Sana, enemies fewer at friends pa more



Spain, England, America and Japan occupied us for nearly five continuous centuries. We, in the Senate, ended our status as America’s last plantation in 1991. Do we soon start as China’s new banana plantation? Or Banana Republic?

We have seen the contradictory pronouncements of Prez Digong and DFA Secretary Jun Yasay on what was to be taken up in China on the West Philippine Sea dispute.

Nothing has been said whether Digong would urge China to do something about the shabu supply naman. We may get bad stuff from the US, like fattening burgers, but not shabu, from where I sit.

* * *

Digong has dredged up the 1906 Massacre of Mt. Bud Dajo, just outside Jolo, when American troops, reinforced by our Philippine Constabulary, killed 1,000 Muslim warriors, women and children. But, surely Digong, as a new lawyer, could not help but hear and know about the February 7-8, 1974 Massacre of Jolo when Marcosian military sent thousands of Muslims to paradise (along with some Christians, Chinese, etc.). The silenced Manila press was mute but word of mouth could move fast. And then there was the foreign media Macoy could not suppress.

Digs is one-fourth Muslim who seems to idolize our version of Hitler, Macoy, who may be buried in the Libingan ng Mga Berdugo if the Supreme Court (SC) allows it. My SC pahabol last Tuesday read: “Intervenors Saguisag, Sr., Jr. and III (in G.R. No. 225973) . . . most respectfully beg leave to submit this brief supplemental paper on why the LMB should not be read as Libingan ng Mga Berdugo. To cite but one dreadful atrocity, the Marcos military burned Jolo on February 7-8, 1974, and killed 20,000. Reconciliation is desired but the Right Thing must be done at the Right Time, which is submitted to be not now. A prudential consideration is to let time heal more wounds, and right now, the claims of countless human rights victims are being processed. Patience is a virtue.” A footnote read: “ . . . We respect [Digong’s] views but he should also remember that his own mother marched with us in Davao in protest over the `salvaging’ of Ninoy Aquino. The 1974 Jolo Massacre we learned from foreign media and a Rizal High School classmate who had attended the PMA and finished as No. 3 in his class. In 1974 we had a silenced media, thanks to a `Bayani’.” Kuno.

* * *

Digong does not seem to appreciate the effect of presidential rhetoric on human conduct. And if we have reached the Third Stage of the Savagery-Civilization-Decay Cycle, should we not try to arrest and reverse the trend?

* * *

Digs reportedly pooh-poohed American government aid for Yolanda. I don’t know the facts but maybe it should have been left unsaid, if true. But, I know America helped in various ways.

South Korea did send a battalion of soldiers, to help in the Yolanda reconstruction, in gratitude for our help five decades ago, when it was reduced to rubble and ashes. This is a type of foreign military presence I don’t mind at all. And gratitude is said to be the most beautiful flower in the garden of the heart. Di po dapat maliitin ni Digong and kawanggawa nino man. A TV crawler or ticker said “minaliit” ni Digong ang tulong ng Kano.

But, a PDI commentary of the other day said that in 2014, the US “contributed $1.15 billion, the highest amount of official development Assistance (ODA),” followed by the UN, Australia and the European Union. The top four have been insulted by Digong. China is not in the top 10. Page A14, col. 2. It seems to me, in principle, that we should be grateful to anyone who donates, and not denigrate “small” givers. Breeding.
No donor deserves to be kicked in the teeth.

* * *

Surveys show that many Pinoys are pro-US-statehood. Indeed, some are pro-US-statehood. How many are Pro-China-province?
Better the Devil we know than the Devil we don’t know, say a majority of our population who would prefer to go to bed with America rather than China, which may buy our bananas but sell us shabu. China is bullying into starvation our marginalized fishermen unable to go to the areas where before all nations could fish.

* * *

It’s my lifelong vice to be with underdogs. I have sided with Senator Leila de Lima, a long-time and valued friend. I handed her, an election expert, folders when we orally argued in the Comelec in 2007 in a case where we represented a winning Mayora against a manugang of the then Comelec Chair.
Digong should not say she will “rot in jail.”

* * *

When Nixon condemned Charles Manson & Co. for the grisly murder of actress Sharon Tate & Co. on Aug. 9, 1969 in Benedict Canyon in Los Angeles, he was roundly criticized and the White House scrambled to apologize. Condemning Digong, I do regularly, for denying due process and abuse of power, but the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, the Philconsa, and the Philippine Bar Association have been silent. Deafeningly. Pobre lang po ang natetepok. No Ninoy Aquino.

Many of our lawyers in the main continue to be the Good Germans of Hitler, another seeming icon of Digong, along with Macoy.

We should not make enemies where we can make no friends, cautioned Don Claro Mayo Recto, who was elegant in expression. Digong should also widen his somewhat constipated vocabulary and avoid PI! FU! and making the “You’re No. 1” sign with his middle finger. He’s no longer a parochial mayor of a city of under 2M rabbits.

And from one banana plantation to another we should avoid. Better the devil we know than one we don’t – a fact of life.

As bad as condemnation without due process, so is clearance without due process. Digong has bragged about Kill! Kill! Kill! before and sounded offended when a certain figure (700) was floated as the number of his EJK victims. He quickly arguably credibly added a thousand more. Bato de la Rosa challenges others to duels and say, burn, baby, burn. They are so makwento.

* * *

Makwento Sen. Dick Gordon is said to be poised to clear Digong, which concerns certain other senators who believe that there are leads to follow. Even if a fraction of Edgar Matobato’s claims are true, it should be pursued to clear our Prez of Agot Isidro’s charge that we have an unhinged flaky psychopath for No. 1. There may be nothing to it though ‘cuz I have long maintained that insanity is a requirement to be head of this ungovernable undisciplined scofflaw nation of ever-multiplying rabbits. Mahihilig po. Hospitable to a fault, it is said, and 113 days may be too short a time to give up on anyone.

* * *

Digong may yet listen to FVR for some course corrections. Otherwise, history may never forgive FVR for urging Digong to shoot for the presidency. I share FVR’s anxiety and hope, for the better.

* * *

Transformation, not Transmogrification. Let’s stay in Civilization and arrest the Decay.


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  1. Right now I am more interested in the world series prelims, but Mr. Rene S. writings’ had me stop and read his column. I like underdogs. Mr. Rene S., you are one of the few but at least you had voice your side – USA vs China. Both countries are much much bigger than our PH. I am not in a capacity to takes side. As a good sportsman I just wait and see the final score in six (6) years. Keep writing and we will keep reading.

  2. Yonkers, New York
    21 October 2016

    The Filipino people can always count on well-known HUMAN RIGHTS CHAMPION former Senator Rene Saguisag to do what his conscience compels him to do, which of course is to denounce or condemn VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS which Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte and his “Berdugo” [executioner] PNP chief General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa are obviously guilty of in their warrantless genocidal extrajudicial mass-murder of Filipinos who are SUSPECTED of being involved one way or the other in the illegal drug problem.

    This is a brutal and bloodthirsty drive which has netted for them an estimated 4,000 hapless victims, more or less. That is still well below Duterte’s announced goal of 3 million, but he and “Bato still have over 5 years to reach that grisly Frankensteinian goal.

    I note, unhappily, as Rene Saguisag does, that the ;PHILCONSA and other Human Rights organizations have been ominously SILENT on the clear depredations of Duterte and “Bato.” Yes, their silence is DEAFENING!

    The reason for their silence or inaction could very well be that they FEAR FOR THEIR OWN LIVES. Which is quite understandable. They obviously open up when they are certain that the perpetrator will do them NO HARM. With a mass-murderer like Duterte, they cannot be sure. And so they keep quiet. And so the GENOCIDAL MANIAC continues to feel free to go on.


  3. I’m sure you know the real story behind Ninoy’s salvage. Kaya togilan mo na kwento about macoy’s involvement. Di ba alam na ng amo mong si Cory at senorito mong si Noynoy ang totoo?

  4. Macoy nanaman, kahit saan tlagang topic Mr. Saguisag hindi ka maka move on sa issue. Alam naman natin lahat na hoax yung jabidah massacre e, pakulo lang ng mga kalaban ni Marcos yon. Try mo itanong kay Tigalao na co writer mo sa Times para maliwanagan ka. Chismis yon pero pinipilit mo para makatabla. Anong klaseng abogado ka?

  5. The whole truth and nothing but the truth, is that not right Pareng Rene?

    Kung balikan natin ang testimonya:

    Senator: Wala bang totoo ni isa sa sinabi ni Matobato?

    Davao Pulis : Mayroon po pangalan niya!

    (tawanan mga tao) order! order!

    Ngayon pareng Rene sa sampung sinabi kahit isa tama, pwede na? That what you are saying, isn’t that what you call fishing expedition.

    I am inclined to believe that Davao police got suspicious of Matobato walking around armed like Rambo claiming to be DDS. They abduct and interrogated him, but after being satisfied that he’s just a pathetic police wanna be, he is warned not to show his face again and released.

    Matabato goes into hiding but vows revenge on the Davao cops for torturing and humiliating him, enticed by the anti Du30 crusade of the CHR and the DOJ.

  6. Years back then when he was still Davao City Mayor, during a casual talk with Jess Dureza, Bebot Bello & Boy Nograles he always tell them “Oo nga mga outstanding / honor students kayo pero I am the Mayor of Davao City. That’s how he treat his classmates/school mates. He is really sick & continues to be sick w/ PSYCHOPATHY.

    • The Chinese almost certainly, with quite amusement, view Duterte as a blow-hard, naive, foolish, the court buffoon, and very temporary.

  7. Why did you censor out my comment, masakit ba masyado? Im sure you know that “Only the truth can be that painful.” LOL…

  8. It is my impression that HitlerDU30 does not know what he is talking about because he is psychotIc. Just keenly observe his words & actions – his behavior is MISPLACED & DISTORTED..

  9. A line goes, “better a pink America than red China” or words to that effect. WW2 devastated PH but so was Japan. The latter in the very hands of America. Today Japan befriended America copied and even improved some of their technology and still remained ultra-nationalistically Japanese or Asian. Talk about gratitude on American, UE or UN benevolence. If PH is fighting the drug menace we should not glorify China where most of the drugs or pirated chemists come from. It is in the “breeding” said the intellectual writer

  10. “…he should also remember that his own mother marched with us in Davao in protest over the `salvaging’ of Ninoy Aquino.”

    Ahh, the ‘salvaging’ of Ninoy Aquino! Thirty years and not an iota of indication that Marcos had anything to do with it, but an earnest effort from sickbed to prevent it? After Cory Aquino and PNoy stubbornly refused to open any sort of re-investigation of the crime despite new convincing leads? In retrospect, you and his mother were most probably marching against, and accusing, an innocent man.

  11. After reading Homobono Adaza’s editorial just before 2016 presidential election’s ” We cannot afford to have another INSANE President “, I almost gave up voting DU30. However, the night before election, my son arrived from Singapore and was a victim of BUKAS MALETA, good not TANIM BALA at NAIA, so the next day I voted DuCay. Now I’m a little confused if I voted the right candidate.

    • You voted the right candidate, if you voted the other 3 stooges candidates could have been worse in Phils. be proud of it. He is not perfect, but crime is down in our beloved land.

  12. Bert O. Romero on

    1.Sana, international politics is addition as domestic politics is. Sana, President Duterte does not consider foreign relations a zero -sum game especially at this time when the Cold War is over during which the Philippines had to choose between the US -led liberal democracies and the USSR -led authoritarian communists. Sana, with the End of Civilization in 1989 with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the Philippines , as the first democratic country in Asia, would lead the way in showcasing democratic ideals beyond mere electoral process and not try to trailblaze historical revisionism.

    2. The president’s policy pronouncements, despite his being the country’s chief foreign policy architect, are as efficacious only for as long as they represent the people’s will and interest . For after all, how can a president be bigger than the nation whose interests he is constitutionally bound to promote and protect?

    3. The president’s proclivity to enunciate policies without cabinet consultation , as admitted by Defense Secretary Lorenzana during his confirmation hearing, is troubling. It is hoped the president’s latest pronouncement disengaging the Philippines from the US is a product of deliberate and comprehensive discussion of the full dimensions – political, economic, geostrategic, military, diplomatic etc – this decision will impact on the future of the more than 104 million Filipinos. The SWS survey showing 76 percent of Filipinos prefer American friendship than Chinese relationship cannot be simply discarded to the wayside.

    4. Old friendship is golden, new one remains to be proved, nurtured and seen.

  13. There is a problem in this article and various comments of what is true or not true. If the media is silent, does it mean that it did not happen ? When the son of General Ver was interviewed, was he truthful ? That is the reason that history must be objective, truthful and reliable. Comments printed in the segment becomes confusing to the readers. As for Duterte, I believe he has some painful experience with the Americans . Why so much hate ? For our information, in the 1900 plus minus, millions of Chinese died due to starvation. I have not read of any Americans die from starvation.

  14. You are a true patriot and a very brave person. You should have the respect and admiration of all Filipinos who feel they have no voice. God Bless.

  15. “… The 1974 Jolo Massacre we learned from foreign media and a Rizal High School classmate who had attended the PMA and finished as No. 3 in his class.”

    I am sure that is another lie woven by the enemies of Marcos. Atty. Larry Gadon revealed that Teddy “Boy” Locsin admitted on a radio program that our martyr Ninoy Aquino asked Locsin to invent the “Jabidah Massacre” story to prevent the Philippine government from claiming Sabah from Malaysia. You can watch this in youtube.

    Irvwn Ver, son of former AFP Chief Fabian Ver, was once interviewed by Rappler. Irwin revealed that when violent demonstrators almost broke into Malacanang gate in 1970, the instruction of Marcos to the Metrocom Commander was to fire only water cannons to the demonstrators and for soldiers to remove bullets from their guns. so, how can we believe this “Jolo Massacre?”

    Even here abroad, some pinoys invent stories about the kalokohan at kapangitang karanasan nila sa bansang pinagtatrabahuhan nila abroad. If you’re a newcomer here and naive and gullible one, you would immediately believe the ridiculous stories.