• Saudi announces 3 more deaths from MERS coronavirus cases


    RIYADH: The Saudi Health Ministry announced on Monday three more deaths and three new Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus cases, raising the number of infection to 414, including 115 deaths.

    The new deaths including one man and two women were reported in Jeddah. Two of the new cases were of females in their fifties and registered in Riyadh, and the third one is a man in his sixties in Medina, who was receiving treatment at the ICU.

    Meanwhile, one infected woman in her forties fully recovered and was discharged from a government hospital in Riyadh on Monday.

    Saudi Arabia is seriously fighting the infection and has established three medical centers in the country that are dedicated to receive only MERS coronavirus cases. More centers will be opened soon.

    The first such case was diagnosed in 2012. Despite the registering of new cases on a daily basis, the World Health Organization has not yet declared the infection as epidemic. PNA


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