• Santiago comes to the rescue of Marcos


    DEFEATED presidential candidate Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago came to the rescue of her vice-presidential tandem, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., who accused the ruling administration party of manipulating polls results for the vice-presidential election.

    “The roller coaster ride of vice-presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. invites comparison with a garrison state,” Santiago said in a statement. “In such a state, the authoritarian government feels free to manufacture numbers as they are needed.”

    Marcos, who had enjoyed a 1-million vote lead over Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, of the Liberal Party, was now trailing the latter by 200,000 votes.

    “I find it astounding that Marcos should have led in the vice-presidential surveys for many months, until the penultimate month, when suddenly the administration could jump up survey results to finally overtake him,” she added.

    Santiago said this type of machinations “will cause the peoples of the democratic world to shake their heads and question the values of the society it produced.” JAIME R. PILAPIL



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    1. David Michael Meyer on

      amazing now the watchdog has prevailed upon Comelec not use the machine s—Surely they have used these same machines –Now any disgruntled candidate ==;will have an avenue in which to contest the results ,,If the cry cheating is not heard –then they scream –the machines are crap –

      So much for high tech as a means og getting fair /honest elections

      David M Meyer (PhD Psych}

    2. it does now Madam Santiago, whom can we trust in this kind of leadership our government has been giving us that even in our rights to select candidates we want is being betrayed by the pecos machine because of their failure to do the right thing and respect our choice of candidate???? we want you to led us but then they cheat on you too,,, our only hope now is God intervention, let His take full control, for the sake of the poor and needy,,, let corruption and stealing stop,,,