to be won by the President. From the looks of it, Duterte is indeed winning. It was a mere bait that Duterte threw, but the bishop bit and he got hooked. By reacting with a several-million-peso reward offer for proof of the accusations against him, rather than diminish their truth, Bishop Bacani succeeds only in reinforcing those charges.

Why dignify Duterte with a reply? This war of words is never decided in a lengthy debate. The saner the arguments you throw at Duterte, the more insane the retorts he counters at you, and in a mass psyche of mundane humor, the craziest comedian is the winner.

Come to think of it, but that’s how Duterte got the voters hooked in all three debates during the presidential campaign. While all four other candidates did their damn best trying to sound serious and sane, Duterte effortlessly did his kenkoy. Oh, how the damn bastards loved it. And I was one of those tards, mind you. I consistently graded Digong best in showmanship.

I did not vote for him, of course. I hate to think of the government as a mere venue for doing a show, as I thought Duterte did during his Stand-Up Comedy Act (SUCA) called SONA in July last year.

Alas, but the nation seems a goner for being unable to tell serious government from cheap entertainment. How throngs cheered the candidate who had such fun smooching women hard on the mouth, flashing a middle finger at his detractors, throwing invectives at world dignitaries, admitting murdering people, men, women, and children, and on top of all indignities, cussing the Pope.

And now, here is Duterte picturing you a sickening shame to your soutane, what do you do? Match his malevolence and offer him a bounty. What is that but a betrayal of your utter disrespect for the people. You are virtually calling them stupid by believing that they will believe you.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. This sounds elementary enough for our comprehension. But what do you do when you try to fan the smoke out? You only succeed in speeding up the process of oxidation, thus keeping the fire burning. To put the fire out, douse it with water. Simple as that.

At the height of Duterte’s cussing of world dignitaries, Pope Francis was asked for a reaction. His answer was devoid of any tinge of bombast or braggadocio or self-righteousness. Indeed, the holy man that he is, Pope Francis said, “I admire the honesty of the man.”

Might not the bishop think of emulating his supreme superior? In another interview, Pope Francis was asked how he would describe himself. His answer was quick. He said, “I am a sinner.”

As simple as it goes. But it speaks much of a man with no skeletons in the closet, pure of heart, sincere in his humanness.

In the case of Bishop Bacani, by making the reward offer to Duterte, he might just succeed in opening a Pandora’s box and send the evils otherwise sheltered therein flying out into the whole wide world.

He is not only up against a President whose awesome investigative power in his hands can cause the damnation of his fiercest enemy. Look at what kind of Pandora’s box he has opened in the case of Senator Leila de Lima. The lady solon has been reduced to smithereens, if only for the moment. There is no gainsaying how similarly awesome is her capacity to resist. Less endowed adversaries, much lesser women still, would have long fallen flat on their faces already, but Senator Leila is still up on her feet, indicating something terrible is still forthcoming from her end.

Unless Bishop Bacani could be perceived as equating to a full-scale mobilization of Catholics against the President, and unless such a mobilization intimidates the President enough so that he is held back in his punches, the bishop’s quarrel with Duterte could degenerate into the state of affairs now obtaining between Duterte and De Lima.

That is, if Duterte calls the Bishop’s dare on the reward.

Which brings this piece to the original topic intended, as indicated by the title. Entertained by the Bishop Bacani dare, I thought of cajoling him into parting a little with his several-million-peso reward offer by offering in my turn a reward to whosoever is able to tell who said the quote in the title: “Putangina mo duling. Anong ginagawa mo rito?”

Answering that question gets us abreast with history, throws us into the correct context of assessing Duterte in his current thoughts, words and deeds. Let results follow from such understanding.

So now let’s start the fun. Who said those words, “Hoy putanginang duling. Anong ginagawa mo rito?” Register your answers in spaces provided for your replies at the bottom of this page. The first to register the correct answer gets my talent fee for this column. For that, I stand to lose my medicine money, but for a little understanding of Philippine history, that’s a small sacrifice really.


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  1. That was a bold move for Bishop Bacani!!! Who else can shout to the President, ” Stop unfounded bad sarcastic language”, Being the President, he should be an example of good moral character among Filipinos.

  2. At the height of Duterte’s cussing of world dignitaries, Pope Francis was asked for a reaction. His answer was devoid of any tinge of bombast or braggadocio or self-righteousness. Indeed, the holy man that he is, Pope Francis said, “I admire the honesty of the man.”

    Might not the bishop think of emulating his supreme superior? In another interview, Pope Francis was asked how he would describe himself. His answer was quick. He said, “I am a sinner.”

    As simple as it goes. But it speaks much of a man with no skeletons in the closet, pure of heart, sincere in his humanness.****

    According to your standard , you regard that act as holiness.
    Study the contrast being portrayed by Christ in the bible on how he will go about in his coming : read very carefully and scrutinize its every detail. Then compare the pope and the Christ.

    Matthew 10:34-36 (ESV)
    Not Peace, but a Sword
    34 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.
    35 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
    36 And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household.

    Have you noticed anything ? If we haven’t read that these words were from Christ , we would be thinking that a tough guy had just blurted out a conundrum.

    The pope definitely love peace but this Christ that is coming is the adverse—for he said that he did not come to bring peace but a sword.
    In verse 35 , it is clear as crystal that it is the Christ , who will create division in a family for he testify : For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

    Who then is the true one , the pope who love peace or the coming Christ who shall bring a sword and division among the people?
    This perhaps , should change your views about the concept of “holiness”.
    The whole world had gotten used to the kind of Christ who is jovial and peace-loving. Never had it entered their minds that Christ has an “Alter-ego” or his Other Self. And that Alter-ego is coming now into the world to fulfil the prophecy as Christ himself prophesied.
    Christ is coming and will be manifesting himself in this unpleasant form , will you not consider him as holy or perhaps , holier?

    Given these words of Christ , has not Duterte distinguishes himself more to be in the shoes of that alter-ego?

    You see , the man that criminals hated fit the script so well , for he has been spewing fire on the earth , and bringing the sword of division to put asunder the people who have been conniving in their illegal activities.

    By bringing division to the once unified criminal syndicates , he is wreaking havoc to hasten the downfall of evil doers , which is actually the selfsame mission of Christ returning to earth—to destroy the lawless ones!

    Who then is holier , the one who love peace or the one coming with a sword?

  3. this is a powerful political fight with a least perceived morally president versus the most powerful political lobby group that have the power to get you elected or remove during or after an election. it happened ever since their philippine independent election. maybe history repeat itself again.

  4. As if news of priest having wives is something new! Of course no one will admit and it does not mean literally getting married. These crooks have sex partners and some have children too.

  5. Bishop Bacani maybe right in not having a wife but he has lots of women whom he might sired a child or children, that is elementary when calling someone to have many wives but in legality not a single wife because he did not marry them but locally it will be stated too many wives,. We are all sinners so the best thing is to keep it in low profile. What he mentioned of giving 10m or 5 m, Bishop is just opening the pandora box because many will interpret even me that Bishop has lots of money and where it come from???? Abuloy or from illegal business? I’ve been here in abroad for 34 years but I was not able to save 10 million in cash!!

  6. I will hazard a wild guess as to who said, “Hoy putonginang duling, bakit dito ka?” It was Sir Rody who said that to a cross-eyed visitor. The crosseyed visitor was an investigator secretly working for Sir Rody said that he saw two women who he is sure are the bishop’s wives, and Sir Rody believed him. (Of course the “duling” saw two women when there was only one).

  7. The big question is! saan galing ang 5mil na pera ni bacani? galing sa limos ng mga taong ngsisimba? 2nd question nagbabayad kya ng tax si bacani? kung hindi ka cgurado na malinis ka huwag mong pansinin ang putik sa mukha ng iba…

  8. me thinks that bacani was the subject of deo macalma’s blind item 2 or 3 days ago (just after the speech of du30 mentioning bacani having 2 wives). according to deo’s bubwit, si bishop ay merong inanakan na mayordoma ng kanyang kapatid. hindi naman ito pinabayan at binigyan ng puhanan sa negosyo ang babae at pinagaral yung anak na lalaki. ngayon daw ay nagnenegosyo sa caloocan ang anak ni bishop at mayroon ng pamilya at ginagamit ang apelyido ni bishop. sabi ito ng bubwit ni deo macalma

  9. I agree and disagree. (I am not a writer). This only show how politicized church (RC) in the PHL is. How it reflect the social degradation of Filipinos…a holy person engaging in a word of war a person who you and some Filipinos think doing wrong in his way of governance. But here’s my question, failure or success have you and some Filipinos do your/their part/share in removing Filipinos from the clutches of moral and character frailties/flaws.

  10. All thumbs up, Sir, for your common-sense suggestion to Bishop Bacani. Maybe, the good prelate got pricked, nanahimik lang ginugulo,e. For me, as I’ve experienced being a butt of (dirty) joke before, just “let the dog bark.” Silence becomes golden when words prove superfluous. To your q.:”Who said…?” My gues: PRES. QUEZON..

  11. It’s an insane suggestion to ask the bishop not to reply. People will be led to believe that the accusation is true. So to put the matter to rest the bishop has asked the ins*ne president to put his money where his mouth is. Sycophant!


    Offering P5 million for something presupposes that you have this amount.
    I want Bishop Bacani to explain not his wife or wives, but the myth of the priestly vow of poverty.

  13. You’re wrong, Mario. Bishop Bacani did the right thing. So far, tameme pa si Duterte sa hamon.

    Duterte is a bully and bullies back out when confronted. That’s what happened when Mar Roxas challenged Duterte in a fist fight.

    • Elpidio Salvador on

      Your right to point that blatant inability of this crooked president to support his wrongful claims.

    • Elpidio Salvador on

      Hindi sita mayaman. Sana Nina sa mo ng husto ang sinagot niya ng hindi nagmumukhang engot sa tanong mo.

  14. Totoo po ang sinasabi ni Digong. Hindi siya dapat pinapatulan. Ang magagalit ay pikon. Tungkol sa extra judicial killing, naiintindihan ni Ka digong ang sinasabi ng mga Obispo. Produkto po siya ng San Beda. Hindi niya kailangan ang lecture. Oo nga po at duty ng mga Obispo ang magsalita, ang magtipid ng mga salita ay isa ring napakalinaw na statement. Napakahirap ding magsalita agad ngayon dahil kahit wala kang pangit na intention sa pagsasalita ng isang moral position kukulayan kaagad ito ng dilaw, pula, o anumang kulay meron diyan.

    Oo nga po at ang ibig sabihin ng silence ay approval. Pero ano ba ang magsalita na ipagdasal nating “sana ay matagpuan ng ‘pamahalaan’ ang proper balance ng katarungan at pagpapagaling sa lipunan.

    Oo nga po at ang addiction ay isang sakit, hindi krimen, pero ang ginagamot ni ka digong ay ang sakit ng bansa na ang ejk ay nakikita niyang isang paraan para matakot ang mga kriminal elements sa likod ng mga addict, pusher at mga protectors.
    Kaya nga lang, sana ay totohanin ng pamahalaan na linisin din ang ranggo ng kanyang mga sana ay tagapagtanggol ng mga naaapi. Oo nga po at maaaring ang dahilan kung bakit hindi sila agad pinaparusahan ay upang ma-trace o masugid ang kone-connection ng mga criminal elements, ang mga bad eggs mismo sa pamahalaan. Kung iyon po ang intention, parang hindi ata malinaw sa mata ng bayan. Napakahirap ng papel ng isang presidente na determined at seryoso sa kanyang pangako. Kung nagkameron man ng maaanghang na palitan ng mga salita, patunay lang na sinuman sa atin ay nasasaktan lalo na kung sa tingin natin ay ginagawa naman natin ang lahat.
    Makakatulong rin ang media kung ito ay responsable o mature sa kanyang pagpapahayag. Pwede namang kumita ang media kahit hindi lagi lalagyan ng judgment o pasaring ang kanilang slant ng reporting.

    Siguro makakatulong kung iisipin yung mahalan ng mag-asawa. Kahit anong tindi ng kanilang pagmamahalan, laging merong darating na problema. Pero para umunlad ang kanilang pagsasama, ang unang dapat gawin ng bawat isa ay ang hanapin ang solusyon, hindi ang magsisihan, magturuan o maghanap ng bagong ka-relasyon. oremus pro invicem (let us pray for one another).

    Hindi po ako nakikialam. Nanghihimasok lang para mapawi ang usok at gabok ng karibukan.

  15. Bacani’s dare is good and fool proof because legally and technically he has no wife. However if the question is ” Is/Was Bacani sexually involved with women?, then that Digong has a chance.

  16. Corollary to the title of this news article , I am writing this piece.

    2 Samuel 16:5-11 (ESV)
    …10 But the king said, “What have I to do with you, you sons of Zeruiah? If he is cursing because the Lord has said to him, ‘Curse David,’ who then shall say, ‘Why have you done so?’”
    11 And David said to Abishai and to all his servants, “Behold, my own son seeks my life; how much more now may this Benjaminite! Leave him alone, and let him curse, for the Lord has told him to.

    You see “cursing” is very much a part of Israel’s religious belief. And they make sure that they do not react negatively to someone who is cursing them—they are so cautious as to get angry at the one making the curse , for it might be The Lord who were cursing them for the sins they have unknowingly committed.

    But history has reverted to errors—cursing or making cuss words has been despised and declared evil. When the truth of the matter is , cursing or cussing was solely use to condemn a sinner for the evil he has done.

    However , it was John the Baptist who brought to resurrection this lost tradition of cursing the sinners or the wrongdoers.
    He said to the Pharisees—YOU BROOD OF VIPERS! How can you escape being sentence to hell?
    Christ followed suit when he cursed , YOU BROOD OF VIPERS ! How can you speak good when you are evil?

    Note :
    “YOU BROOD OF VIPERS” is the equivalent of our own cuss words , “Putang Ina Mo or Putang Ina Ninyo”.
    Both denote duplicity , the despicable character of being a double-cross or double standard is likened to vipers or prostitutes. (No offense to GROs)
    This religious harlotry is embedded in our very own cuss words—Putang Ina.

    Another equivalent term is double-mindedness.
    The religious belief of the whole world is hinged on this duplicity or double-mindedness , because the whole world , as have been testified , is “under the power of the evil one “.

    And that evil one who is Satan is a double-minded god who advocates the wisdom of double-crossing , that is , the practice of doing good , and the one who practices the good is also allowed to practice evil. This is what we call Satanic Wisdom in honor of its principal author.

    If you do this flirting between the good and the evil , you become a harlot or the biblical “PATUTOT” in the book of Revelation.
    And you can see it happening these days , this abominable character in human rights defenders including the priests who are wont in protecting the lives of heinous criminals.

    They let the whole world believe that they are good , and yet they play the role of Good Samaritans to the evil ones , such as the drug peddlers who are wreaking havoc to our society , by preventing them from being destroyed.
    They are very typical examples of the practitioners of Satan’s double standard of doing good and doing evil altogether.

    These human rights adherents , as they lovingly call themselves , show their double-cross by going against the governing haters of evil by protecting the evil ones , the lawless drug groups and their cohorts!
    That is why we have a WAR ! The terminators of evil versus the protectors of evil. This is now the biblical Armageddon—the war between the good and the evil!

    With this information , you will be equipped with pertinent knowledge to recognize these evil entities who are living like harlots! (Again , no offense to GROs , rather the term is used to denote promiscuity of the mind , not physical)

    Now is the appropriate time to take a second look at what cussing or cursing is all about—it is biblical.

  17. There were 16,000,000 plus voters that voted for Duterte but I am not one of them. I think he is a good comedian and Pilipinos wants to be entertained. Look at Pnoy, he is a very boring president and nobody listens to him. Comedians has a wife a many kabits. Look at Vic Soto . How many children out of wedlock does he have. How about Duterte, how many kabits does he have ?

    • TO THE MAX, du30 is not married. his is a bachelor. the first marriage, if i correctly recall was dissolved. kaya wala syang KABIT. meron syang girlfriends. inamin nya ito nung kampanya pa lang at meron syang live in partner.