• Sandiganbayan orders P130 million assets of Corona, wife seized


    The Sandiganbayan has ordered the seizure of the assets of former chief justice Renato Corona and his wife Cristina in connection with his ill-gotten wealth case.

    The order came after the Ombudsman filed a petition for forfeiture, seeking to freeze P130 million of the couple’s assets in favor of the State.

    “Now, therefore, I hereby command you to attach the estate, real and personal, of the aforesaid respondent [Corona] as may be sufficient to satisfy petitioner’s demand
    . . . unless aforesaid respondent shall, in the manner provided by the Rules of Court, make a cash deposit or file a counter-bond sufficient to satisfy petitioner’s demand or equal to the value of the property to be attached, exclusive of costs,” the order read.

    The freeze order also covers the couple’s supposed dummies, trustees, assignees, nominees and successors-in-interest that may be found or located in the Philippines.

    It exempted the State from filing an attachment bond required of a plaintiff seeking the seizure of assets, conditioning it to pay cost and damages that the defendant might sustain in case it loses the suit.

    The case is tied to Corona’s alleged misdeclaration of his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) from 2003 to 2010.

    “With a combined income of just over P30 million from 2001 to 2010, respondents have been able to amass and accumulate assets worth more than P160 million for the same period,” the Office of the Ombudsman said.

    “The disparity between respondents’ incomes and wealth—more than P130 million—is too glaring to be capable of any acceptable explanation,” it added, citing that the only business interest declared in Corona’s SALN is Cristina’s share in Basa Guidote Enterprises.

    Last April 30, the court found adequate bases to grant the Ombudsman’s petition and satisfy the government’s claim worth P130,587,012.75.

    The couple will be served the resolution and petition and the anti-graft court’s Second Division Sheriff will enforce the seizure.

    Corona is currently barred from leaving the country over 16 counts of perjury in his SALN.


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    1. How about his Dollar Account, dont did not include it in seizesure. Because if they do Corona will also complain to look at all this Goverment official dollar account and i bet you what corona have is only a peanut and you as a writer must know it by know, but could not talk because you are so afraid that your balls go to your kneck.

    2. I hope he looks back on how he treated a woman ( i cant remember her name ) but she had a small catering business that she didnt declare & he surely told her she was a bad person to be defrauding the state & she lost all her future benefits of pension & could never again work in any way for the state. Im not a believer in god but corona supposedly is, so corona your god has seen you for the liar you are & this punishment is handed down from him. & its no more than you deserve. I hope they also jail you as thats what you also deserve. You were the top law man in this country & you like so many other took everyone for fools. You are just a common thief & as such should go to jail.

    3. The former CJ should fight for what is right otherwise the abuse of power by this administration and its cohorts specifically purported for his personal interest no longer serves the welfare and interest of all Filipinos which should have been his priority to ease their many years of suffering in poverty , i.e. Yolanda victims and Hacienda Luisita poor farmers..and high unemployment. and many more unresolved killing of journalists and human rights violation. etc.