San Juan teachers to get P2k addl allowance


PUBLIC school teachers in elementary and high school in San Juan City (Metro Manila) will receive an additional allowance of P2,000 on top of their existing allowance being provided by the local government.

Mayor Guia Gomez ordered the city council to act on her proposed allowance increase for public school teachers and forwarded the draft ordinance that allocates the necessary funds for the purpose.

“I consider teaching as one of the noblest professions and it is high time to acknowledge their hard work, perseverance and dedication as educators through these additional incentives,” Gomez said.

The ordinance, which she certified as “urgent,” will be deliberated on and approved on Monday by the city council.

Gomez, a staunch advocate of education and family welfare, is running for a last term as mayor of San Juan City. Her contender is Vice Mayor Francis Zamora, the son of their long-time friend and ally, House minority leader Ronaldo Zamora.

The older Zamora served as executive secretary during the term of former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.


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