Sanlakas goes for Chiz


AFTER getting the endorsement of his former party the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero’s candidacy got another boost, this time from party-list group Sanlakas.

Sanlakas, a multisectoral people’s organization, threw its support behind Escudero because it sees him as one of several principled candidates who agreed to pursue the group’s seven-point “platform of change.”

The platform includes calls for regular employment; social services such as education, public housing, universal health care, safe and efficient mass transportation; land use and government support to farmers; climate justice and protection to the environment; pro-people budgeting and progressive taxation; eradication of corruption and people’s sovereignty against foreign and corporate powers.

Sanlakas party-list nominee Leody De Guzman said they allied with Escudero to prevent the country from slipping into fascism as espoused by Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who is running for president.

He noted that while they understood why there are sectors that were disappointed with the outcome of the Edsa People Power Revolution, this does not justify support for the candidacy of Duterte, who has long advocated federalism and very vocal in his plan to kill criminals.

At the same time, Escudero and Senator Grace Poe on Tuesday vowed to respect the decision of the Supreme Court (SC) if it rules to release former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Arroyo is suffering from cervical spondylosis and is currently under hospital arrest. The former leader was accused of misusing Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds.

“The role of the executive branch, particularly the president or anybody from the executive is not to interfere, pressure or influence the court in the handling of the case,” said Escudero who was with Poe and the senatorial candidates of Partido Galing at Puso visiting Pampanga, the bailiwick of Arroyo.

Poe and Escudero said they will not interfere if the High Court decides to release the former president.


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  1. Nais ng Partido Galing at Puso na magtatag ng gobyernong may silbi once and for all. Kaya let’s support them! #POECHIZ2016

  2. Mabuti pa sila Sen. Poe at Sen. Chiz, they don’t engage in black propagandas para sirain ang kandidatura ng kanilang mga katunggali habang ang iba (Roxas at Binay) ay busy sa pagpaplano ng mga masamang hakbang laban sa kanila pero dumarami ang kanilang supporters. Iba talaga ang kalidad ng dalawang to! May integridad kasi kaya pinagkakatiwalaan! Kaya Go Senator Poe and Senator Chiz!

  3. Ngayong nadagdagan na naman ang mga supporters nila Senator Poe at senator Chiz mas lalo pang lumaki ang tyansa nilang manalo sa darating na eleksyon. Tuloy ang laban para sa kinabukasan ng ating bayan. Yey! Go Senator Poe and Senator Chiz!

  4. Nauna na ring sinabi ni Senator Chiz na kung sakaling manalo, pagtutuunan niya ng pansin ang estado ng agrikultura sa ating bansa at itataguyod nila ni Senator Poe ang mga programa para sa mga magsasaka. Napakagandang balita nito. Sa wakas ay mabibigyan na ng karampatang tulong ang ating mga magsasaka dahil higit sa sinuman, sila ang nangangailangan tlga ng tulong mula sa ating gobyerno. Kapag nangyari ito baka posible pa na umunlad ang ating agrikultura at baka darating ang panahon na hindi na natin kailangang umangkat pa ng palay mula sa ibang bansa. Go Senator Poe and Senator Chiz!

  5. Maganda talaga ang plataporma nila Sen. Poe at Sen. Chiz. Pinakagusto ko sa lahat ang regular employment at safe and efficient mass trasportation. Kasi mas nakakarelate ako dito. Nakakapagod magcommute araw2x dahil sa traffic at palaging pagkasira ng MRT. Kaya malaking tulong talaga kung mapagtuunan ito ng pansin ng susunod na administrasyon. Salamat Sen, Poe at Sen. Chiz.

  6. After NPC, may bago na namang supporters si Senator Chiz. Dumarami na talaga ang mga taong naniniwala sa kanya at kay Senator Poe. Sana manalo sila sa darating na eleksyon.

  7. Sithel Silvanesti on


    That’s the very essence of transparency. By doing so people can check and audit themselves what has been and what is yet to be done.

    You vote for Duterte because of what he is, his principles, what he can do, what he offered to do. and not by some false promises and pretentious actions.

    Duterte would rather have this group of people who believe in him vote for him than people who vote for him for having secret agenda. If he doesn’t win because of what is he then people decided that he is not fit for president. Otherwise if wins despite everything he said then people decided that he is the worthy of the position.

    The message of Duterte was clear. Consider the other candidates first

  8. i find all the vice presidents credible, however since allan peter cayetano is a genuine born again christian, i go for him.. we need him since we need a president as bold as Duterte, we need also someone to balance Duterte’s temper.

  9. i do not understand why Sir Duterte has to inform us of ALL he is going to do whenever elected…i guess in so doing he is losing votes instead of gaining more… please pray for wisdom and stop being too complacent…because your enemies are trying to discredit you based on whatever you say, they make a mountain of a mole hill.