• Salaminkera: A different kind of comedy


    While being interviewed about the ongoing controversy involving Vice Ganda and respected broadcaster Jessica Soho, one sociologist commented that Filipino comedy has evolved. From slapstick jokes, Filipinos now find “comedy bar” humor, complete with insults and low blow tirades, more entertaining—and the more offensive and rude it seems, the more hilarious it becomes.

    Comedian Giselle Sanchez, however, proved that you don’t have to insult your audience or some famous personality to elicit some laughs, all it takes is some good writing and the perfect timing to make it work.

    Giselle recently treated members of the press to preview of her one-woman show called Salaminkera, which she will perform today at the Lower Ground Level, Building A of SM Megamall.

    The musical-monologue-talk show was as diverse as the numerous role played by Giselle—actress, host, writer, businessman and mother and despite the not so exciting topic of multivitamins—she was able to capture the audience’s attention and keep them laughing throughout the hour-long performance.

    Coined after the term “salamangkera,” a Filipino word for magician or wizard, Salaminkera is ideal for those who love mincing words and always being told the truth.

    Giselle is a firm believer that the greatest comedy is always based on the truth. Inspired by the evil queen from the timeless tale of Snow White, Giselle will tackle issues relevant to today’s women as the truthful “woman on the mirror.” She will extol the numerous virtues of iron, discuss the three signs of iron deficiency, and will share the wonders that Sangobion has done for her—and what the supplement can do for other women. Of course, she will also provide honest answers to whatever questions may be thrown her way.

    The play is a unique presentation to introduce more women to Sangobion, an organic iron supplement that has benefited Filipinos for over 30 years. It fights signs of iron deficiency such as fatigue, paleness, lack of concentration, dizziness, and weakness.

    When it came to choosing the Salaminkera, Giselle Sanchez was the natural, most obvious choice. The loving wife, doting mother, and established career woman is the epitome of a true Sangobion woman. Giselle has been a regular Sangobion user since she gave birth to her second child, and so she understands the benefits the organic iron supplement offers firsthand.

    “These days, women play multiple roles. These overlapping tasks can take its toll on your health, making you haggard and tired, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Women need balance juggling all of these acts. Drained energy will leave women feeling empty and tired. Luckily, iron supplement Sangobion is there to help us,” shared the multi-talented comedienne.

    Sangobion is primarily made up of ferrous gluconate, which is organic in origin, isthe most easily absorbed of all ferrous salt, and has less gastrointestinal side effects compared to ferrous sulfate. The supplement also contains other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid, Sorbitol, and other minerals.

    With the help of Sangobion, Giselle hopes to inspire Filipinas everywhere and give them a boost of confidence through Salaminkera so that they can keep looking, feeling, and performing their best.


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