• Saudi renews support to Egypt against ‘terrorism’


    Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour won fresh support from King Abdullah for his country’s fight against “terrorism” as he Tuesday wound up a trip to Saudi Arabia, official news agency SPA said.

    Mansour arrived Monday in the Red Sea city of Jeddah on his first official trip abroad since he replaced the Islamist Mohamed Morsi after the army deposed him on July 3.

    Abdullah, who was the first leader to welcome Morsi’s ouster, affirmed the kingdom’s support to Egypt against “terrorism, deviance, and sedition, and against whoever tries to interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs,” SPA quoted him as saying.

    Saudi Arabia had long seen Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood as a threat and along with other Gulf monarchies—excluding Qatar which supports the movement—quickly pledged financial aid to Egypt’s new military-installed authorities.

    Mansour said he had come to Saudi Arabia to “thank” the monarch.

    “Visiting the kingdom was a must, as I had to thank the custodian of the two holy mosques (King Abdullah) personally on his supportive stances that comforted the Egyptians,” Mansour told the Saudi daily Asharq al-Awsat.

    King Abdullah was the first head of state to congratulate Mansour, doing so just hours after his appointment in July.

    Riyadh subsequently announced an aid package of $5 billion to Egypt.

    The Saudi monarch in August pledged his country’s support to Egypt’s fight on “terrorism”, saying it was the military-installed government’s “legitimate right”.

    Egypt’s authorities had said they were confronting a “malicious terror plot” by Islamists. AFP




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    1. Anti-Terrorism on

      Good move for Saudi Arabia and Egypt, why Saudi Arabia is doing this, is that, the Kingdom believes that its neighbor Muslim countries can wage war without hesitation the other Muslims in the world, as proven in the Gulf War, where Iraq invaded Kuwait in a surprise. These actions are un-Islamic, these are barbaric one.

      Indeed, Saudi Arabia needs US forces, considering their current status, to battle these groups, who are trying to destabilize the Kingdom, and put up their own ideology and their rules, that will mistakenly represent the true Muslims in the world “Sunni”.

      Just like here in the Philippines, why China can not easily invade Philippines? The reason, why the Kingdom is protected, of course, US is enjoying also from the Kingdom’s resources.

      The spill-over of this issue is now existing here in the Philippines, where Khilafa Islamiya Movement are against the Kingdom, and those who support it, will be their opponent. They believe their ideas is supreme and the scholars are not.

    2. Im not suprised saudi is scared at there wits it’s just a matter of time before the cookie crumbles neglecting the needs of there people. That’s why they need the united states to be there ally.