Sanshou champion Rene Catalan (right) delivers a knee strike against Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Alex Silva in the previous edition of One FC. PHOTO COURTESY OF ONE FC.

WUSHU sanshou [contact sparring]champion Rene Catalan vows to bounce back from his unsuccessful mixed martial arts (MMA) debut early this year when he competes anew in One Fighting Championship on October 18 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore.

The flyweight Catalan, 34, who won the gold medal in the 2006 Asian Games sanshou event in Doha, Qatar, will clash against Cambodian boxing champion Khim Dima in the latest edition of One FC dubbed Total Domination.

“I think my least experienced aspect will be submissions on the ground, but if you watched my fight earlier this year, I held my own for the most part against a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt although I did get caught. I feel like I am so much better than I was then and won’t make the same mistake,” Catalan said.

Catalan of Sta. Barbara Iloilo is referring to his loss to Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Alex Silva via submission move in the previous edition of One FC.

“I specialize in a wushu discipline known as sanshou. Its actually very similar to mixed martial arts in that it has strikes mixed with throws. I’m also studying how to execute submission moves too.”

Catalan said that he is also doing his best to improve his grappling and takedown skills to improve his chance of winning. He is currently working under a wrestling coach to hone his ground game.


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