• Sarolea SP7 electric superbike ready for Isle of Man

    Now armed with a more powerful motor, the Sarolea SP7 aims to finish in the podium.

    Now armed with a more powerful motor, the Sarolea SP7 aims to finish in the podium.

    SAROLEA pulled the wraps off its new 2015 SP7 all-electric superbike in Brussels on Easter Sunday, revealing a slimmer, lighter machine than the “black beauty” that resurrected the Belgian motorcycle constructor in 2014.

    The new Sarolea, which has undergone major modifications and enhancements, aims to compete for a podium finish at the TT Zero competition, in the Isle of Man race this coming June.

    The TT Zero competition, a fairly new event in the Isle of Man races, goes around the 60-kilometer Snaefell Mountain Course. The event is for racing motorcycles powered without the use of carbon-based fuels and have zero toxic/noxious emissions.

    Scottish rider Robert Wilson, who flew over for the presentation, will once again ride the Saroléa SP7. Wilson finished fourth in 2014, after completing the one-lap, 60-kilometer race at an average speed of 149.61 kilometers per hour, and a time of 24’12.60.”

    For 2015, nothing was left to chance. Team Sarolea used all the data acquired from last years race and testing to optimize the new motorcycle.

    The new design has improved aerodynamics that will provide higher top speeds. The motorcycle is way slimmer, which also enhances the position for the rider. Modifications to shift the center of gravity will also increase the bikes handling.

    Sarolea managed to decrease the weight even more. The modifications are mainly related to the use of more carbon-fiber and more titanium parts as well as the use of 3D printed parts.

    A proprietary Vehicle Control Unit and Battery Management System have been implemented, with all communications now flowing through fiberoptics.

    The biggest news, however, is the new motor, which has reported a 50-percent increase in power. It has been entirely developed in-house and it has a major increase in torque.

    With the launch of the new SP7, it’s clear Sarolea wants to become one of the major brands on the electric motorcycle racing scene.

    Sarolea itself uses the extreme racing conditions as a research and development platform for its propriety Sarolea Electric Drivetrain.

    Equipped with Bridgestone Battlax V02 racing tires, this new SP7 has its sights firmly set on the Isle of Man TT Zero race on June 10. Bridgestone and Sarolea believe that this package could power the SP7 onto the TT Zero podium this year.

    “This partnership gives Bridgestone an exciting opportunity to combine our MotoGP experience with our vision of sustainable mobility,” said Jake Ronsholt, managing director of Bridgestone Europe’s consumer business unit. “The Sarolea superbike is blazing a trail for the new future of electric motorcycles and e-racing that will soon be with us.”


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