• Sarah Duterte caught speeding in her hometown


    NOT even her being the immediate past mayor of Davao City spared Sarah Duterte-Carpio from being apprehended by provincial traffic police for violating the speed limits established by her father, the sitting Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

    Local dailies in Davao have played up the story of Duterte-Carpio being caught for speeding at 57 kilometers per hour (kph), versus the new speed limit of 40 kph imposed by her father through Executive Order 39 last October.

    Using the newly supplied speed guns, traffic enforcers caught Duterte-Carpio at 9:40 a.m. on Monday as she drove her Subaru along Quimpo Boulevard.

    Supt. Rhodelio Poliquit, chief of the Traffic Management Council, invoked EO 39 in apprehending her and took her driver’s license, which she surrendered without a fuss. He issued her a ticket.

    Poliquit forwarded her license to the Land Transportation Office, which determines the penalty to be imposed.

    Like a dutiful citizen she paid her fine and got her license back.
    The city speed limits were lowered to protect pedestrians and passengers from reckless and abusive drivers.

    Some have complained against what they call a “slow life” in the city but Mayor Duterte is unfazed as this would protect more lives.


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    1. I have just visited Davao last December for a vacation. And I find this speed limit crazy. Life in the downtown is a standstill as if there is a traffic situation in all of the city. It is really boring. The local government imposes the speed limit by a span of distance. I suppose the speed limit should be by lane. The faster speed in the inner lane and the slower speed in the outer lane. It is irrational to reason that speed is limited to protect the citizens as the drivers, the motorists, the passengers are also citizens. This is something populist as the mayor loves to impose populist policies. There are reasons why we need to be fast, emergency, catching schedules, on time deliveries. You cannot do this even in a diversion road where the intent is for faster speed. This woman slaps policemen, and would say she would drag a stalled airplane by using thugs. Poor breeding, why don’t she do that in dictator cities like Doha in Qatar where locals could just say to a passenger in an international airport to remove your jacket in the bench because I will sit? Davao is now on its way to an authoritarian city with all trappings and similarities of the strict life in Singapore. I am now in Rome. The streets are narrow but cars really move. The key to become a good citizen is education. Duterte,please educate the citizens when to drive fast or slow, when to cross the street or not rather than use your policemen to apprehend violators. You are wasting precious tax money running after your own citizenry. Act like a real dignified statesman rather acting like a moral guardian.