Sanders pressured to quit White House race


WASHINGTON: Bernie Sanders fended off pressure Sunday to bow out of the race for the White House, as his rival, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, weighs potential runningmates. The New York Times reported that Clinton’s advisers and allies have begun extensive discussions on a potential vice presidential candidate, and are putting together a list of 15 to 20 prospects. Clinton has described what sort of person would fit the bill, and has set objectives for the search, the Times said. And although her options vary depending on who her Republican opponent is and other factors in a still fluid race, she is open to an all-female ticket, advisers told the Times. Team Clinton has not ruled out for consideration is Senator Elizabeth Warren, a darling of the left who has yet to endorse Clinton, advisers told the Times. Other names under discussion reportedly include Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner of swing-state Virginia, liberal Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, another key state and former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, a prominent African American politician. Yet another option would be to go for a young rising star, like New Jersey Senator Corey Booker or Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro.



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