Sarah G gets ready for big return


After two months away from the bright lights of show business, Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo is gearing up for her big return, first and foremost to her singing career.

“Yes, I’m 100-percent back in the biz, with an energized mindset and the motivation to work even harder,” she said in a small huddle just before the Halloween break.

“I took a break when that time in my life came with questions like, ‘What really is my purpose?’ ‘What’s missing in my career, in my life?’ It was then I realized you shouldn’t work for other people to please them. That a person’s main goal mo should be to is to share whatever you have—what it is that the Lord gave you—regardless of what it is. What’s important is that you glorify and honor Him through what you do in your life,” she added.

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo

While she is bent on concentrating on her music, she revealed there is one movie that has caught her interest as well.

“I’d like to focus more on my music and promote my past albums, which I realize I wasn’t really able to push. We’re planning to release the best tracks from my albums,” Geronimo explained.

Running through the other facets of her career: “There’s a new movie that’s just been pitched; there’s also a concert in the planning stage; while for TV shows, there isn’t anything lined up for now.”

She is grateful that following her break, her all-original concert From the Top in 2015 won for her the Star Awards for Music’s Female Concert Performer of the Year in October.

As a treat for fans who have missed seeing her on stage, Geronimo finally announced she is getting ready for a special show to promote her album The Great Unknown, which just turned Platinum. Titled Sarah Geronimo The Great Unknown Unplugged, the concert will take place at the Kia Theater in Araneta Center on November 29. [Tickets are now available at TicketNet outlets, and Viva Live at 687-7236].

“I’m really excited to go live again because it’s been a while since From the Top at the Araneta. That was back in December 2015. So if my fans are excited to see me on stage, I’m even more excited to perform for them, and I’m making sure I’m a hundred percent for the show,” Geronimo ended.



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