• Salaries up 7%, IT jobs get highest pay


    JobStreet.com painted a rosy picture of the Philippine job market on Thursday, saying salaries across all industries linking with the job-listing site rose an average of seven percent in 2015 from year-ago levels, with the business process outsourcing industry still dominating the market.

    “The significant rise is attributed to the good economy, lowest unemployment rate in years, and the resulting competitive play in the job market,” Jobstreet Philippines said in a midday media briefing.

    Country Manager Philip Gioca said the increase in salaries across all industries is reflective of the economy’s growth.

    “The economy is better because we can give more jobs,” Gioca said.

    In its 2016 Jobs and Salary Report, JobStreet said information technology (IT) jobs, among all positions posted in the site, commanded the highest pay, with software specialists leading the pack.

    At the same time, call center or business process outsourcing firms posted over one-third of all the jobs made available on the job-search website.

    JobStreet said IT has been the highest paying specialization across all position levels for the past three years.

    In 2015, IT specialists for the junior executive rank, or those with one to four years working experience commanded an average monthly pay of P38,189; supervisors, or those with more than five years experience, P63,485; and managers/assistant managers, P86,550.

    For the junior executive level, the highest-paying specializations next to IT were law or legal services, with a monthly income of P30,324, and actuarial science and statistics, with P28,406 monthly.

    For the supervisor level, the highest-paying next to IT were, again, legal services at number-two, with P43,128 a month, and quality control and assurance at number-three, P38,644.

    For the managerial positions, the next highest-paid to IT jobs were: corporate strategists, commanding a handsome pay of P79,309 a month, a hefty 47-percent increase from P54,109 in 2014.  Next were actuarial scientists and statisticians, earning P75,784 a month.

    In 2015, BPO’s accounted for 33 percent or 260,278 of the total 781,766 jobs posted by employers on JobStreet.com.

    The retail industry trails as far second, with job listings of 29,578, while the manufacturing sector was third, posting 20,764 jobs last year.

    Other industries in the top ten with the most number of jobs made available were: property or real estate; construction, building, engineering; food and beverage, catering, restaurant; banking, financial services; software; advertising, marketing, PR; and, general and wholesale trading.

    Claiming to be Asia’s top job-searching site, JobStreet.com has 14 million visitors and 48 million page views per month.

    Aside from the Philippines, JobStreet.com also covers the employment markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

    It currently services over 230,000 corporate hirers and over 15 million jobseekers in its database.


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