Sam and Jennylyn hit it off in ‘The PreNup’

An undeniable chemistry is obvious between the two stars

An undeniable chemistry is obvious between the two stars

Sparks flew when Sam Milby and Jennylyn Mercado held the grand press conference for their upcoming romantic-comedy flick, The PreNup this week.

With only praises for each other’s acting skills and work ethic, the good looking celebrities couldn’t help but smile and blush when asked if there is any possibility for them to hit it off beyond the movie set.

The tandem, as Regal Entertainment matriarch Lily Monteverde observes, strikes an undeniable chemistry at once made even more noticeable by their natural knack for comedy. Sam and Jen got along from the moment they started shooting parts of The PreNup in New York’s Central Park and other scenic spots of the Big Apple.

Insiders say that Sam was extra attentive to Jennylyn while shooting their big scenes abroad.

The positive rapport between the two stars paid off handsomely with the movie trailer instantly earning over a million views and likes the minute Regal released it on social media.

Even its poster is equally creating a stir with its simple yet romantic layout.

In the film, both Sam and Jennylyn set out for NYC on the same plane. Sam plays a guy whose dream is to become a professional photographer, while Jennylyn is a girl whose goal is to meet her long lost father.

When Jennylyn’s character fails to see her dad, she meets Sam who later serves as her knight in shining armor in the big city.

They eventually fall in love and decide to marry.

The wedding preparations, however, suffer a glitch when back in Manila, Sam’s parents demand that the couple sign a pre-nuptial agreement—a contract between an engaged couple in relation to their system of communal property before they are wed. If and when they agree to this kind of set up then present and future properties of the couple will solely be their own, needing no consent from their spouse on what to do with them.

Though a popular common practice among celebrities around the world, a prenup is not very usual in the Philippine setting. And so, the movie will touch on this social issue and in effect present its advantages and disadvantages.

Besides the fresh team up of Sam and Jennylyn, and the social relevance of The PreNup carries, award winning director Jun Lana’s (Barber’s Tale, Bwakaw, So It’s You) meticulous direction is also a plus factor for the film.

In addition to this, New York City holds fond memories for the director as it was witness to his and long-time partner TV executive Perci Intalan’s exchange of vows a few years back. His love for the Big Apple is very apparent in the scenes of The PreNup.

The film opens nationwide on October 14.


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