Sarah Geronimo gets out of her comfort zone

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo

Except for intermittent sightings by chance or the occasional event, fans hardly see pop princess and actress Sarah Geronimo these days. When they do though, they feel happy despite missing their idol since she seems to be enjoying her two-month break.

In her short hiatus, Geronimo has been spotted enjoying the outdoors and doing activities that millennials like her had long ticked off their bucket lists—climbing mountain summits, or swimming with the butandings of Oslob, among others. Moreover, fans and observers are all the more thrilled that Geronimo is experiencing life with her beau, the handsome actor and singer Matteo Guidicelli.

Indeed, the 28-year-old superstar’s break is long overdue. Since she began joining singing contests at age four, music—and her career—had become her whole life. At 14, she gained her biggest break winning Star for a Night, and thereafter was nonstop in recording albums, mounting concerts, and starring in TV shows and blockbuster movies. On top of these, she also goes abroad for concert tours and personal appearances.

Grateful for her success, Geronimo realized lately that her thriving career has its downside too. For one, it affected her health and also deprived her from experiencing the simple things in life. Her situation led to her decision to take a break and to reflect.

Catching up with the pop princess, The Manila Times witnessed Geronimo in another endeavor she had long wanted to do­­­—to advocate the welfare of children as she took the kids of Gawad Kalinga to Museo Pambata for a day of fun with “Ate Sarah.”

Organized by insurance company Manulife, Geronimo related how grateful she is to finally have the time for true outreach.

“We’ve been helping people in our own ways but the sense of fulfillment is really on a different level when you’re physically there, and you see and feel the happiness of these children,” she enthused.

As for her adventures in the great outdoors, Geronimo revealed, “I was inspired by my younger cousin who, despite her busy schedule as a student, finds time to climb mountains, meet indigenous people and teach children communities. I thought to myself, if my cousin can do that, why can’t I? I knew that I have to find time do to something similar to that. So here it is.”

During the course of her two-month break, which has the permission of her management company Viva and home network ABS-CBN, Geronimo is thriving on many realizations.

“There comes a time in our lives when we’ve already achieved our dreams, but we suddenly ask ourselves, ‘Am I on the right path? Is this [entertaining]my sole purpose?’ And then it dawned on me: success and happiness becomes temporary when you can’t share it. Somehow you’ll feel empty inside. The most important thing is to make ‘sharing’ your main goal,” Geronimo intimated to The Manila Times.

With this realization, the celebrity said she has adopted a new philosophy in life, which she is excited to bring to her work when she returns to the spotlight.

Back on track
“I can say that I am 100-percent back on track. I have a new mindset and I am now, more than ever, energized and motivated to work,” Geronimo exclaimed.

Career-wise, she is all the more excited to return to the set, stage and recording studio with a free reign on her art.

“As an actress people have always been keen pushing me to do what they see as the basis for being a true actress: to be more daring. They suggest doing stuff like kissing and love scenes but I firmly believe that an actress has a lot more to offer.

“As a singer, I am also pressured to conform to give in to the latest hit, be it the songs that I need to perform or the outfit that I need to wear. But I believe it is more important to stick to your roots and show who you really are musically.

“At my age I am thankful that I have now been given the freedom—which I have worked hard for—to make choices,” she added.

Fittingly, for those waiting to hear and see Sarah Geronimo again, her latest album is entitled The Great Unknown. After her two-months’ worth of meaningful soul searching, the singer is energized to promote the album like she has never done before.


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  1. being a fan, i am so happy for sarah geronimo … we love everything about her. God bless you more!