Santiago bids Senate goodbye


It looks like Filipinos will no longer see Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago at the Senate.
Although the senator’s term will end on June 30, she has informed Senate President Franklin Drilon that she will be on medical leave during the remaining days of her final term.

In a letter addressed to Drilon dated May 24, 2016, Santiago, known for her legal brilliance and acerbic tongue, said one of her medications for Stage 4 lung cancer triggers a side effect of anorexia (an eating disorder), which renders her “physically and mentally weak.”

The senator has not been attending sessions because of her illness, which she announced in July 2014.

“In any event, my staff and I shall be ready to vacate our offices by 30 June 2016,” she wrote.

Santiago is on her third and last term in the Senate.

She has filed the highest number of bills and authored some of the most important laws.
Santiago took her second stab at the presidency in the May 9 elections but partial and unofficial tally of votes showed that she got the least number of votes in the presidential race.

She earned over a million votes, far from the 15 million votes garnered by President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.


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  1. david michael lopez on

    you will be missed miss miriam. take care of your health madam senator.

  2. Go on fighting the dreaded sickness Madam M…make peace with the Almighty for heaven is not ready for you yet. You have so many things still to accomplish…St. Peter has yet to approved your summons and he will be trembling just reading your name aloud, for heaven knows how feisty you are..and for that you will be remembered.

  3. Joseph Encarnacion on

    You are the greatest senator the Philippines ever has…no doubt about it. You’ll be remembered.madam. who’s gonna take over your chair and office..Manny Pacquiao? OMG…help me God….help the Philippines. Kawawang pilipinas…

  4. Distinguished Lady, Thank you for your service to the Filipino Nation. You will be remembered not only by your colleagues but by a grateful nation. Thank you Mam.

  5. Sayang at wala na ang ang pinakamatalinong senador sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Goodbye, Madame Senator Santiago.

  6. …GOD BLESS to you madam senator!!! You will remain to be ONE OF THE BEST PHILIPPINE LEADER!!