• Sandigan: Imelda jewels ill-gotten


    The Sandiganbayan Special Division has ordered one of the three famous jewelry collections of former first lady and now Rep. Imelda Marcos of Ilocos Norte forfeited in favor of the government.

    The anti-graft court’s Special Division ruled that the jewelry collection must be returned to the government because it is ill-gotten.

    The collection is comprised of smaller and less expensive articles that the family left in Malacañang at the height of the February 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.

    The jewelry, worth between $110,055 and $153,089, was confiscated by the government in 1986 along with the so-called Hawaii collection and Roumeliotes collection.

    In the ponencia of, the court held that the collection was “ill-gotten wealth.”

    “Partial summary judgment is hereby rendered declaring the pieces of jewelry, known as the Malacañang Collection, as ill-gotten, and are hereby forfeited in favor of petitioner Republic of the Philippines,” the anti-graft court said. The decision was penned by Associate Justice Efren de la Cruz and concurred in by Associate Justices Teresita Diaz-Baldos and Alex Quiroz.

    The case stemmed from the civil lawsuit that the Presidential Commission on Good Government filed as Civil Case 0141 in 1987.

    The Marcoses blocked efforts to seize the jewels, saying the assets were outside the jurisdiction of the anti-graft court since only the $356-million escrow deposit from the Swiss foundations and some $30 million in Treasury notes in the custody of Central Bank were included.


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    1. The court’s decision should have been made years before, however now that it is decided – WELL DONE. MABUHAY!!!!!!!!