Samsung unveils CalMan ready TVs


SAMSUNG Electronics Philippines has unveiled what it said are the world’s first TVs to use the CalMan with AutoCal software, which is widely employed in the display industry.

“Samsung QLED TV is the world’s first complete product line that incorporates CalMan’s superior calibration and allows our consumers to have the tools at their disposal for a premium viewing experience,” HS Kim, president of visual display business at Samsung Electronics, said in a statement.

Samsung Electronics PH has partnered with Portrait Displays, the world’s premium provider of video display calibration software, to bring to the public the TVs that have autocalibration for high dynamic range (HDR) picture quality.

“We are thrilled to bring the CalMan with AutoCal software into people’s homes though our partnership with Portrait Displays,” Kim said.

Samsung explained that consumers only need to install the AutoCal calibration kit onto their personal computers, and connect it to their QLED TV to begin the automatic adjustment of picture quality to the user’s preference.

“After working with the experts at Samsung, we are excited to officially have our CalMan with AutoCal software enabled on all 2017 Samsung QLED TVs. Developed specifically for a variety of viewing environments, together with Samsung, we envision CalMan with AutoCal opening up a new horizon of picture quality,” Martin Fisherman, Portrait Displays’ co-CEO, said.


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