• Sara’s loss leaves Duterte in tears


    News that his daughter Sara lost two of her triplets left President Rodrigo Duterte in tears.

    The President admitted on Saturday that he cried when he learned that Davao Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio lost two of her babies days after the deadly blast in Davao City.

    Upon his return to Davao from his trips to Indonesia and Laos, Duterte became emotional when asked about his daughter’s condition.

    The President recalled that he went to the bathroom and cried after he was told about Sara’s babies.

    “Somebody called me. We were outside, at the lobby. I went to the bathroom. I cried. I cried,” Duterte said, adding that it took his daughter a long time to get pregnant.

    “These are the things in life that you just have to be yourself,” the President added.

    On Thursday, Sara said she lost two of the three babies she was carrying due to stress in the wake of Davao night market explosion.

    The mayor is on her third month of pregnancy.

    “I feel sad but everything happens for a reason,” the mayor said, adding that the remaining fetus is in good condition.


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