• Santiago questions Lacson’s proposal to create anti-corruption body


    SENATOR Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Tuesday questioned former Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson’s proposal to create an anti-corruption body “just to accommodate himself.”

    Santiago, a constitutional law expert, said Lacson’s proposal is “unconstitutional, illegal, immoral and egotistic.”

    “His plan is laughable and ridiculous. It is amazing that the former senator can be so brazen as to propose a plan that violates existing standards of law and ethics,” Santiago added.

    Santiago said she was scandalized that Lacson, a non lawyer, himself drafted a proposed executive order to be signed by President Aquino, naming Lacson as head of a new “super anti-crime agency.”

    The lady lawmaker said President Aquino has no power to create a public office, as Lacson urges.

    “Lacson’s proposal is unintelligent. It is a basic principle of the tripartite system of democracy that the creation of a public office is primarily a legislative function. He should go to Congress and lobby for this self-serving, self-aggrandizing personal pet project of his,” Santiago said.

    “Congress has not passed a law delegating to the President the legislative power to create a new office. Hence, Lacson’s plan violates not only the Constitution but also the Administrative Code and R.A. No. 6975, also known as the DILG Act of 1990,” Santiago said.

    Under existing law, the PNP operates under the DILG. PNA


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    1. I thought Sen. Miriam Santiago is moving to the International Criminal Court? What happened? Is it because she is too confrontational, aggressive and sometimes out of control, that the offer was withdrawn? Just curious.